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Cuddles are good that is what i do with the "grands". identical twin girls 26 mos and gson 6mos. Our books are the keeps from when my 40 & 38 yr olds were kids. "Good Night Sleep Tight", Hop on Pop, and Winnie the Poo and Tigger. I am trying to figure out when Friday is for you in Australia, compared to here in the US - before or after. i am thinking after. anyhow has anyone suggested "Shake your Tail Feathers" and "Struttin your Stuff"? funny thing is i seem to have a name just hovering on the edge of my consciousness (it has been there several days) but i cannot get it to pop out. enjoy every childhood moment, they are fleeting.

RE BOOKS Love reading - even to my babies and they all love books though admittedly to varying degrees - youngest is 5. A lovely fun book is Gordon's Got a Snookie (a manly gorilla teased for having a snookie aka -blankie. Also the NO David books are fun - these are more toddler aged. Quacky Quack Quack was the best fun for animal noises. If you want the authors let me know.
Love your style-havn't started quilting yet but love looking at all the colours and designs!

Stunning photo .
clares craftroom

Oh Natalie,I have to check the Tail Feathers daily and pictures of Isabelle!!! Hoping for more pictures, she is darling and has grown so much!! Can you tell us when this Tail Feathers may be released and will it be with the Patisserie fabric line? I see they have three selections of the DMC Color Variations, which one is used with Tail Feathers so I am ready to go?? Your blog and patterns are the best on the whole internet!!

The cutest little girl =)

How cute she is!!

Quel amour de bébé !!!
Je lui fais des gros bisous.

Isabelle is oh-so-cute and very yummy looking. The banner looks marvellous. And the books....oh the books.

I love Mem Fox books, I loved 'Goodnight Moon' and my 8yo son adores Dr Suess. Who can resist his rhymes? With titles like 'There's a Wocket in my Pocket' even I am inclined to giggle along with him.

My own reading stack includes a whole bunch of Advance Reader Copies from a friend, all of which need to be read and reviewed.

I can't wait to see Tail Feathers completed!

love the new look Natalie, and Isabelle is just gorgeous also. She has grown so much! Helen

Isabelle is just so beautiful, and what a lovely smile she has.
Lucky you getting to play with toys and girly stuff all day!

Tu hija es muy hermosa, disfruta de ella,que se hacen mayores sin que te des cuenta.
Me encantan los dibujos que estas haciendo de pájaros.

She is absolutely beautiful Natalie. Just precious.

Isabelle is so beautiful! Your new header is perfect! Love the list of books. I have a boy, so the Frog and Toad series was a favorite. We also loved books illustrated by Steven Kellogg and books by Tomie dePaola, who lives here in New Hampshire (US).

Those books are some of my favourites although I admit that The Night Garden was only introduced to me recently by my friends Mr1. The birdies are looking good and your girl is a little cutie. Enjoy.

What a gorgeous little girl...I loved that age and stage with my baby girls!! (who are now 17 and 13) Your new header is very classy..love it!! Cathy

Hi Natalie,
I have to join the chorus: Isabelle is just adorable, such a pretty baby...and you two look so sweet together.
I love your new banner ~ I can't wait for the pattern to be released ;o)
Hugs, Julia

Gorgeous new banner!!..will miss the old one :( oh my hasn't Isabelle grown, she's a real sweetie :)

Beautiful banner! and, your baby is adorable. I'm waiting for my babies (in their late 20s) to get around to having theirs...so I can take adorable pics!

Oh Natalie...you sound like you are having such fun with your little Isabelle.....and she is adorable...Mem Fox was a recent speaker at the library here in the Barossa...my kids grew up with her books - Possum Magic was my/their favourite....the books on my coffee table are the novels my youngest is using in his English lessons - he teaches High School English....From little things ...big things grow!

Sweet little Isabelle!
My "baby girl" is going to be 30 this year! Years ago, she loved the Beatrix Potter books...I saved them and now my grandson, her son, enjoys them! Oh, how time flies!
All the best!
Mary Ann

Your little girls is just adorable. My own baby girl is celebrating her 16th birthday, so the books on our coffee table have changed somewhat - Collins English Dictionary, 'Back on track', 'My brother Jack' 'Dolly'. but, not far away in the bookcase sit the treasures of childhood: There's a Hippopotumus on the roof eating cake, big hungry bear, cat in the hat, Miss honey's hat, Snuggle pot and Cuddle pie ...
Story time is certainly a joyous time, enjoy the cuddles.

Love the new banner. That's my kind of reading on your coffee table -- the best! And Isabelle is Gorgeous!!!

She is a beautiful baby. My baby girl is now 9 years old.
I love Mem Fox. We are living in the US for 3 years so I have not seen any of her books for a while. Except the possum magic we brought with us.

What a beautiful baby....yes time does fly,I also remember reading so much to mine and now they read to there own with the same books I saved for them to pass on. Enjoy the moments. Love your new banner. And ready love the print on the baby picture, how did you do that?

Well the baby is too cute for words of course....

Oh, I love your new banner but of course i am a bit biased given your fabric choices :-)

One of my friends sent me over here this morning & I see why she follows your blog. it is delghtful.


Your little girl is beautiful. Is that a new hair cut you are sporting? Looks good. Like the new banner too. Spending time with your child is precious..enjoy!

she is beautiful. I do love your new boarder up top. Can't wait to see what you are working on.

You and Isabelle are both so pretty and I love the new banner, very nice.

The book list reminds me of when my 3 girls where babies...enjoy this time because it goes so fast!

Beautiful little girl! Had to giggle at your book list, ours is much the same! Make sure to get Goodnight Gorilla as well, my DD is on her second copy already and loves it. She takes it to bed with her at night. Hopefully this one doesn't fall apart as her little brother is next in line for it!

My girls are 7,8 & 9 and they still love those books and still love me reading to them. They grow up so quick and I enjoying every moment with them. Now at school, I get to see them less. I cherish the weekend and school holiday.
Isabelle is adorable. Enjoy every moment,

Hi Natalie,
I remember those books of days gone by with many smiles and love. Our babies are now into Law text books and Facebook!
Isabelle is growing up so quickly, enjoy the moments

Love the new banner - and oh boy don't the wee ones change so quickly - I bet you don't know where the last few months have disappeared to - they will have gone in a flash
Thanks for sharing with us

Isabelle is adorable!

How fast the time goes when we have children. Little Isabelle is gorgeous and what beautiful eyes she has. My children also loved the books "Are You My Mother?" and Hop on Pop. I read to them when they were little and now they are avid readers. Also I like the new banner.

She is such a cutie! Love your new banner too.

Where has that 4 months gone to!!! Isabelle is just so precious. The new banner is great, and I love your recommended reading list :)

Isabelle is so gorgeous Natalie - what a beautiful little girl.

And I love the new banner too :)

I love "Are You My Mother?" I chose that book as my prize in Kindergarten in 1970 and I still have it. It is a lovely story and even now, every time I see an excavator it is referred to as a "Snort" and the tiny excavators are known as "Sniffles". My husband even uses those expressions now. I'm so pleased it is still being read to little ones.

Isabelle is adorable Natalie! Now that my babies are all grown up I get the extraordinary joy of being a grandma and get to start the cuddles all over again. Love to watch the stitcheries show up but it was a very special treat to see sweet Isabelle tonight. Give her a little kiss from a grandma far away in the U.S.

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