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I am very interrested by this new design and so excited by each photo. I am going to wait for your new design and patern.

Hello from France

I loooooove log cabin, but I am really taken with the fabrics used in yours and I am rather partial to the sweet little birdies. I can't wait to see this project revealed.

Sheer perfection--seriously, you do such beautiful work! Your pictures are wonderful!

As much as anything else I am loving that fabric! I can't wait for the pattern. I know it's going to be completely irresistible!

Hi Natalie,
oh, the little sneak peeks are so cute ~ I've already stocked up 2 honey buns & can't wait for the pattern to be released ;o).
Hugs, Julia

I love log cabin quilts too...depending on how you set them they are so versatile.

Yes, yes, yes...I LOVE log cabins and yours are beautiful! Your quilt is going to be lovely, but then all of your works are;) Can't wait to see it all together;)

That is fabulous! You are right, isn't sleeping just so overrated? I love your new project and can't wait to see it complete. Hurry up backing get there!

I love this quilt but I usually admire all your work.

I really like your work. The colors, the designs are really nice, and just what I like the most.

Greetings from Hungary.


Your tail feathers quilt looks absolutely beautiful! This must be another "have to sew" quilt- I better get going on my wip's...

Your quilt looks wonderful! The colors are beautiful! Congratulations!
J'aime beaucoup tout ce que vous faites! C'est magnifique et tellement gai!
Lili du Pré Joli (France)

This project is turning out so nice! I also wish I could sew & quilt all night! It's much more fun than sleeping!

yes ! if only we didn't have to sleep ! i say that every day ....... BRAVO, I AM IMPATIENT TO SEE THE GREAT FINAL ........

I admire your works! All these birdies are sooo cute... Your colour choice is sweet! I wish I could make such things...

I do love scrappy log cabins, and yours is wonderful. Look forward to seeing the finish. Best wishes for all your deadlines.

I'm also addicted to scrappy log cabins. Your quilt looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished photo. Will you be at the trade show at Rosehill in June?

I am eagerly awaithing the final unveiling after watching the journey of Tail Feathers!

I can not for the life of me get my seams so beautiful. I love how you play with the little birdies. I am so new to all of this. Someday I'll catch up. Thanks for the inspiration. KIM

I love scrappy log cabins...and I love Patisserie! I've been working with it nearly non-stop this week!

I love your colors. You make me want to pull out my sewing and get busy...I would just have to find my sewing table under all the clutter. Here's a link to my log cabin that I've been working on for several years now.


Congratulations, Natalie! how exciting for you that 'Tail Feathers' is coming together. It's with great anticipation,I wait to see it finished and be able to get my hands on a set of patterns!
Happy stitching,P

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