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I happened upon you blog via "red geranium". Your blog is beautiful. The pics and your stiches, simply perfect!!! and beautiful..I love your designs.

Okay, so color me inspired! Your blog is beautiful--beautiful photography, beautiful fabrics, beautiful stitches! Good luck with your submission:)

you do such beautiful work.
Can't wait to see it

I can't wait until this pattern is available. I also love the fabrics you've used - not my usual color range but very pretty. And those little birds are so cute!!!

Oh please tell us when tail feathers will be released, i am so keen to purchase those lovely fabrics (before the range is no longer available) and start this delicious project.

thanks for the Sewing info. it is really helpful and i appreciate you taking the time to instruct us.

I cannot wait!!

Looking forward to seeing it all :) So far the little tiny snippets you have been giving us has been lovely and no doubt the whole thing will look fabulous. :)

Lppks great- am eagerly awaiting anything to do with tailfeathers! He is so cute!

You TEASE!! HAHAHAHHAH It looks interesting, I cant wait to see the finished product.

The anticipation is killing me, lol! I love everything you do!

Yes very exciting for us as well.
I love all of your creations

Can't wait to see the full glorious image!

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