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I'm also wondering when this pattern will be available in the US?!!!! I'm totaly in love with your design and the fabrics! It's been so fun to see the progress of this gorgeous creation of yours! Thanks!

Natalie, I love your designs are beautiful I do not know which inclined me because I love them all.
Let me ask you a question I want to start in the world of stitch and would like to know if the wire you use is that of the DMC embroidery to cross stitch on the 6 strands of DMC or other material you use and which is flax.
I hope that I can reply when you can. Many kisses and thanks for the wonders that you do and share.
Rosa M ª.
My email is charlycadillac@yahoo.es

Can't wait for the finished product!

Can't wait to see the unveiling of the final product after all of your hard work! I have been watching anxiously!

Loved reading about how you put your patterns together. You do a great job and I just love your products. Well done!

So close, yet so far! Im loving your take by take of this process! Thank you so much for sharing.

Natalie excuses, serious so nice of me Ava informs about the thread DMC 4030 used in the block nº2 and You Drink.
Thank you very much

o please, hurry up with the pattern writing (smile), I can't wait to start with this quilt, I have already sign in for your new BOM by Magdaleentje.nl and they are expected the pattern about half June here in the Netherlands.

Thank you for this beautiful pattern, you are a great designer and I love to follow your blog.


Jacqueline Valero
The Netherlands

I have already ordered the Sweet Rolls from my fav online quilt shop! On your mark, get set, stitch!

Our fingers wait with anticipation!!!!!

The pattern writing part is definitely my least favorite part, but somehow you make it look ... almost ... fun. I love,love your designs.

Tedious isn't it ? I'm looking forward to seeing it all .

I can't wait to get started. ^-^

After putting the final touches on your Truly Scrumptious in August las year, I was stuck in a "I don't know what to start next"-hole for a long time - until you began showing glimses of you feathery friends. ^-^ I just love following the design process via your blog.

OOO I cant wait. i already have a place picked out for this project! Hurry, Hurry!

I have been eagerly watching Tail Feathers grow- can hardly wait for you to finish the process so we can start stitching! thanks for all the hard work.

Looking good! Good luck with getting it all finished up.

I can't wait for your book to come out;) Do you know who will have it available in the USA? Hope you get some sleep soon;)

I can't wait, I'm loving it already. But oh what a LOT of work!

Wow - so much work - you certainly are dedicated .. it's a meticulous business!

wow, am i excited - soon i will be able to be up with the nightowl recreating these wonderful designs. thanks natalie

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