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I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

HI Roseanne, thank you for the comment - the pattern requires 2 x honey buns or sweet rolls which are pre cut at 1 1/2 inches. I am sure this will help you - Natalie

Hello Natalie, I maybe completely wrong, but all strips from a jelly roll is 2½ in. I'm just about to cut my fabrics to make block one, and it says her 1½ in to everything....is that write? what can we do with the rest?. I'm maybe wrong ...if it so, my apologies. Hugs from Denmark, Rosane

Fabulous pattern, have just received our stock and it is already proving popular.
Well done

This pattern is adorable - I can't wait until Treasured Threads gets it here in the states.

Congratulations!! It's so beautiful!!!! Great work!!

I LOVE LOVE it !!!!!!

Natalie Natalie Natalie....we are drooling. Seriously drooling! GOOOOOOOOORRRRRRGEEEEEEEOUSSSSS!!!
Our order is in (has been for a few months as you well know!) We admit we wondered how you were going to follow Truly Scrumptious but you have pulled it off you clever old stick! Beautiful.

Congratulations Natalie. It really is a lovely piece of art you created there! I'm so inspired by you!!!!

Darling! Congrats to you... what a feeling of accomplishment it must be!

OMG - I LOVE it!!!! I'm ordering it when I get home today!


another gorgeous design... Congratulations!!!!!

wahooooo, it's so cute! i love his.... oh sorry for my bad english.... i love, i love i love...
see you soon!

Natalie this is a stunning quilt! Congratulations! Just beautiful!
bunny hugs,

Hi Natalie !
What a gorgeous design ! I love it !
Thank you for sharing your work with us.
Hugs from France.

Well done, Nat, it looks fantastic...

Congratulations.... It looks gorgeous and we will wait patiently for the pattern too xx

Congratulatlions Natalie. The way you have combined the fabric and threads have certainly highlighted your design. It has been an exciting time for me following the progress. You should be very proud of the excellent work you have put into this quilt. A beautiful baby to care for and another beautiful quilt.

Natalie,your quilt is beautiful.I will be starting this as soon as I finish scrumptious!!I agree the little log cabins are great.I also would love to see a "boy quilt"as not many on the market.Now theres a challenge!Well done and take a break,you deserve it.

Congrats Nat! I have loved watching it unfold but to see it completed just blows me away. Guess that's another one on my "to start" list.

It is devine, congratulations. This quilt will be enjoyed by so many.

WOW Natalie it is just delightful. I love the Patisserie range of fabric and now I know what I will use it for. Can't wait to get started. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all. Love Meagan

So glad this "birth" is over ....Is the pattern only available as a block of the month or will we be able to purchase the full pattern? hope so dont want to wait ;)

I'm in love with gorgeous design.
Can't wait to start it. It is so wonderful. Congratulations with a work so well done.

Your new pattern is absolutely fantastic! You make the most wonderful things!
Hugs from
Anette in Sweden

Hi Natalie, Like everyone, else, I have been watching and following the new pattern with great interest, and marveling at your sanity at being able to design, focus and complete a task, all the while nurturing your gorgeous little possum. Congratulations on your efforts, please chill out and enjoy the accolades! Warm wishes, Pam Capstick

Oh Wow! It is gorgeous. You've done a wonderful job.

OOhh Natalie it is beautiful. I can't wait to begin.

I do love it! Well done!

It's absolutly lovely! Great work.I guess that you have already something in mind to do next.
And I your fã I will wait paciently!

Congratulations! It's been so much fun to watch this whole thing unfold. I just love this quilt.

Congratulation - it is really darling!

Wonderful! Congratulations!

oh Natalie it is stunning. I can not wait to get my hands on a copy of the pattern. This quilt will be right at home with all of my birdhouses. oh and be for I go just an idea for a project that a mother of two boys would love to see you put together. a robot quilt. I'm thinking vintage and maybe orange, blue and gray. I can just see your wonderful art work in my 5 year olds room.

Oh Natalie it is wonderful! I love those little chubby birds so much. I really do need to have them at my house.

Oh yes, I love it!

So sweet and beautiful Feathered Story! You are so skilful!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us;)

It's gorgeous! I knew it would be gorgeous, but seeing it all together it's just wonderful!

Just darling, your pattern picture turned out so nice too, you did a good job on your photoshop debut.... Best Wishes..

I love it! I cant wait to make my own.

Absolutely beautiful. You make me want to jump right in and learn how to do this. Very inspiring. I love your combination of colors.
Well done!

Wow what a great start to my day, thank you!! The quilt is absolutely beautiful and i can hardly wait to get started. And then you tempt us even more talking about starting another journey. I feel like a commercial, you the leader and us all following along enraptured. Beautiful work thank you.

I look forward to buying this. I just adore it!

Congratulations!! Your quilt is gorgeous!!

It is wunderfull !

oh... it's so beautiful !!!!

Absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to order the pattern!

I can't wait to see the product in public so I can get the pattern. I was showing my daughter, a design student, your website last night on how you did your designs. Always beautiful.

Tail Feathers is ever so beautiful - as are all your creations :)

Delightful, fantastic, charming - you could go on and on and on but considering your additional new committments at home now this is a truly inspiring piece of work

Thank you so much for your comments, I am so pleased you love the finished product! Out of interest you will need 2 x Honey Buns (ie. 1 1/2in rolls), extra fabric if you like the added cream & green border and cream fabric for the stitchery blocks and the border!
Till then, Nat x

As gorgeous as I had imagined. Looks fabulous and sure to be a huge hit. Cant wait to obtain a pattern. How many Jelly rolls didyou end up using, seeing I cant read the Quantities. Just beautiful

This one is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I am in love with all things birds and this is spectacular. I will have to find a distributor in the states.

Lovely,lovely, lovely

I love it. i would order it if I knew I could do it.

Congrats the pattern is gorgeous!

Congratulations Natalie, I love it and already ordered it by Magdaleentje. Can't wait to start...


Oh Nat! Tail Feathers is just GORGEOUS!!! Definately doing that BOM. You need to remind me was it 2 Honey Bun rolls and some stitchery fabric. Just love it ... need to start it now!!! Well Done.
Cheers Sue

Hi Natalie, absolutely stunning job...so cant wait to get this instore and do it myself before the twins arrive!!!

Oh Natalie, you've done such a good job on your Tail Feathers!! It looks beautiful.

We dont´t just like it, we love it =o) Can´t wait to start stitching these little cuties. Well done, once again.
Big hug from Sweden

Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I want it ;o)!!! Gorgeous work Natalie, it's just simply beautiful - how clever you are :o).
Joy :o)

wouahou, it's wonderful ! what à great job ! all those birds are so lovely !

CONGRATULATIONS Sweetie... it is such a joy to see such a large project come to completion and ready to share with the world!!

LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT and can't wait to get my hands on this gorgeousness...

ps: I'm sure that your little & most gorgeous "production manager" was lending a helping hand with photoshop... hehe

take care sweetie... have a gorgeous day!


STUNNING! I love your whimsical drawings brought to life in thread! I'm totally in love with "Tail Feathers"

Hi. It is great :-)
Congrats with all the hard work done.

Fantastic! Very very beautiful. Looking forward to buy it.

It is beautiful...truly a labour of love!! So gorgeous!!

It's beautiful, just as we expected! Congratulations. You just put your feet up for a while girl! And we will patiently await your next genius idea!

I love it!!!! and the fabrics are wonderful!

Love it, it's come together beautifully. I can't wait to get my hands on the patterns. :-)

Wooooow! It is fantastic! I love-love-love your wonderful quilt!

TOTALLY A-W-S-O-M-E!!!!! I love the pattern, the colors, love the 'Tail Feather's'...I love it all! You have done a totally awsome job;)

Hi Natalie,
Congratulations on what you achieved again - a very beautiful quilt!

I love it, I love it, I love it, I would love to make it now. Please let us know when we can purchase it. I know I will be buying the patterns.

You're right, this is the post we have all been waiting for - it all looks fabulous, the quilt and the cover. You've made many stitchers very happy to know it will be on the market soon. Thank you!

Hi Natalie,
congrats on your GORGEOUS quilt. I knew I'd love it...just beautiful, stunningly beautiful!
Have a great weekend,

OH I just love this!!! I can't wait to buy the pattern!!! Thanks for the Tail Feathers Journey! What a gal you are!

So happy it is all done~~ This is an amazing piece!!!

Well Done for conquering Photoshop... late nights are a given !!! Extra Sweet Birdies...

what a great quilt, it's been hard waiting for the final photo's but he so worth it, now I have to wait till the pattern arrives in the Netherlands, Magdaleentje.nl told me that should be about half june.
Thank you so much for this beautiful BOM

Jacqueline from the Netherlands

So happy the quilt is finished! Is is just marvelous, well done!

It's gorgeous! Congratulations on getting it all finished :-)

Beautiful!!! What a lovely quilt. you have done a wonderful job and I have enjoyed coming back time after time to see all the sneaky peaks. it's just so adorable!! i love the round little appliqued birds...too cute :).

It's absolutely gorgeous! Every sneak peek was amazing...and now, to see the finished quilt...it's just phenomenal!

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