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This really is very sweet. Wish I could get my stitches as perfect as yours.

The good thing about your information is that it is explicit enough for students to grasp. Thanks for your efforts in spreading academic knowledge.

I have just found your blog and I love your work already!

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

Your desings are stunning! One can tell your talent comes from the heart. Thanks for sharing it with others.



Congratulations Natalie, it looks fabulous!

I love the birds, i love the bees, in all the world, the lady bugs and mices are best.

So cute - love the combined stitching and quilting look!

Precious! I just put a link to this post on my blog. I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.


Oh it's so cute and sweet! :)

WAUW!!!! ...sorry for the shouting but this stitchery is so awesome...you are the absolute top in this...lovely...such a beautyful design...I love it!!
greetings from Holland

How Cute.. I love it!!!!

Hi Nathalie, your pattern is wonderfull!!!!!

I just love your designs Natalie :o).
Joy :o)

Beautiful work.

Hi Natalie that is just too cute I must have one.

Just gorgeous, what a sweet little design showcasing your adorable little creatures. :-)

wow! what a pretty design!

It's so cute! So nice that you've been able to combine all of your cute creatures together in one stitchery!

Just darling! One of these days I'm going to find one of your patterns somewhere and make it. I just love your style!


I certainly like this design. I used to do this type of stitch work, but it has been years ago. You may just be the inspiration I need to pull out that floss!

This really is very sweet. Wish I could get my stitches as perfect as yours...yours are what I strive for. I would love to give this project a try!

I didn't think I would love any of your designs more than tail feathers - but I ADORE this one! Gorgeous as usual Natalie!

Creature Comforts is awesome with all of the adorable little creatures all over it;) As for mama wren and her wrenlets...if it's not a word, it should be because it's the perfect description;)

This is adorable!!!!! Love it!!!!

I love this! When and where can I purchase this?

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