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such a lovely pattern
your stitches show how much practice you have
thankyou it is very sweet

transfer my bank account to your name, hehe....there's nothing that you make that I don't want.

I was sent here from another blog Freebies for Crafters. But I cannot find where to download your pattern, is it still available?
Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Vicki R

Great pattern Im in press I love it ! thanks for sharing

Wallet pattern pattern is so cool I love it I want to make this same !

Beautiful work! Thank you for the free pattern :) I can only hope that it looks near as awesome as yours - but it will be my own unique piece of art, no matterw what!
All the best,
Jean :)

Thank you ladies that is all I needed to hear, but then at the birthday party, Lisa (the birthday boy's mom), who is also a genius, had R2-D2 on top of the cupcakes... She cut it out of FONDENT! WOW!!!

Wallets are used to store and protect our credit cards, identification cards and carry money. Wallets have been around for long now. I like above wallet pattern.


I love this so much. I picked out my fabrics and have been thinking about it all day (actually for a few days, but I only today decided on my fabrics). I can't wait until my kids go to sleep so I can start stitching! It's really just SO SWEET!

this is so cuuuuuute !!!! I love it !! i'm discovering your blog and i like it a lot !!

Thank you very much!!! It's so so so wonderful!!!!

Thans you for pattern.

Hi, Thank You for pattern, I have stitch it... You can see there:

Thank you for the wonderful pattern! Can't wait to stitch one or two up!

superbe!! merci de ce partage!

Thanks for the pattern, completed it very quickly!!! Needle keepers never go astray at my house! have posted on my blog: twolittleaussiebirds.blogspot.com

It is too late to say you thanks for the lovely pattern and that I love all your projects? That's what I feel! :)

What a "Sweet Tweet"! Thank YOU!

Hi Burton, I am a little confused - if you check the pattern instructions step 8 explains how to use needle turn applique to stitch the front embroidered circle...is this what you are referring to? - Natalie

Thanks for the great patterns -- they are lovely!!

I do like the wallet alot, but there is a piece missing from the directions. It doesn't at any time say to stitch down the embroidered circle on the front of the wallet. I mean I get it. But the pattern s incomplete.

This is lovely, thank you so much! I love redwork!

tengo tienda en españa de labores me encantan tus patrones como puedo conseguierlos.gracias un saludo cristina

Looks fantastic Natalie, your style is just beautiful!

What a gorgeous pattern- thank you for sharing. My four year old daughter always wants to "help" me sew, so she may get to decorate the pellon before I iron it on. Now to find a dark enough fabric....
All the best!

Hello Natalie,
thank you for share this georgeus pattern with us!!!

Have a nice day!!!

Lovely pattern - as always! Even though I struggle to find time for my Tail feathers, I just have to make this too!

Thank you so much for this cute pattern! I LOVE it!

Sorry I made two comments! I did'nt think it worked the first time. Please cancel one of them.

Thank you for this wonderful pattern!
Hugs to you from Denmark ;-)

I just found this lovely pattern. Thank you so much!
Hugs to you from a quilter in Denmark!

Oh it is just adorable- thank you so much for the pattern!

¡Muchas gracias por compartir este maravilloso diseño!

Hey Natalie! Thanks for the pattern for this lovely needle wallet - a lovely idea for birthday/Christmas gift for stitching friends. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Bear Hugs! KRIS

HOw very generous of you to share this very cool pattern, thank you. much apprecited

It's adorable! Thank you for the pattern ;)


Thanks you so much for the beatiful desing.
kiss from spain.alicia

Thank you so much, i love it too !
Corinne (France)

Thank you so much for this lovely pattern ! very sweet and beautiful
have a nice day

thank you, i love it

Thank you for the pattern. It is so lovely.Really gorgeous.

Thank you! I badly need to make one of these. I lost my crewel needles and millnery needles this week b/c I am new to embroidery and am not yet organized. I could just cry b/c I can't replace them for a while with 3 kids going back to school ):

thanks its really quite cute-generous of you

Thank you I love it !!!!!!!!
Milly in sweden

Thank-you for this lovely pattern. Sincerelly from Granada, Spain.

Thank you very much for this wonderful pattern I love it!!

Thanks for a lovely freebie..I have put a link on my freebies blog to it...hugs Khris

Thankyou for your lovely pattern.
Can't wait to make it for my swap partner.

Thank you very much for this cute stitchery design!

Thanks for this lovely pattern. Have a nice day. Catherine from France

Love the needle wallet. Thanks for designing it! I can't wait to get started.

Love it. I might make one for my daughter Juliet :)

That is darling!

Ohhhhh thank you so much, it's so beautifullllll!!!! Bizooxxx

too cute! now to go find the perfect fabrics for my pal! Thank you Natalie!

Thank you so much for the Stitchers Angel Project! It is lovely! I cant wait to get started on it! Hugs to you!

very nice, thank you:o)

thank you for such a lovely pattern... however I seem to be having trouble downloading it :O( it just doesn't seem to want to work for me.

So cute! I stumbled across your blog via Craft I believe and just reading through the first page of posts, I like you already!

I was starting to get into a bit of a slump too but you have now inspired me to craft! I will be adding your site to my blogroll on my new Tink Shui blog:)

Thanks, Natalie, lovely as usual,cannot wait to get started. I think these will be going into quite a few Christmas stockings this year.

Thank-you so much. It's so sweet!!

What a lovely proyect, thanks for sharing.
Have a nice day.

This is so sweet and cheery. Thank you for sharing. You are so nice.

Thanks for the lovely needlecase....

This is to gorgeous, Natalie. Thank you very much.

This is wonderful - I love your little birds!

Thank you Natalie for such a sweet design. You are so generous with your talent and time, especially with a babe at foot!

Thanks Natalie, very cute pattern.

Thank you for an utterly gorgeous pattern, Natalie! I just love it, and I have some of the same fabrics in my stash too! Meredith

thank you for creating such a lovely pattern. I am certainly going to make one.

Thank you Natalie for this wonderful swap...you are a Stitchers Angel too♥x

Hi Natalie, thank you so much for this lovely project!

Hey Nagalie,
Your project is incredibly sweet! I love it. Can't wait to give it a go.
K xx

Thsnk U so much for the pattern.I just love it

Thanks Natalie she is gorgeous! I just started the first project but I am thinking I need to start the second one also?? Maybe tomorrow.

Thank!!!! Wonderful! Beautiful!

è molto bello , grazie


Thank you for sharing this little treasure!!

Hi. Thanks, I love the Rose...
It is just what I need, and I'm going to make two , one for me and one for my friend.

Once again you have given us a gorgeous free pattern . thanks Natalie

Great pattern Natalie. Thank you so much!

Thanks Natalie
May i use this pattern to make them for my sisters for christmas aswell?
Cheers Marja

Once again you have given us a gorgeous free pattern - thank you for participating in the swap!!

Thank you so much for the pattern and tutorial. It is very kind.


Thanks Natalie! It's very sweet :-)

How cute!!! Thanks for the pattern. I might make One or two or three.....

Sandy N

The pattern is so lovely...thanks for it and for getting involved in this wonderful project...

Have a Great week and God Bless,


So cute! Thanks for sharing this project with all us Angels!!

Hi Natalie! thank you, the little wallet is gorgeous!

Thank you, Natalie. So-o-o sweet!

Thank you Natalie - your design is gorgeous, very pretty. Looking forward to making it.

Hi Natalie, Thanks for this gorgeous pattern. Can't wait to get started on it. Hugs, Jeanette

As always your designs delight and then inspire us to get stitching - I just love your patterns- thank you for this one!

thank you, its so nice

this is so pretty, thank you for sharing .

lovely design, great instructions. thank you for sharing.

Hi Natalie, Thanks so much for your project. Hugs Naomi from Australia

que magnifico diseño, esta muy bello ...comenzaré de inmediato a hacerlo....muchas gracias.

Thank you for sharing, its so sweet and a definate to do.

Another lovely little project - Thank you!
Happy stitching, P

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