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Hopefully I'm not too late for the drawing! My first sewing effort was a hand sewn collar when I was about 11 years old. It probably didn't really look good but I thought I had done a great job. Thanks for having this super giveaway!

Connie in Georgia

Might be too late for drawing, but that's okay. My first sewing project was in home ec in high school. A mustard colored cordoury jumper that I messed up cutting and it was way too short. My stitching didn't begin until a couple of years ago. I started with crosstitch seed packets, and now am doing BOM's. Can't wait to try the emroidery! Love your pattern.

Just catching up on my reading... I may be too late.... but, my first ever sewing project by hand was Barbie clothes. And then a close 2nd was a little hand made quilt... unfortunately it ended up as a UFO... I still have it... and lots of memories of the fabric's in it!

My first stitching project was in year 7 at school and it was a gingham apron with a cross stitch design using the squares and I still have it 47 years later!

My first efforts would have been the badly made dolls clothes made for my beautiful polynesian doll, with real hair given to me when I was borm by my late grandfather.( I still have her and love her.)I was about 5-6 when I "cut out" the dolls clothes and hand stitched them together.
My first foray into patchwork would have been a wall hanging, in denum blues and reds and beiges, with a scarecrow and chickens and frogs and an apple tree, I really didn't have a clue back in '98 but the journey since has been exciting and a huge amount of fun.

I don't know if you can call it a project, but I did my first stitching when my Mum tried to show me back stitch, it was just on a piece of calico. I think it was a hand dawn cat. Great bag Natalie.

My first stitching project was in high school, i quilted a sydney opera house cushion - i still have it tucked away somewhere along with my first knitting, sewing in a zip samples and my how to fabric book. Love your Paris Collection.
Jo Murray (SA)

My first stitching project was a bird on a pillowcase. My Grandma was teaching me to stitch. I could not have been more than 7 or 8 years old at the time. Thanks so much for teaching me to stitch Grandma.

My first project was a sausage dog doorstop with an embroidered coat!!!! Don't think it ever got finished!!

I would love to win your Paris Collection, it's just my cup of tea. My first stitching project would have to be made from the knobby knitting thingy. It's like a spool with large pins around the top and a large middle hole. Yarn or string are intertwined around the pins and a tube of knitting comes out the bottom. I eventually made a doll house rug from spiraling and stiching it together. I still have the knitting knob and doll house rug.

My first project (that I can remember) was an apron I made in 7th grade. I do remember, however, trying to make a quilt with squares cut by hand when I was in 4th grade. Of course it wouldn't come together right because it was cut by hand with scissors.

Natalie your bags are beautiful. Hope I'm lucky enough to win.

I'm addicted to bags so this one is a must.I cannot remember my first sewing project but I am rather partial to bag making. Can you ever have enough bags??

My first stitching project was an english paper pieced pink pincushion and a coordinating machine sewn needle case that I did at Brownies. you should see the fabrics - so retro! Seams all wonky - but I still have them!!

Ooh! Please enter me! As for my first sewing project, that would have to be a little dolls dress I made when I was 5 with mums help. Then when I was about 10 I made my very first patchwork quilt. Ok, so it wasn't made with 100% cotton fabrics and none of the colours matched, and to be honest, I don't think it's even finished. But hey, it was my first, and I love it!

My first project was a cross stitch project that was a map of Michigan (the state I live in). I still have it hanging in my home!

Hi, Natalie. My first and only, so far, embroidery and sewing wall hanging is a pattern from Attic Heirlooms. The patterns were for embroidery pin stitcheries that I enlarged and then stitched onto a small wall quilt. I'm also in the process of finishing the Gail Pan free Christmas BOM pattern.

Hi Natalie,
My first sewing project was at least 40 years ago. My grandmother had a singer tredle sewing machine. She helped me cut out a little summer top from a feedsack and she showed me how to use the machine and sew the top. I remember it was a pretty pink calico print and it was so soft. She made the shorts to match. Dee

A pair of pillowcases was my first to stitch when I was very young about 7 years old. My sister taught me to hand embroidery. I had lots of the trouble then with french knots but not now, after all these years of practice.

My first stitching project was a needlebook - made from red gingham fabric with an elf stitched on the front. I made this at primary school and still have it tucked away inside my Grandma's sewing basket.

My first stitching project was doll clothes, especially for my Barbie doll. I didn't realize that my mother had kept any of them until a few years ago when she was looking through some things and showed them to me. Now I have them -- a little wool shift and a black and white sundress that must have looked divine on Barbie with that bouffant hairdo!

What a lovely thing to do for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. The first thing I ever stitched was a patchwork quilt doll blanket with my grandmother. She taught me to quilt and gave me the scraps from her "big" quilt to use for my dolls. Fortunately I still have that "little" quilt!

My first sewing project was a tapestry which I did in high school. It had three roses, green leaves and a white background. Prior to that tapestry I had never shown any creative bent and my mother was so amazed I started, and importantly finished it, that she had it framed for me. I still have it to this day (it's got to be about 25 years old) and it hangs proudly in my home.

I think my first ever crafting attempt was in the days of Hobbytex paints. I coloured in countless t-shirtsm before moving on to X stitch. Then i took the leap from the countless cross stitch patterns i had sewn into the world of patchwork and quilts, i started off with something simple!! Yeah right!! My first taste of buttonhole applique was the 12 month BOM quilt by The ChookShed, called Matilda's Station. I loved it and taught myself, so made mistakes and learnt along the way. I finally finished this quilt some 3 years later. But I had been bitten by the bug and launched myself into the world of quilting UFO's. Not that i am complaining! I love it!

Hi Natalie
My first stitching project was a cross stitch sampler which (sssh) I have never finished. However, it did get me hooked on cross stitch and I have since stitched (and completed) many other patterns. Now I am having a lovely time dabbling in stiteries and patchwork. Kind regards

Hmm my first project, my very first was when I was at primary school and we stitched little bookmarks with different stitches on binca. I still remember stitching it almost 30 years later. My parents still have it as well :) My first proper stitching project where it wasn't something I had to do for school was a printed tapestry (needlepoint) of a stag in the Scottish Highlands which I stitched when I was about 16. Since then I have done a mixture of cross stitch, embroidery and patchwork and there's not a lot that beats being able to curl up on the sofa with stitching for an afternoon at the weekend, even with my 2 little fluffy helpers which find it amusing to play with thread.

I think my first sewing project was yr 8 Home Ec..A pair of satin boxer shorts. Do you know how slippery that fabric is? I never did wear those shorts. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

Hi Natalie,

My first project was the pocket of my cookery apron for school when I was 12 - all the other girl's aprons were boring and mine was spectacular, LOL (well, I thought at the time). I was too interested in boys and Skyhooks to be interested in any other subjects so I think I surprised my teachers when I put my head down, bottom up and stitched!

How did I know to do this fancy pocket? I remember not long before stitching this pocket I said to Mum, "I need a button sewn on, can you please do it?" and she said, "You know where the sewing kit is, you're old enough to do it yourself" - so off I went, mumbling and grumbling. I remember sitting on the lounge-room floor and I was watching Sounds or something on a Saturday morning whilst I sewed this button on and as I went my eyes grew bigger and bigger - I ENJOYED it! Who would have thunk it! I went to Mum and said in awe and surprise, "I ENJOYED it!" ... she smiled and from the top of her cupboard pulled down a cane basket full of threads, patterns, doilies ... I think I swooned.

And, THAT is how the best apron pocket in Form 1E was born.

cheers to you Natalie, I love your designs,

My first stitching project was a Raggedy Ann and Andy pillow top that I received for Christmas when I was about 10. I wish I still had it!

My very first sewing project was an eggwarmer made from felt and coton yarn with a babychicken embroidered on it, when I was about 6. Seems like a century ago! Since then I have knitted, crocheted, macraméd, woven, patched, quilted, even spun wool, sewn children's clothes and more. But my favorite the past 15 years is patchwork and quilting.

My first stitching project was a giant butterfly on the seat of my short, short, blue jeans. This was very popular with my boyfriend, who a few years later became my husband (going on 33 years now). I also stitched flowers around the tops of the front pockets. The patterns came from an issue of Seventeen magazine.

Hi Natalie, my first stitching project was a cross stitch kit with two hedgehogs seat on a "bench" (I don't know if it's the correct word...sorry) that my mommy's friend took me from U.K. I made a framework and I put it in my bedroom...It's about 20 years ago...I love your Paris collection...I would try to win it...

The earliest sewing project I remember is when I was about 10 yrs old. It was an embroidered butterfly on a recyled piece of grey pin-striped fabric. I don't remember having a pattern or any idea what I was doing but I have clear memories of sitting and stitching. I have no idea what happened to it in the meantime but I'd be curious to see it now and whether it was any good. In my 10 yr old eyes it was!

My first project was a green gingham "knitting bag' made in Grade 5 and stitched by hand. That is 48 years ago and I haven't stopped since!

My first project was a stitchery of a bear -
I now have progressed to wall hangings, bags etc!

My first sewing project was a pillow for my Mum, I was 9 I think. She loved it.

This is the absolute truth! My 2 other girlfriends who stitched along with me will be my witnesses.

I had never ever embroidered anything but have wanted to learn. My best girlfriend talked me into starting my embroidery journey on 'Truly Scrumptious'!!

It was a blast! I loved every minute of it AND it is one of the few quilts I made just for me! I'm keeping it!

I used Fig Tree Quilt's solid yellow from the 'Dandelion Girls' line and it turned out perfect!

I am now 2/3s done with Melly and Me's pattern 'Fairy Tales'! I'm hooked on embroidery and I would love to have your new pattern!! Ina

My first sewing project that I completed myself was a small throw cushion that I made for a friends Birthday Gift before the days where i could have been described as a terrible teen. I no longer know the girl I hand quilted the little pink treasure for so I couldn't say if she still has it but all I can remember is that my corners didn't quite match and I put too many holes in my fingers with my sewing needle.

But obviously I enjoyed the task as I am still poking holes in my fingers to this day.

I was 12 years old and found out I was going to get a baby brother or sister. This was before ultrasound so you had to wait the whole nine months to know which one you were getting. My Mom didn't sew but our neighbor did. She taught me to make diaper shirts and she even let me use her electric sewing machine. That was 47 years ago and those memories are still fresh in my mind. She is still my Mom's neighbor and is like a second mom to me.

Way back past too too many moons, my first sewing project was at school back in the days when boys had to do woodwork and 'gells" (that's how our sewing teacher used to say it) did sewing and never the twain would meet. I remember making a little round pin cushion where you cover two circles with fabric and then top stitch them together. Before we ever got to making this project though we spent about one term making samples of all the embroidery stitches and non-fancy stitches and sticking them in our exercise book.

My first sewing project was at school and it was a red gingham apron. I did alright on the machine sewing but the cross stitch in red on the white squares had me bamboozled - all fingers and thumbs! And I never sewed again for years....
But now - I wear out sewing machines!Totally love your Paris Collection, very sophisticated - would love to win a pattern, thank you ofr the chance.

I made a beautiful blue and white spotted dress for my daughter when she born, I couldn't believe I actually made it. She looked beautiful.

Hi Natalie, My first stitching project was at school when I was about 7 years old. It is cross-stitch on pink gingham. I stitched 3 tulips. I still have it and have actually framed it. It shows where I started to the cross stitches I used to do until I discovered quilting! Regards, Christine M

Natalie, my 1st sewing project was your "Home Sweet Home" wall hanging quilt. I went to The Warbuton Tea House with a friedn that sews,I asked my friend if she'd make it for me and she said 'no'but she'd show me how to make it......... and I've been addicted ever since

Hi Natalie,

My first quilting experience was a sampler. Can I say that when I look back at it now I ask myself 'what was I thinking picking those colours' but it became a very much needed comfort blanket for my them puppy. It was what she would carry around the house when I was not home but she would meet me at the door with it in her mouth. Miss them both

Hi Natalie,

My first stitchery was a panel to go onto the front of a bag to hold my embroidery threads box. Looking back at it now, I see how far I've come in both confidence and ability :-)

hi Natalie,

love to see what you have been designing for new patterns!
My first project was a quilt for my son (3 months), after that one i was hooked and made him many and my more, as for my daughter who just turned 1. Nothing greater than making something for the children and they loving it by bits!


My first embroidery project was a preprinted hotpad with a grape pattern when I was just a girl. It's funny how back then I didn't know it was vintage style or retro, and now I can't get enough of vintage patterns. I'm still embroidering and quilting my own hotpads to this day.

When I was maybe 9 years old my mother gave me a little "learn to cross-stitch kit" to stitch a cute blue whale.

I think Truly scrumptions or An angel story was my first during the time I restarted with sewing. Since I was a child I made dresses for my Barbies and other stuff.
I would love to win your lovely pattern, tryed to order it here in Sweden but it's not possible to get yet.
Kind regards

Ufff, mi primer trabajo de costura, fue en el colegio cuando tenía 11-13 años. Para el día de la madre hicimos un pequeño mantel individual con su servilleta. Era de color azul, y a punto de cruz hicimos unas mariquitas. Algún día se lo pediré a mi madre (claro, que yo tengo los suyos de cuando ella era niña) y lo colgaré en mi blog.

My Nana let me raid her fabric stash and I hand stitched a special blanket for my doll (who was actually a large stuffed camel, named Campbell). It had lace, burgundy velour/velvet, some sort of weird synthetic blue material and various other bits and pieces. I thought it was a fabulous piece of work. Nan was very patient :)

When i was 13 i hand stitched an apron together as i didnt have a sewing machine and it turned out fantastic i was so pleased with myself.

My grandmother gave me a scrap of fabric to practice embroidery stitches while she quilted with the ladies each week. I was around 7 and I would sit underneath the quilting frame and embroidery flowers. Brings back so many good memories. Love your blog and all your work. Please enter my name in your drawing.

My first "complete" sewing project was my Confirmation Dress in 7th Grade...the arms were too short so my Mom helped me lengthen them by adding white cuffs!

My first project was a cross stitch chart of Jeremy Fisher - Beatrix Potter design that I still have today in my 10 month old daughter's room so it holds some lovely memories...

I really had to think - and with a 2 year old on my lap at the moment I don't know if this will ever get sent! My first project was a small book mark with different sample stitches on it.

Love the Paris collection...gorgeous fabrics!

Let's see, my first sewing project was trying to make dolls clothes on mums treadle sewing machine at about 8....loved to do cross stitches...started them when I was about 10...and have enjoyed stitching ever since....(usually have at least 5 projects (yes UFOs) on the go at once....can't help it...love it!
cheers Julz

Natalie, My first project was a pencil case in home economics it was denim and had a Zip that sure was fun.

Thanks for a great competition Natalie!

My first stitching project was a gift for my newborn neice - about a year ago now. It was a little wallhanging with her name and a little sunbonnet girl. It seems most of my projects are gifts. Probably the same with many crafters I'd reckon. My next project is actually your block in the Breast of Friends quilt. I just adore your birds. You are so clever.

Have fun with the beanbag, tea and choccies!

Hi Natalie - that sneak peek looks totally scrummy!
I first picked up needle and thread 4 years ago and made an Amish style quilt from a very old copy of Homespun. Every stitch was done by hand. :-)

My first stichery project was a treasure bag for my son. It has a rabbitpirat in front of the bag. But my first stiching project was a bookmark for my mother at age 5.

By the way, I have ordered your tailfeather design for sewing during wintertime.

Regards Ahn

I hope you stayed awaike and were able to do some more stitching as I always like your designs a lot! I can remember I sewes a holly hobbie doll on an old sewing machine which was handreared (no electrical cord) when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My first cross stitch little cloth (dowlie, but rectangle) was purple and must have been around the same age. Since then I buggered my mom to get on her sewing machine. She wouldn't let me until I learned it at school, so at 10 I did learn it and the same night I made my first doll trousers, just two rectangles joined together.

Well... My first stitchery project were your birds (the birds in Tail Feathers). ¡Yes, I'm a baby in this of the stitching!
With this birds, and some butterflies, I do a beautiful quilt in black, green, yellow, strawberry and ocher.

Now, this quilt is waiting for quilted.

¡¡Congratulations for "The Paris Collection!! It's beautiful

My first project was an angel stitchery which I hung with pride in my bedroom!

I failed home ec at school because I was so bad at sewing back then but I reformed. My first project would be a fairy cross stitch I did when I was 21 and very wounded by a boy and failed relationship - I swore I wasn't going to see any more boys until I finished it. I broke my promise when I met the man who is now my Husband of 14 years (our anniversary was Monday) but I did finish it and it is on our bedroom wall

Well....that would have been the green gingham table cloth that I made in school!! It was cross stitched (on the gingham squares of course) in red, green and white. I can recall it precisly because I still have it. Now, I would have stitched that in........are you ready for this?? It would have been the school year of 1962/63, in England. It's one of the few things I have that came from my teens in England and I just love it.

My first stitching project was a sampler quilt I made when I was 22. (That's over 21 years ago). It was in black and reds. My dad just died and I just finish going through treatment for cancer. Mum and I needed a outlet, so we went along together. If I ever get cold at night, while watching tv, out it comes. (Best thing I ever did - patchwork classes!)

Sandy N

My first stitches were cross stitch kits when I was small, the first came Christmas morning, and I worked on it all day and totally ignored everyone and everything else.

I remember doing my first sewing project at the age of 8. I remember sitting on my Grandmothers knee while she patiently taught me how to cross stitch on a small piece of gingham about the size of a hanky. I remember being so proud of that piece, gladly showing it to whoever had the time to look at it. Now 40 years down the track I still have that piece in my memory box and I have just shown it to my 9yr old daughter and now she wants me to teach her how to cross stitch - a so the wheel slowly turns - maybe she will keep her project to show her children and they may also want to learn. Congratulations on 'The Paris Collection' I absolutely adore it! Keep up the good work.

My first stitchery was in about 1960, when as a teenager I made a yellow apron with a black cross-stitch design along the skirt border. It was my first sewing project for a 4-H entry. (At the time, I lived in Ohio, USA.)

Hi Natalie, my first stitchery project was actually many many years ago when I was very young. Probably early 20's. I did some embroidery with yarn. Thanks to my wonderful mother for introducing me to stitching.

Our Auntie Win was the sewer in the extended family..so we just pinned and tacked beside the old treadle sewing machine. My first real attempt was in Home Ec at High School when I sewed a shirt with tiny blue pin stripes. It still gives me a headache thinking about it!! It made everyone sea sick just trying to iron it! Funny thing is....I don't ever remember wearing it? Then I fell in love with embroidery and patchwork became an obsession..The two together....absolute bliss. Rainbow smiles.. Gloria

Wow, that is really taking me back in time, I guess it would be hand sewn dolls clothes. I didn't start stitching until in my early 20's, progressing via cross stitching then quilting, and now combining stitching and quilting!!!

Hey Natalie! Wow, I have to really think about that! My Grammie used to get us into stitching along side her...and I remember her saying stuff about "apple can" and for years (no kidding) I thought that applique' was apple can! ha! But we would learn from her how to do stitchery and I never looked back. I love it! But it was her patience and the conversation that kept me glued to her side, even when I wanted to quit...I just couldn't help it. My first project was no doubt something that I learned a lot from, and probably pulled out many times! To this day applique' and stitchery are my faves...and I'm pretty good too! A lot less pulling out anyways! :) Nichole/USA

I can remember making Barbie clothes from scraps. But the thing that sticks out was a lime green nightie with my star sign stitched on the front. I remember my teacher shaking her head and saying something about the color not being very appropriate for sleep wear. Hmph!

My first sewing project was a cushion cover which was hexagons stitched together by hand at school and it still remains in my old glory box.

My first sewing was a green polyester beatnik doll with long hair and bare feet and I sold them for 50 cents at school in the 7th grade! I would love to win any of your patterns!! Please sign me up...

My first sewing project was making a doll dress when i was a child. My grandmother supported and raised her 5 children with her seamstress skills. I wish i had learned more from her.

My very first sewing project was making skirts for my dolls, using my mom's scraps of fabric from dresses she stitched for me. My first real sewing project was an apron with a drawstring type waist, made in 7th grade Home Economics class.
I LOVE this pattern and stitchery, I can't wait to make it! Plus that little glimpse of the "coming soon" project looks really cute as well!

The first thing I remember stitching is a needlecase in grade 5. I didn't really like sewing all the different stitches and it is not the best stitching but I actually still have it!

Hey Natalie, I think my first stitching project was during school when I made a summer dressing gown with a dragon stitched on the back in stem stitch, I still have it.

My first project, other than practice stitching, was when I was about 8 years old and it was a bird sitting on pussy willow branches. Forty something years later it has now been made into a beautiful pillow that sits on my bed. I am finding my way back to that little girl who used to embroider! Thank you for inspiring me. Karla

It's almost too far back to remember, but I think it was a blouse we made in our Home Economics class in the 7th grade. I remember it was a horrific purple but I knew as soon as I plugged in that sewing machine that sewing, quilting, embroidery and cross stitch would be life long passions.

My grandma gave me a Precious Moments cross stitch pattern when I was 11. I am now 31 and do Longarm quilting for a living. It sparked my love of all things "crafty"! Who would have guessed.

Hi Natalie

Thanks for the opportunity for another giveaway.....the Paris Collection is gorgeous!!!
We used to get taught sewing at school when I was 11 or 12, later on I discovered quilting and cross stitch.

When I was pregnant with our daughter Lauren,(she's now 18 & 1/2) a lady I worked with gave me a bib at a baby shower that had the most beautiful cross-stitch band along the bottom of teddy bears, it was so lovely that I could not bring myself to let it be dribbled on etc...so it is in my daughters treasure box ( I started when she was born and later one for her brother as well) of baby things and more....that will be given to them both at some future date.....

Oh really . . . I'm having trouble remembering that far back! I remember ALWAYS doing something with a needle, thread and fabric, but I can't remember my first project. I do remember a wonderful little corduroy, plaid and fortrel Barbie blanket that I made somewhere around the age of 7 - I think it was tied together with thread. I know it's here in a box of my daughter's Barbies somewhere. As for embroidery, I think I remember the book I bought for .39c with all the little stitches in it - I think it's here somewhere also. Love your Paris Collection! - Marlene

My first real stitching project was a counted thread book mark when I was eight, I loved it. After that I tried cross stitch, knitting and all manor of crafts. My day is not complete with out sitting and putting a few stitches into something even it is only the mending.

When I was about 7, my sister and I each received a little battery-operated sewing machine for Christmas. We spent many hours hidden away in the storage area of the basement (our 'workshop') sewing pillow and bags on our machines. I guess those little doll pillows would be my first sewing project.

My first stitchery project was a picture of a teddy bear in a hot air balloon that I made when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had forgotten about that until just now. I wonder where it is...?

My first sewing project was a dress when I was 12. My mom thought every girl should know how to sew and own a fur coat (nowaways it would have to be a faux fur coat!)

My first stitching project was when I was 4. It was a cat done on a needlepoint mesh canvas with a half cross stitch.

I'd love to win the Paris Collection, it's fabulous!

My first stitching project was a Cross-Stitch alphabet in a Better Homes and Garden Magazine about 21 years ago! It gave you step by step instructions and a small kit to start. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and made many more. I enjoyed it so much that I even wrote to the magazine and told them. I've done many many cross-stitches since but patchwork gets in the way these days. It's alot quicker! xx Sue

I have been stitching for as long as I can remember, my first is probably a tray cloth that I did at school & I'm not going to admit how long ago that was.

I can't actually remember my first stitching project. I know I did a cross-stitch of a sleeping mouse under a starlit sky for a friends baby 21 years ago (She apparently still has it :).
I only discovered sewing machines and stitcheries more recently...and have done a few of yours. Thanks very much for these. Your work is lovely.

I used to make Barbie doll clothes with all the scraps I could find. I just love your little birds, and I have made the sweet and spotty for an angel swap giftee too. Thanks for sharing with us.

My first sewing project was using sewing cards with an animal printed on the card and the dots around the edge to be pierced by the needle with wool as I sewed around the outline. I must have been 5. I still have a few of the cards in my first sewing basket a gift from my Grandma. That was a little while ago.My passion for stitching hasn't diminished as the pile of UFO shows.

My first real sewing project was an english pieced hexagon patchwork pillow that I made in Yr 8 Home Ec (24 years ago).
However, it hasn't been until the last 10 years or so that I have developed a real passion for stitchery and crafting.
I must admit that your designs are a true inspiration.
Thank you
Jane 80)

When I was eight my daddy died and my grandma came to stay with us for a while as we adjusted. I remember sewing at my grandma's side on clothing....but my first project alone was sewing a Kanga and Roo stuffed animal set. Kanga had a darling little pocket to keep Roo in. I wish I still had it.....wondering if it is in one of the boxes in the basement? Better go...need to go search boxes.:) Kristy in Ohio

My first stitching project was a quilt about 6 years ago. Boy have i come a long way since then. It was hand quilted and the quilting is fine but that edge - shock horror, i didn't know anything about binding then!!!!

My very first sewing project was a skirt for my doll....way back in the fifties!

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