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j'aime les motifs de broderie

mais où puis je trouver les modèles ?

Raspberry Cream is absolutely adorable!!!

They are both beautiful. Rudolf's knees are perfect. All your birdies are beautiful and I Love how you give them those thoughtful expressions. Thanks for sharing.

I love your new patterns- how sweet!!

I went home so excited after I saw the new designs. (I too was just in love with Rudolph just as soon as I saw the teaser). My daughter laughed at me and called me obsessed. That was until I showed her the pictures. Then, lol, she too was obsessed.

Really love your designs Natalie.Will have to add these patterns when they arrive in N.Z. to my increasing pile of Natalie Lymer patterns. Your stitching is perfect, there must be a special technique to such great backstitching. Congrats and best wishes Shirley

I love all that you make !!... Best regards from France. Sandrine

Hi Natalie - these are so beautiful. We'll add these to the list of "reasons we're so miserable we didn't get to go to AQM" I have to say that I've fallen quite madly in love with your pears! You don't hear that every day do you?

I have been dying to see how that little reindeer looked since you posted the teaser pic. SO CUTE! I just love your designs.

Absolutely darling! Can't wait to get the [attern. I love the fabric.

oh so beautiful and dreamy just love the red and cream
you do good work
love it all
thanks for sharing

Beautiful AND I love the Christmas owl! ;0

Just lovely :)

Oh how I love these 2 new patterns. Can't wait to get my hands on them & start stitching

Oohhh Natalie, your new designs are just too delightful. The little fat bluebirds are sooo cute and I just love the owls and Rudolf.
We had our xmas party for our sewing class last night so I told my friends all about them. They were also admiring your "baguette" in Homespun at the time :)

Oh Natalie, these are just stunning! Hmmm heading off for those patterns methinks@!

How wonderful, the patterns are adorable. I will be looking forward to seeing them soon.

Congratulations Natalie, both are so cute and wonderful!!! I'm so exciting to make one before Christmas!!
Warmes regards
Rouge Cerise

Wow, Natalie! I love both patterns so much! What a great job you have done! I look forward to hearing who will be stocking the patterns so I can buy them both!

Wow! What georgeous patterns! It ceases to amaze me how designers can keep coming up with an unendless supply of beautiful designs.

J'adore ces nouveaux modèles et j'ai hâte de les Avoir Chez Moi.

They are both lovely patterns. I will certainly be on the lookout for these!!

Love both the patterns... those little blue birds are adorable!!! Will definitely be looking out for these in the shops real soon!!!!!!
sugary hugs
Wendy B 'o)

Just Lovely! Looking forward to the pattern release.

Love them both.

I really like how you combine your embroidery with quilting.

Not to rush you because I know you're busy designing and getting ready for Christmas but HURRY HURRY HURRY!!!! I HAVE to get my hands on Raspberry Cream. I don't think I've seen anything cuter in I don't know how long. I want to make that for this Christmas sooo bad.

Gorgeous!!!!I want them both!

How totally adorable.... LOVE LOVE LOVE Sublime Season...

They are adorable, I love them all! But especially "Partridge in a Pear Tree" :)) it is so nice!

wow....sweet patterns.....I love both of them....I think they will have to come and live in my sewing room sometime soon!

Once again, adorable!

Hi Natalie!!!!!!!!!!! que lindo ese panel!!!!!!!! , me encanta te mando un beso enorme

Dear Nat! Do you never sleep? Your new design is wonderful!

Delightful as always Natalie. I love the stitch you have done in place of satin stitch, it works so well with your design.

Both beautiful but the Christmas one is GORGEUS!

Oh Natalie they are both divine patterns - more winners
I want BOTH of them, please, please, please - when will Buttonberry have them

How beautiful Natalie..... When can we get them...

Sandy N

Hi Natalie,

As usual your new patterns are just gorgeous! and I have just received your "Paris Collection" pattern that I ordered from Jenny at "The Stitchery" and you bring out more lovely things for us to contemplate buying and making....
Thanks Chris NZ

Oh, I simply adore the patterns!!! I hope they soon will be available in Norway.

Wow Natalie, they are both lovely patterns...I particularly like the sublime Season...it's just gorgeous!
cheers Julz

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