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no no I think you doing amaizing job, continue with you passion, I added your blog to my favourie one thank you !

I need to start do kind of patters like you doing you inspire me absolutly

Could you please tell what size needle you use and the brand please love your work
Sheri USA

Your Quilting and embroidery combinations are SEEEEEEEEW beautiful. Be careful with that blue pen though. I have had it leave a trace and not completely come out after having left it in for several months (on my first ever embroidery project).

Your quilting is perfection. I really do want to try that.

Natalie that is looking beautiful... as always!
Have you tried a Hera Marker for marking your hand quilting lines? I love it and it eliminates the prospect of a 'scary moment' if the blue pen doesn't erase. :-)
Cheryl xx

I am about to start hand-quilting yet another of your designs, Natalie - but, just wanted to comment that drawing with blue texta all over my quilt sends me into full on panic-mode ... I use masking tape as someone else commented and if I want to quilt in shapes I make up a stencil on fine cardboard, then trace it on to clear contact, stick that on the quilt and quilt around it (I make up the cardboard stencil first in case the contact shape starts to lose its stickiness if I've repeated the pattern on different parts of the quilt and need to cut another one out). I am off to my local stitching shop this arvo to pick up some DMC Perle thread number 8 - I've only ever quilted in the Gutenberg thread, but what you use looks softer and more natural - which suits what I like much better. Thankyou for continuing to share your designs and ideas with us - my goal is to have my stitches as fine as yours.

oh hand quilting.. so beautiful!

Hi there! I LOVE the way the Perle cotton no. 8 looks - I've never used it for that! I have a few questions for you also - do you use a hoop when you quilt? Do you do a running stitch or stab and stick method to quilt? What size needle do you recommend quilting the perle cotton with? Love your blog site! So much fun to read! Bari

I'm no quilter, but love all the beautiful images. The stitchery is something I adore, even though actually doing it is not my cup of tea! I'll just drool over your things if that's okay! :-)

Hi Natalie, but is the perle 8 thread what you use for your quilting? What size needle do you use or what type?

Happy stitchin',

Your hand-quilting is beautiful. So even. I love quilting, but I've yet to get the knack of quilting by hand.

Happy stitching,

Beautiful work Natalie. I have quilted with Perle No 8 before (just straight lines) and I love the look of it. I love any kind of hand sewing. Its really relaxing. Can you let me know which blue marking pen you are using, please? I am about to start some hand quilting myself.

I always have one of those moments when I test the pen, erase it, go to use it, think I'd better just check it again, test it, erase it, then worry that it will not erase when I NEED it to........is that slightly OCD??? I think we're all pretty much the same......and the No. 8 perle thread looks yummy......enjoy your quilting, I have nothing that needs handquilting at the mo, better start putting some more stuff together

Yes! I worry every time with that blue pen!! I had a disaster with a table runner that I finished... and then hand washed.... IT DIDN'T COME OUT! I cried and cried... lots of work in it. Then a friend suggested I wash it in the machine with napisan.... it worked!! It was nearly a heartbreaking day!!!! Perle 8 looks awesome!

hi Natalie.. I dont use the blue pen.. after much washing it kept coming back! for grids I use masking tape can buy it all sorts of widths! Or I send it off to be quilted by one of my long arm friends!(Lazy ? Maybe but I am very time poor)
This quilt looks so darn lovely...


Looks wonderful...I love quilting with perle cotton!

Since discovering the blue erase pen, it's all I use (on light colored fabrics, that is). I haven't found a comparable product for darks, tho'. I've never used no. 8 perle thread, either, but it looks great and I'm going to give it a try! ~karen

I DO get nervous about marking my quilts. Especially after a teacher shared once that she had marked her quilt, washed out all the markings, and then the blue lines reappeared! Makes me very nervous.

great hand stitching. It's beautiful.

Yes I know what you mean about "the blue pen"! I've never quilted with no 8 perle thread! It looks beautiful and so does your quilt. What size needle do you use with that? :) Christine

I have used the blue pen for over 20 years and have never had a problem with it - but then I always love the look of a washed and dried quilt. I love that antique look and use 100% cotton batting. When using the blue pen the trick is make sure you wash it with plenty of water and do not put in the dryer unless you know for sure all the blue is out. Check it over. I have never had a problems.

Marking a quilt always scares me to death. For straight grid quilting I use blue painter's tape because it leaves no residue. For shapes and design quilting I make freezer paper pieces and iron them on and quilt around them. Love your stitches, beautiful work.

Dear Natalie, here in Spain, I bougth a pen called Pilot Frixion. You can erase it whit a hot iron, you don't need to wet your quilt ... And it's not so expensive as the watersoluble ones!

I must admit, I've never actually been game enough to draw on my quilts! The idea of it scares the crap out of me. Your quilt is looking good :-)

The no.8 perle thread looks also great on your quilt. And yes, the blue lines always frighten me, and it's always a relief when they're gone.
Have fun quilting!

Superb! And such beautiful photography!

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