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OMG, it's the 15th! I sooooo enjoy both your blog and your designs...AWESOME!

I think I typed a couple of errors in my blog and email addy.Hope it works this time.I did leave a comment a couple of days ago tho :( Barb.

Thank for the chance to win Sublime Season, it looks great.

Love your pattern...hope to win a copy!

Beautiful work, thanks for the chance to win.

I am rediscovering embroidery, something I loved to do as a child and young teen. This site is lovely, and the pattern is adorable!
Best wishes from chilly Canada!

Thank you for the chance to enter. Absolutely beautiful!

Thank you for the chance to win!

The embroidery is beautiful!

A lovely Christmas pattern that any of us who enjoy reading your posts would just love to receive- And with plenty of time till Christmas it should be achievable !!!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! So beautiful! Thank you for brightening my day so often! Kim in Madison WI

What pretty pictures. You always have such sweet designs. Thanks for letting me have a chance to win.


Seus desenhos são lindos e gostaria de ganhar esse presente.


Hope to win, this time ;o))

Hugs from Anette in Sweden

Love your sweet design,make me smile

I would love to be lucky enough to win one of your designs.

They are soooooooo cute.

I would love to win your design! Your work is so inspirational!

I would love to try to stitch this. It would be a challenge for me, but it's a new year and I'm up for it :)

Hi from Spain!Here winter is being really cold with snow all around a good excuse to work on my tail feathers which I think is fantastic. I love those little birdies.I am a great fan of your work. Love from the other side of the world!

I love all your design - this is no exception! While stitching on Tail Feathers I`m thinking of what will be my next project. This can surely be the next one!

What's not to love about your designs, working on tail feathers, would love to win sublime pattern as the next project to do Keep up the great designs!!! Cheryl

woooow I love your 'World' since sooooooooooo much time!!! i would love to have a chance to win....many thanks to you!

bisous from France***

Hi Natalie, Pls count me in! Love the girls!

Also from the other side of the world, where it is freezing right now, your patterns are Adored! At he moment i'm busy on the tailfaethers with the beautifull fabric patisserie.
Wish you a lot of creativity for 2010.
Dank je wel, from the Netherlands,

I would love to win Sublime Season! I love your designs!


I am currently working on Baguette from Homespun Magazine.

I love your designs so much and enjoy checking out all the sneak peaks you give!


I love seeing what you create, and check back almost daily to see what's new. I would love to win one of your patterns. Thanks

Oh no! Not more delicious patterns that I just have to make!! Have just started Truly Scrumptious. Would love a chance to win your Sublime Season.

I would love a chance to win your gorgeous pattern. Thanks.

I'm very new to stitchery and find your designs very inspiring. I would love a chance to win the gorgeous 'Sublime Season'.

Absolutely darling. But I wouldn't expect anything less!

It's so hard to picture you sitting in your sauna/studio when I'm sitting in my icebox/studio!

Who would not love to win one of your gorgeous designs.

WOW, Sublime Season is fantastic. I do love the little birdies. and the colors, of course. How do you do it???


I have to go and see what your blog entry says. i do love how alive you make the colors seem. thanks, scarlette

You are right they sure do have michievous smiles on - wonder if they are the ones that have been creating mischief around my place. Your girls are gorgeous and I love seeing their adventure. Thanks.

Wow...that is a generous prize, and one I would love to win...loving the sneak peeks...so much fun!

Suse xx

Would love to win one of your gorgeous patterns. Just love your designs. Hugs, Jeanette

I would love to win this pattern. I have fallen in love with your designs!

Oh, yes please I would love to be in the draw to win this pattern. I am busy stitching Truly Scrumptious at the moment, I just love those girls. Here's hoping!!!! I've got all my fingers and toes crossed.

Very cute designs love your work & especially the glimpses of your little one.

I just love your designs too. They make me smile. :-) Thank you for the chance!

I am from Brazil - São Paulo and I love your blog and your stitching patterns. I would love to have the opportunity to win this pattern!Thank you, Rose - roselymgr@hotmail.com

I love your designs. I just wish they were easier to get my hands on here in the states.

I am a greate fan of your designs. I'm working on tail feathers at the moment. So much fun to do. And of course I like the new pattern.
Willeke van der Wal

Of course i would love to win! I love all your patterns, so cherry and fun. Thanks KIM

Yes indeed, every girl does need a handbag, or 2 or 3!

Dear Nat!

It is really funny to hear the hot weather at you in this cold winter in Europe. But this is the perfect time to stitch!:)I love your pattern!
Patrícia from Hungary

I love your stitching patterns. So cute. I would love to win!

Your patterns are all so sweet and heartwarming. This one would be wonderful to stitch up. Hope I'm the lucky one! Thanks from cold, snowy Utah, USA.

This is another gorgeous pattern that you are tempting us with!! The sneak peaks are fabulous. Thank you for the chace to win this pattern!!

Love your patterns would relish the chance to wint this one!

Love your blog and patterns.Love to win too.
Thanks :)

I would love a chance to win. thanks..love your patterns.

Soo Sooo Cute.... I love your designs.. Im working on Shake Your Tail Feathers right now... PLEEEEaseeeeeee!! enter me to win would love to make this one too!!

Natalie, I would love to win a copy of Subline Seasons...heck I would be happy with anyone of your patterns...they are all soooooo sweet!

Looking forward to a whole new year of Cinderberry Stitcheries!!!

I love all your stitchery-quilt designs. I already made the Truly Scrumptious and two Some Angels (gifts). I'd love to win your new design!

Hi Natalie,
I really love the designs you make - this one looks like a Dutch girl , so maybe I have more chances to win this give away O:)!
Have a great day.
Ineke from Holland

If I'm not too late, please, count me in! Your pattern is so beautiful and gives such a summer mood to me :)

Wow! I just found your blog and I absolutely love your designs. I seem to have stumbled in at the perfect time!
<3, Audrey

Hello.I like this Give Away, like to enter the draw. Hugs Eva

I would love a copy of your new pattern. Please enter me in your drawing.


Hi Natalie !!!

I'm in love with your patterns and I would like to have the great chance to win this one.

So precious, would love to win it so I could make it for my great-granddaughter. BarbM

I thoroughly enjoy your work--your stitches are so perfect and uniform. I strive to improve with my stitching and thanks to seeing your work online is helpful.
Thank you!

Oh yes please enter me for a chance to win! Thank you!

What a beautiful pattern!

Love your designs and site. What inspiration! I would also love to be in the drawing for the pattern...sign me up!

I do enjoy reading your blog and this is my entry.

I would love to have a copy of that pattern. I love your work. It's so beautiful.

I would love to win this pattern. Your patterns are always so beautiful. I love them.

I would love to win this pattern! Love your pattern - very, very nice. - Marlene

Your designs are so whimsical and up to date....I love them!

I would love to be the proud owner of the beautiful pattern! I´m a big fan of your designs, have made sevral of them and loves it. Now hoping for some luck. Kind regards from Sweden

So cute, again! What a joy your patterns are. I'd love a chance to win one, too!

I love all your patterns and I would love to win one!

I just love your blog and patterns. I am not sure what I love most the loverly patterns or the pictures of the baby, but you have got me hooked.

I just love your designs and this looks like another beautiful one!

that is super cute!! i love your designs you are so very talented!!

Hi Nathalie,
Like the rest I am a huge fan of your designs! The birds or girls, they have this special glance and makes it totally YOURS! And I always get a smile of my face when I look at new designs you are coming up with! Can't wait to see the next one! I would love some apple pie myself! Hope you count me in for the drawing!

Embroidery is so relaxing, would love the chance to win your lovely pattern. Thank you!

Another beautiful, gorgeous stitchery... I must hurry and finish truly Scrumptious... Just adore your designs...Love to enter in the draw..
Hugs Dawn x x x

Hi Natalie
Thanks for offering your giveaway- please enter me in it. I am looking forward to seeing what you make with your Beach House fabric. Happy stitching. Kind regards, Beverley

I love your embroidery patterns, they are so gorgeous. Would love to win pattern for holiday sewing.

Your embroidery patterns are beautiful, Natalie. Thanks for counting me in.

hello Natalie i just adore your designs,you are a very talented lady.
cheers Sheryl S

Oh, I love it ... I like it:)

Hi Natalie, Absolutely gorgeous work, I am a keen fan of your work, colours, stitches and designs they are just beautiful.

That's look nice!


My New Year's Resolution was to start stitching for Christmas 2010 in January... haven't started yet, but there is still hope!!! Your blog is my favourite, love your style and colours. Thank you again for offering such lovely things x

I see flowers,spots,bags and pretty little girls.You are far too clever and have a mind that creates things that speaks to all us little girls at heart.Cant wait to see your end result.

That looks just gorgeous!! I'm still completing Raspberry Stitches and have the Paris Bag all cut out...Here's hoping I can add to my Cinderberry Collection...

I ordered this pattern and it was lost in the mail... Wouldn't it be great to win:)

Cada Vez Que Miro Uno de sus proyectos me da una sensacion de alegria, quisiera participar en este sorteo,

Hi! I just found you. I love hand stitching and would love a chance to win your pattern. I'm excited to read more of your blog.

Just found your blog by chance while looking for a needle case pattern on a whim. Your work is truly beautiful and even though I am sure I won't win, I'll be looking out in the UK for your patterns. I got a job lot of DMC threads at a charity shop a while back and have been wondering what to do with them - now I know! I have a new crafty-passion!

I love your birds!!!!

I love all of your designs! Just started sttiching Tail Feathers. So much stitching, I need more time!!!!

too cute... love the faces but your having a heat wave , here in chicago we are having an artic blast with lots of wind and snow
soo , sitting by the fire is a nice place to be with a new hand work pattern would love to win.... have a great day

Always love to have sneak previews of your wonderful patterns...would love to win one..cheers Linda B

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