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There are times (like now, when reading about Oz retreats and sitting in knee deep snow) that I really wish I lived in Australia.......The Village Green sounds idyllic.....I'll have to console myself with the fact that the pattern is due in March........

Have a lovely time at the retreat :)

I actually live in Highfields...might have to participate in this stitch-in..as I've become such a fan of your designs...Have almost finished Raspberry Stitches and am about to start on the Paris collection..Am inspired to finish them before March....

What cute quilts

What cute quilts

Oh, I just L*O*V*E it!! I'll have to wait until you release it as a pattern...I'm state-side, too. :(

Hi Natalie, all booked into Inspired Stitches and working furiously to have tailfeathers finished for show and tell.

I wish I lived in Australia too. Love your designs, and looking forward to this one.

I hope this comes out as the compliment its meant as.
I recently "discovered" you Australian designers/quilters through blogland. Told my husband (who loves Tasmania, having been there)must be something in the water.
The designs, colors, just everything about your stitching and quilts speaks of the joy and happiness that must be in your lives. To me, there is a big difference in your designs.

Simply, sweetly, beautiful.

There are many wonderful designers around the world, including here in the good ol' USA, guess I just have been bitten my some wonderful Australian bug.


I love your delicate stitches, I do not do much embroidery just a little but I love how you do your patterns and might have to eventually make one!

I just might nove to Australia so I can attend all your delightful functions! Sounds like fun! Should be, after all your hard work. Look forward to the pattern release. ~karen

This looks simply gorgeous! Can't wait for the pattern release!

Very nice!

Just lovely Natalie!

Looks beautiful as always :)
To bad I live on another continent would have loved to have joined your weekend ;)

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