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It is easy to be wise after the event?You never know what you can do till you try?

Fantastic picture and post. Thanks for sharing.

really like your blog on Girls Stitch In, it seems very complete and in good information you need!

Ok I have an obsession with shoes (lol) and i need to know the best online...

WOW! Thats look great and fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration.

Deirdre G

What a wonderful event!! I absolutely loved those shoes!! And then came the barefeet .... and then the mud. I want the shoes but not the mud! We have plenty of that here from rains that came on top of the melting of 2feet of snow. Very interesting weather!

J'ADORE CE QUE VOUS FAITES C'EST TROP BEAU ! je viens souvent regaler mes yeux merci à bientôt!

What a beautiful place to spend the weekend stitching! At least it was raining outside and not inside!!! BTW I love those shoes - I own a pair too!!! I just love them.

Looks like a wonderful weekend.....Why is Toowoomba so far away!!!???? Would have loved to be there! Glad to see it was a success!
sugary hugs :O)

How dreamy is that!!! Oh Natalie! Why I do think this is heaven!!!

Mad love for your 3 shoe/feet/mud photos. They would look so good grouped in frames. I LOVE THOSE SHOTS!

I love the shoes!

That sounds like such a fun event!! I just bought my first sewing machine over the weekend and am so excited to find your blog. The zipper tutorial has already been so helpful

Florence, I couldn't agree with you more! Those Aussie ladies know how to do it! ~karen

It was great meeting you on Saturday and having my photo taken with you, hopefully next time I see you in person I will have my Truly Scrumptous completed to show you???? Despite the rain & mud it was a wonderful day of sewing,chatting,food & purchasing!!! I have put some photos on my blog of the day. Cheers,Tanya

And just when Melbourne probably needed the rain more, dammit! Never mind, clearly you had a great time!

OMG! Was that mud in the marquee, or outside?
Looks like a wonderful day either way....
cheers Julz

wow looks great, sad that I live so far away

Wow it looks fabulous! More like a wedding than a stitching day! I'm sad I missed out, maybe next time!

Dear Natalie,

Thankyou so much for sharing your creative juices with my sister, Joyce and I at the Quilter's Angel reatreat on Saturday, 6th March. We both enjoyed the day so very much and having the opportunity to chat with you was like having the icing on a cake. By the time I decided I would like to purchase your Bag pattern, I whimped out on paddling through the ankle deep mud. Needless to say, I have plenty of projects to go on with.

Do hope we will see you again at one of Marion's Stitch Ins or the Stitcher's Dream Day Out. Marion does such an amazing job in organising these events and there is nothing missing. Every "T" is crossed and every "I" dotted. She is wonderful. Pleased to hear to were able to get your bird cage home safely. They were a fabulous touch.

I look forward to completing the quilt pattern that I received in my goodie box on the day. Thanks again for your inspiration. Happy Stitching.

Fond Regards,

Jean Oliver

sniff :( ; why Australia is so far ???

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