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I wonder if they're stitching fingers in the making ??

Good luck for the Mothers Day Classic, Nat, I too along with my buddy Helen are off for our first Mothers Day Classic as well and in a moment of crazyness??!! we decided to do the 7.2 Km walk instead of the shorter walk, but the weather here in Adelaide on Sunday is supposed to be 23 cloudy but fine so Im sure we will survive??!! Enjoy your day.
Cheers Sue

Thankyou for allowing us to share you very special and private thoughts - makes us feel as though we can be part of your enjoyment as well Thankyou for the wonderful post, ideas and suggestions

Natalie, I really enjoy your day book entries. It is nice to think about the small things that make our days lovely. I too am wearing something to keep me warm as it is quite cold here also. I love books too. I have heard that Lovely Bones is really good. I decided to read the top 100 books that I found on the internet. It has been fun reading the classics! I have even been collecting them. Keep up the good work!

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