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I would be quite happy to go anywhere that allowed my family to get away from the stresses of life and recharge. Any holiday is better than none......

I would love to visit Fat Nat at her home in Australia!

Normally I would have a dozen places to visit....for now I just want to travel across the US to California to visit my husband who is in the Navy and has been away from me!

the kids and I would go to Italy and soak up the foodies life.

i would love to go to north carolina and visit famly. they would enjoy flat nat also.

I would like for my husband and I to go to Australia. There are so many talented stitchery people there and I would love to visit them! Your work is absolutely gorgeous, by the way! Cindy

Hi Natalie,
Hmmm if I could go to anywhere in the world I think I would have to choose Paris because it is known for romance and love and hey we could all do with more of that in our lives.

Ooo I would head to Paris or Tuscany for sure! Loved hearing about flat nat!
Thanks for sharing a great idea!

No need to think twice, always Paris - in the spring, summer, autumn and winter.

I would love to go to Canada.
My best friend went to live there about 5 years ago.
And I miss her very much.
Flat Nat could come with me and together we would have a very nice time.
Love from Holland
Hanneke Floris

I would like to go to anyplace warm! Australia and Europe are on my list. I have a chance to go to England in the fall. It's to be an embroidery tour. I'm off to Chicago next week for a month.

I would go to Australia. From my home it's precisely the opposite side of the world. So I couldn't go any further (unless I go in space).
Second reason. There are lots of fabric, patterns, magazines and other stuff, which is very hard to lay hands on here in my land. So I would take a very big spare suitcase which is empty when I left home, but less empty when I return.

Japan is my choice, so precise and artistic and lovely fabric and design. To sit back and watch the blossoms burst into bloom on the cherry trees, experience the tea ceremony, the culture and warmth of the hospitality.

Definitely Canada. My Mom and Dad and Brother and all my family live there and I miss them so much. And I havent even personally met my brothers twins (one of each) and I would love to give them a squeeze :)

Hi Nat, Don't count this comment but hope you get to 300! There is still time.

Hawaii by the beach! Nothing better! Thanks for the giveaway

I want to go to my rocking chair and stitch and stitch and stitch without washing and cooking and cleaning!
Jan Blevins

France. Missing my brother and would LOVE to meet my little nieces. I'm hopeful!

I would like to and am going to London. However, as I look out of my window this May 29 and see snow coming down with the rain - I think I want to go any were in the carribbean and warm up!

I would like to go to Australia. I can't believe all of the talented designers and shops. I love your magazines and the pictures are so beautiful. The nurse in my Dr,'s office just came back and she said it was the most beautiful place in the world.

Hi Natalie,

I would like to go to Germany, so "the sisters" would be together!
Thanks for the lovely Flat Nat!

Van (from Sisters and Stitches-Brazil)

Australia! It's on my list. I need stitching lessons-and a vacation-badly!

I would love to go to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It is not far from home but I could stitch my Truly Scrumptious which is waiting for me to start. I love your traveling girl! She is so cute!

I would love to go for a long trip back to Europe and spend enough time to visit all the countries/ On the other hand Australia or New Zeeland would be nice too..Or just some tropical island...
May be I can get lucky enough to win?

Se eu pudesse viajar a qquer lugar do mundo...iria pra Itália :)
Bjão pra vc, Célia

I would love to enter your competition - if I could travel anywhere - it would be to London to visit cousins I have never met and an Uncle.

I'd go to the USA where I would stay long enough to visit both the Houston & Padducah quilt festivals.
I love your Gadget Bags Pattern - crossing my fingers that I'm the lucky one :)

Love your Flat Nat creation. She could end up with a whole host of Flat rellies! xx

Right now anywhere warm would be wonderful!
However, if I planned a trip I would choose to go to South America. Really busting to experience the wonderful culture, atmosphere and scenery. Ahhhh....dream on...

I would love to go to paris,It looks so romantic.

Hello Natalie. There are so many places I would love to vist, but one I have always wanted to go is Australia!
Thanks for the giveaway! I hope to have one soon on my blog.

A Chance to Win, A Chance to Win, i Love a Chance to Win. If i could travel anyplace it would be a place to see many new and beautiful fabrics. Australian quilt Expo, US Quilt Market in Houston, someplace where they make the fabric and i could buy lots and lots at a good price. heaven, heaven, i'd be in heaven. scarlette

Italy, without a doubt! thanks for the fun giveaway, have a giveaway on my blog as well!

More and more am I drwan to little projects. Would like to win this

Hi Natalie
I would love to go to Holland to see my friend Sophie - we got to know each other last year through a christmas gift swap and it is unreal how much we have in common!!
PS Love your Flat Nat
Cheers from Angela.....

I would like to go to Greece..especially Santorini, it looks so beautiful with all the white buildings against the deep blue sea. Don't worry Flat Nat would be OK. She wouldn't be asked for Id cos my name is Nat too!

New Zealand! I've always wanted to visit thee!

i love italy where i live, Milano.

a dream....
the australian barrier reef for scuba diving, i was told it is the most beautiful sea in the world for diving.


Wow, what a give a way! If I could travel anywhere in the world I would travel either to Cornwall, Great Britain, or home....


Right now I am anxious to go to Norway. I friend of mine and her husband just moved back there and they've invited me to come stay with them.

Wow - 270 comments, can we break the 300 mark??? I love all your holiday ideas, I am dreaming of Europe right now. Natalie xo

Ireland would be wonderful! The perfect time of year too...sigh...

Canada! I've always wanted to go to Canada. It looks so green and picturesque.

I couldn't choose just one place I'd like to visit there are so many, and even though there are lots of nice places overseas, Australia has many beautiful places as well.

I'd love to go to Alaska to see the Polar bears and to also try dog sledding ... that would just be an awesome trip!

I would like to go to Canada or Northern Scotland. somewhere that's still untouched by civilisation. or maybe a small village i England. Sue

I would like to visit the UK. I have been to London, which I loved, but would like to see some of the other towns and areas.

I would do whatever it took to get to a little town in England called Goring-by-Sea and I would knock on my adopted (we adopted eachother) little sister's door and surprise her!!!

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would visit France. I have been email friends with many people for at least ten years and would love to meet all of them. I adore your designs and love Flat Nat. I hope I can win.

Oh my goodness...just found you via Happy Zombie and I'm completely charmed! What pretty lovelies you have created for us all to enjoy! If I could travel anywhere I think I would choose Ireland. I've read about travelling through the countryside on horseback and it all sounds so beautiful and romantic. Ahhh...someday! Though to be completely honest, with two young kiddos in the house I'd be more than happy to take a vacation to anyplace that will allow me a full day of no noses to wipe, scuffles to mediate or meals to prepare and clean up after!

I have always wanted to visit Switzerland. Looks like beautiful country from books I have seen. I would love a chance to win your freen draw. Thanks for sharing. Blessings. Dianne

I want to travel to the Greek islands. Love the white homes with blue waters.
Thanks for a chance to win.

What are the odds I win? Slim at best, but I can sure hope. I love your patterns and designs. If I could travel two places in the world they would be Slovenia, where my grandparents immigrated from and the Grand Canyon, which I will do someday.

Thanks for the great giveaway and crossing my fingers for good luck.

I would love to travel to....Japan. That is the one country on top of my list, because of its wonderful traditions and the great quiltmakers that live there. While being there I would centainly try to get a few lessons from those artists and I would want to see many, many quilts and teahouses and kimono's and temples and........so much more!!!!!

I was a Defence wife for most of our marriage, so I was happy to go anywhere, so long as the family was all together. There are so many places I would like to visit, but so long as my wonderful husband and 4 gorgeous kids are with me, I don't care where it is. Mushy, I know, but it's the truth.

I have never travelled overseas and would dearly love to go to Ireland. However, having said that, I would like anywhere that was totally wheelchair accessible so I could travel with my hubby.

my son is in Greece at the moment so I would travel to see him.

I would travel to Turangi...where is Turangi you say? It is my home town, central north island New Zealand.There is something I love about that wee place.Last time I went there and walked along the river bank with my husband I started to cry,,,,,,, he said why are you crying? I said because I am at home.
Not fancy, not expensive...but that is my answer.

New Zealand has been at the top of my list from as far back as 1978, so wouldn't it be just great to actually go there one day?!
Greetings from Holland, Lotte.
p.s.I love your stitcheries and admire your attention to detail and finishing touches.

The place I always love to be is Bali! I have been there once and I will go back because this is the most beautiful place of the world! Flat Nat would love it there too! :o)
But if I am thinking of a place I never have been before, this would be New Zealand!

So many great places to see...I would travel the world! A bit ambitious, but it would be amazing!

Paris city of love. I have been told it is a magical place...
Sylvia F :)

Oh I hope I win...you do such good work. Can I just come to your house for a stitching lesson or two?

What an interesting question as I've loved to travel my whole life. But the one remaining big one--oh no--it's almost a toss up--oh dear. Well--base camp at Mount Everest wins first place, then the Great Wall of China.

When I was a child, I wanted to go to Switzerland because of Heidi. Now, I would probably pick France. But to be honest, there are so many places right here in my own country that I would like to visit.
Would love to win one of your stitcheries. I love them all and love the fabrics you choose to go with them.

I would love to visit Canada having heard tales from other visitors. I am lucky enough to have been to the USA, and will be there again in December and I love their quilt shops, but Australia definitely appeals as well. So much choice and so little time.....

I will go to Norway, the beautiful fjords and they have AnnaKa she is a great norwagain (quilt)designer.

ooh there's a question.......think i'd have to say seattle washington usa so i could visit my 2 aunts 2 uncles 4 cousins their spouses and their 6 children it owuld be fabulous!

I would so love to go and have tea in England or I would love to go to Italy and have pasta! Teri Dingler

me encantaria ira Japon, aunque no estaria mal ir a Australia a conocerte jajaj un beso grande y me encantan tus cosas yo empece mi blog por el tuyo gracias

Now if you'd asked me this six weeks ago I would have said New Zealand without hesitation but having been "trapped" abroad last month thanks to that volcano I might just say the UK - after all there are so many beautiful bits of it I haven't seen yet!!


Ohhh so many places to choose from - I would love to go to Australia - my husband has been and has wonderful things to say about it!! Great site love it.

I would go to Denmark! The patterns are adorable!

I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand.

If I could visit anywhere I liked, it would be to Scotland, to take in the land of my ancestors. Would love that to become a reality. Maybe I could have my own Flat Natto go with me ?????

I'd like to be at the top of a snowy mountain, with the sun shining down on me whilst I sit in a deck chair looking at the world below and drinking my steaming hot chocolate(with cream and marshmallow)and thinking....isn't life grand!!!

Glasgow would be my holiday destination of choice, to find out more of my family heritage (on Dad's side).

Hi Nat, I would love to go to Italy! I was born there but now live in South Australia. I have not been back since I was 5 years old which is 57 years ago.

Cute pattern! Love the little smile.

If I could go anywhere...I think I would go to Villefrance-sur-mer with my family!

Hpoefully I will win this time..

I would go to USA, so many quilt shops to visit while seeing all the sights as well. Lately one of the quilt shops I visit is advertising a quilting cruise to Alaska, now that would be interesting.

barbados definitely sun and sand my idea of heaven

Your patterns are gorgeous! I'd go to the USA if I had half the chance, love it there, especially some of their wonderful quilt stores!!!

The warm sunny beaches of maui is the only place I have ever traveled from the the US..& I loved it..I would go back in a heart beat.

thats so hard to pin down....so I will say my dream would be see as much of the Hawaiian Island, New Zealand then onto Australa but I have no idea how that will ever happen.
in the mean time Love -love -love your wee characters..

New Zealand in a blink of an eye!

I would love to go to a pacific island for my honeymoon. That would be amazing. We are getting married next March, so it would be great.

I have been to Tasmania once,but would love to go again just to take in the wonderful countryside again the quiet slow pace,and the wonderful hospitality, not to mention the quilt shops!!!

Regards Sue

If I could travel to anywhere in the world I would love to see Machu Picchu. The pictures looks unbelievable from there.

I would love to go to England. I am intrigued by history and would like to see the little villages. I would like to visit Australia, too. We have so much in common, and yet we're so different.

Hey Nat,
I would like to go to Canada and Alaska but it's only a dream for the time being.

Love your patterns and so happy my local quilt shop offers a variety of them! If I could go anywhere in the world it would be back to the small village of Hay on Wye in Wales.

I would absolutely love to visit England, then Scotland, then Ireland. OK, that's more than one destination :0)

If I could go anywhere it would be a tropical beach anyone would do! I love your patterns I just signed up to do the tall feathers block of the month I can't wait to get started.

i would so love to visit australia! and alaska! and austria!

I just returned home from a 4 day fun-tastic
trip to London England and If i could go anywhere in the world... I would love to go to Africa.

Anywhere in the world to go - and yet I wouldt stay here in Great Britain. Specifically, the west coast of Scotland, where I would spend some time working up your pattern. Countrydoggirl

Hi Natalie!

Oh, what the wonderful idea!
I am Zsuzsa from Hungary.
I would like go to the Canada.
I was many places in Europe, there are many beautiful places, but I would like see another places.

Wonderful patterns! I would go to Machu Picchu in Peru!

I would love to go to Australia. Every sewing blog that I read from there has such great fabric. They are full of bright colors. Everything I have seen at home, Michigan USA, is dark and country looking. I want to go to lots of quilt shops and buy everything I can. Ok, I know I can order fabric online, but I also want to meet some of the people and see what they are up to.

I would love to visit you and drink a cup of tea together. (With some chocolate cookies)

I would go to Paris France as I've always wanted to see what it's like and experience "that look" you see in those 1940's movies. :)

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