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Aww, her jellyrolls! That is gorgeous!

How adorable is that? You are quite the designer!

She is absolutely gorgeous!

Oh! Natalie! So pretty are they! Why don't you write a book with your broderies? It's so difficult to find out all they, and it's so beatiful to flick through a beautiful book! Wy don't you? Pleaseeee? :-))

she`s gorgeous!
your work is amazing! and your blog too...

greetings from germany

How adorable. Can't wait until that issue arrives in 2 or 3 months here in the US!

She looks great, and it's always thrilling to be published, isn't it!

As always, adorable!!!

Hi Natalie,
I saw your blog at Crumbs of Happiness.
You have a beautiful blog!! Your work is beautiful too!! I have a beautiful quilt on my blog today, come and see
Nice to meet you Natalie.
kepp smiling, Fern

I love her, she's so cute. Where can I find those wonderful marble threads?

Miss Homegrown definitely makes me smile!

Miss Homegrown is just lovely..can't wait to get my copy of Homespun mag:)

She's just lovely. :)

She makes me smile Natalie :)
Thanks, Sharon

Again, your design makes me smile. You are SO talented. Well done, Natalie. Can't wait to get my copy of Homespun.
Love, Marja

super duper cute!

As soon as I received my Homespun mag, I just knew that she was one of your designs. I love her and cant wait to try out Cosmo threads. Once again, you have designed an irrestible stitchery. Cheers Sue

I am smiling from ear to ear!! Another first. When i get around to stitching her i am going to include her with the rest of the Truly Scrumptious girls seeing she has the same sort of theme to her as well as A Mothers Pockets that is similar too. I really love that Whimsy fabric, it is very colourful and fun! Love the bunny in the stitchery!!! Wow!!

Can`t wait to get that magazine in my mailbox. But 11.4 has to arrive any day now, so I just have to be patient.It`s a long way from Australia to Norway! Miss Homegrown 2010 will be a perfect gift for my eldest sister, perhaps for christmas? Love your work as always!

I read homespun every month at my Nana's. I love it!!

Next week when we read it I'll have to tell her that i read your blog!!

Congrats Natalie! I read the homespun at my Nana's every week, because she has a subscription. When I see her this week I'll have to let her know that i read your blog!!

She's just gorgeous and I have decided she is going to be my Mothers Day stitchery.... I will start her tomorrow after I have traced her ready to sew tomorrow or start at least... she is adorable.....Happy Mothers Day to you... have a wonderful day..
Hugs Dawn x x x x

Very cute! The little rabbit is sweet. I think I will be off to get that mag on Monday. :)

Thanks girls, so glad to hear you like her!

Truly a winner!! ~karen

My fingers have been itching to start your project since I got the mag a few days ago! She is just beautiful!

Congratulations on such a lovely project in Homespun - love it! I'm off to start stitching this design! Love the use of Cosmo Marble threads - I was so excited to see the use of them in this lovely project!
Many thanks and happy stitching, P

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