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You must right a book about flat nat. She has stolen my heart. I can't wait for more pics and I have to have that book. Will you sign one for me please?


אני עוקבת כבר זמן מה אחרי הבלוג שלך ואני נפעמת כל פעם מחדש.
את צריכה לאסוף את העיצובים שלך לספר.

Love it! I had to take a "Flat Stanley" on my trip to Venezuela a few years ago. Excellent idea! I'm sure Flat Nat will be a great hit! Looking forward to more pics!

You are too clever Natalie. Adorable.

Monica was right, be still my beating heart! The adventures of FN! We'll be watching!

Oh, I love this! Love how the suitcase opens! I want me one!

More more more - Flat Nat is adorable, she can come to visit me too if she likes ;)

Flat Nat is such a good idea for years I have been threatening to photocopy myself and pass out the copies to my kids(6) and my husband so that the original could do all the things I want to do ,But I never thought of sewing a copy.

Flat Nat is simply gorgeous!!!

She is absolutely gorgeous! I love the fabric you've used too - are you able to divulge what it is? I cant wait for you to reveal what's in her suitcase - how fun! Kim :0)

I have been following your blog now for a few months now and love your designs . Have you ever considered compiling a collection of your stitchery designs for a book or dowloadable pdf i personally would love to be able to add them to my own creations

ooh ooh a sissor case and needle case and pin cushion set maybe... but anyhow too cute... Love it.... your incredible...
Hugs Dawn xx

Oh my, that is just waaaaay too cute and waaaaaay too much fun!! Can't wait to see tomorrow's installment!

Adorable! Is it a needle case the suitcase perhaps?

She is fantastic!
I love her suitcase!

Just too cute!!! How what fun.

Sandy N

How fun is she and what a great idea!!!?!?!

Ohhh! How absolutely gorgeous. I love Flat Nat!!

Your Flat Nat is gorgeous! I just love her knees!

Now I'm going to check out Monica's...can't imagine it could be any cuter!


OH too funny!! and such fun Natalie! :) she is the cutest little flat Nat ever... I love her little round tummy. I'll be checking back tomorrow to see the rest :)

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