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Hey - I finished my Flat Nat today and you are right she is such a handy friend to have around. Thanks for this gorgeous design.

I will need to order in the Peltex 72F as I only have the single sided currently in stock.

Flat Nat was such a hit in Minnesota and Iowa! There was even a man on my plane who was enchanted by her! Who knew FN was such a man-magnet (don't tell my husband, j/k).

I had Flat Nat 2.0 ready to be stitched while on my travels, but failed. I can't wait to make the actual version of Flat Nat/Fat Nat. Cutest thing ever. Just like you!! xoxoMo

I think Flat Nat would love to travel to my house in the UK .I am unable to travel at the moment due to my father's bad health but when I close my eyes I can imagine myself back there in the garden watching the squirrels and woodpidgeon.She could travel for me.
PS any chance that you will make you patterns available in PDF form the mail here in Saudi is not reliable.

I am delighted with your creativity. I love the stitchery and I love Flat Nat too.
She will visit Brazil? I would like to see the "picture" of her with the Cristo Redentor (in Rio de Janeiro).
Here, because of proximity to the World Cup, we are using slippers of different colors on each foot (green and yellow, colors of our flag). Maybe the different shoes have some hidden intention?

So adorable! I need the pattern too.

I just got my new Scarlet Today needles, so I should have a new needlecase. Absolutely lovely! I hope Flat Nan and Auntie Zombie stay out of trouble...

how cute!!!!

Will be staying tuned for how to make my own Flat Nat!!! She is totally adorable.

Much fun to read and so adorable!! :O) Bari

Just got just about all of your patterns in the mail and can't wait to get started on them - this one is too cute for words - and if you love give a ways, march over to this blogger and try and win some Vermont Brownie Company brownies! Would be great to munch on while stitching! Teri Dingler

Gosh, SHE is soooo cute.

Hi Natalie,

Flat Nat is the best...

Hugs, Sharon

LOL! We always need fun & humor! Thanks for both!

Too cute!!!!

Sandy N

Oh just adorable and so glad you are writing the pattern... this will be on my list for sure.....she is adorable and quirkerly cute ( is that a word)...LOL...
hugs Dawn x x x

Hi Natalie

Hadn't checked your blog for a while...
am so taken with this new project of yours.

What a bunch of lovelyness & way cute....just perfect for a prezzie that needs to be popped in the post....sans...needles & pins of course....

Can't wait until you release the pattern...


So cute! I read about you on Monica's blog- too funny!

Beautiful! I want one and so will my girls when I show them - cant wait for the pattern - you are super clever!

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

This is so much fun seeing Flat Nat getting ready for her trip! Hope she has wonderful time. :)

what a lovely idea !!!

This is sooo cute! Where do you get the white hankiy linen?

wonderful , love it !!!!!!!!!!

so beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

Thanks Nay, glad you love her too! I am in the middle of writing the pattern (as I write this message) so stay tuned for more details!

Fantastic idea, love the fabrics, the stitchery and the ideas as a whole...LOVE IT..when is the pattern going to be released

too cute for words

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