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My niece is over in your country visiting her mother. Flat nat is so precious. I love the colors. You are so talented!

Shirley, Sarah and Cara,

I found Flat Nat at Mulberry Hill:


Sugar Cookies II is at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics on Etsy (ships out from the US)...couldn't find it anywhere else online on this side of the pond.

Can't you just imagine several dozen of these hanging on the tree in different fabrics?!

Natalie, you are so talented!

I knew little in this part before,thank you for you information!Best wishes for you and happiness throughout the everyday.

Such a cute Nat! She is so inspiring! Congrats on your new pattern.

Wow! How I love this. I added you to my blog addresses!
good luck!
greetings from Holland,

c'est tres mignon.....
je n'ai jamais fait de quilt mais ça me plait beaucoup..
bravo pour tout

I love Flat Nat. The real Nat seems very nice too, but Im very taken with the flat one.

Absolutely charming, and a wonderfully fresh idea! I love your color choices and lines. Thanks for the look-see. Wish I had time to make one but am up to my eyebrows in rubberstamping stuff, ha!

I will have to add this pattern to my others of yours that I am stockpiling to begin making! I have a daughter named Natalie that we call "nat" and I MUST make one for her!! Your talent is absolutely breathtaking - we all love it and my granddaughter has picked her pattern for me to make for her!! I think I will teacher HER how to make them!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent with us all!Teri Dingler

Nat I entered the giveaway and hope it is ok that I borrowed the picture to show the prize. But I just looked at the post below the giveaway one and chuckled at the similarities to flat Nat and flat Cat.......maybe I need to start sketching.....LOL. Most unlikely. I am not artistic in the pen to paper department.
But it may give you a chuckle to see an animal flat ???

I can't wait to have my own Flat Nat. I have a trip planned for her in September! Now I just need the pattern! I think Flat Nat will be taking over the Travelocity gnome!

Brilliant....now to find out where I can get hold of her.

He he... she is so very sweet. Congratulations on your new pattern!

Do any shops have it yet? It looks like so much fun. I can't wait.

Oh I was hoping Flat Nat would become a pattern! Can't wait to be able to get one! Thanks for such a cute idea!

oh Nat, 'Flat Nat' is so darn cute and a must to make and I will definately be making a few for overseas freinds...
Hugs Dawn x x x

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