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I really appreciate the blog since the first time do I saw it. Now they have reached another milestone which lead us to report about it, and I think it's a great new... as the content of the text.

I agree with you totally. Please write more.

Appreciate your inforamtion. It is just too greeeeat!

I am intrigued, I presume you are an expert on this topic. I am subscribing to your future updates from now on.

Now I could see my kitchen full of sweater-wearing fruit, decorated with bunting with a granny square rug placed on the couch. All made in Amanda's woodland colors.

Thank you for sharing it which make me more confidence on my stand.

I love the apple cozy! all the colors on you blog are so pretty.

Love all the pics, but I had to track down the pattern for those woodland granny squares...they are divine!

I'm a hooker and proud of it! And I loved all the eye candy! Thanks!


VRAIMENT TRES ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!il fallait y penser......tu as de superbes idées ...bravo

Wow, thanks so much for your post about my apple cozy! It really is fun to dress your fruit, didn'tcha know?

Oh Nat....I just read your post and how nice of you to share my granny squares! Thank you for your kind words and sharing those divine pics...love the apple warmer!!!! So I expect that in your next post you are going to share your own creation with crochet hook and yarn? Just go for it girl...and keep an eye on Happy Zombies blog this week...she has her own crocheted bliss to share too!

Wow gonna check these links out.....i brought a hook and a book to learn crochet and couldnt...so book myself on a four week course and am slowly getting their.

Oh now those are cute! I have crocheted on and off most of my life and have recently gotten hooked back in with some of the new books coming out! Love the colors and I may have to try that tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

What great colours! And what a wonderfully modern take on an old(er) art form. Thanks for sharing!

oh that apple wearing a sweater is just too cute! Absolutely genious!

Wow - I would LOVE to learn how to crochet, but the last time I tried to do it I just couldn't get it...

LOVE the pictures - great colours


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