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I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

Glad to find this information. I have been searching in Google for long time.

She is beautiful! Lucky Monica indeed!

She looks gorgeous, please do count me in!

Poor Flat Nat and her mummy, I am sure she will be happy...

i think Flat Nat would love to visit Beautiful Alberta Canada! Love your site


Hopefully I'm not too late to enter

I know Flat Nat will have a glorious time in the USA, so don't worry. She needs lots of little friends to join her. Please enter me in your lovely giveaway.

OH, I would show Flat Nat some true Southern hospitality in South Carolina.

Farewell Flat Nat! I'm sure a cousin would like to visit country Queensland!

I'm new to your blog but am SO enjoying my visit!!! I think Flat Nat needs to come to Canada!

Oh cool! Just in under the wire! Flat Nat is a sweetie. Love having a chance in your drawing too.

OOOOOooo,how lovely that you put two patterns in the competition again!!!
I hope I win one!!!!
love from cold and rainy Holland,
Esther vd M

I would love to be entered in the drawing. Your designs are always so lively and endearing. Nat could wind up in Indiana, USA.

look great! would love a chance to win!

My beautiful Grand-daughter 19 year old Hannah has had do stay home from University this year because she has Fibromyalgia and Cronic Fatigue which has been so hard for her as she loves to study. she asked me to show her some embroidery stitches then bought 'Trudly Scrumptious' to help her cope with her illness and staying home. She recently completed the quilt top and it is so gorgeous, stitches so even and incredibly fine. Hannah would love Flat Nat and it would be such a surprise for her. Thanks so much for making 2 Flat Nats available for someone to cherish. "Gran"

I love "flat Nat" and I think she would love living in my hometown of Camperdown, where the winters are cold and the summers are hot.I hope I get to open a special parcel too!!

Ooo Im soooo sorry but it supposed to be the STYLE NOT Stale:( You will never be stale. English is My second language and the Google translator sometimes plays tricks Dotti from NZ

I just Love your patterns please dont change your stale :) Dotti from NZ

Love Flat Nat & so jealous she's going to live @ Monica's. Sigh.

Love your blog.....soo cute!!! Thanks for all the wonderful patterns you create!!!


Flat Nat is adorable - would love to win a pattern of her to make for my little princess

I would love to win a Flat Nat pattern. What a wonderful package for someone to receive.

Hi My Name is Natalie and I would Love to win a Flat Nat pattern! Pls, Pls, Pls.

Oh that little suitcase is just darling!
I'm sure Flat Nat will have a great time at Monica's..I know I would. I agree with you about her studio being amazing, from the photos I've seen anyway!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this gorgeous pattern!

hmmm I think Flat Nan needs to do a US tour sometime! I would love to show her the sights around Northwest Indiana!!! I would love to also give Flat Nan a cute red-head - Flat Laura - LOVE IT!!!

Natalie you are always so lovely!!!also Flat Nat!!!!!she´ll like visiting Brazil!!!!

i'm sure FN will be really happy in her new home with Monica!

Im sure Flat Nat will have a wonderful time in her new home! :)
I would love to win a Flat Nat pattern...I have a dear friend named Nat, & I would love to make it for her.

This is my first post EVER! Flat Nat was so cute! She would love to visit Montana! I could introduce her to my flat "ME" that I made to travel with my friend. I have photos of "me" from all over the world.

Love your flat nat! Years ago when I was a girl scout leader, my troop colored paper dolls that looked like them, along with a little note book, and we sent them to other troops...traveling. The girls loved seeing what their paper dolls did.

I also would love to own a Flat Nat pattern! Please enter me into your generous give-a-way!
Love your website and blog:)
Laura T

How exiting Flat Nat could be mine too...
Sylvia F:)

Just love your work! Would be great to add a Flat Nat to my collection of patterns.

I love all your work. Its just beautiful. I'm working on Creature Comforts right now and would love to also add Flat Nat to my collection.

Surely flat nat would like living in an English village--cottonreel

Flat Nat is wonderful. Monica is a lucky gal!! Please enter me in the drawing. Can't wait!!

Flat Nat is so adorable! I love your creativity :) I'd need to make up 4 of her in my home, I know all the girls in our family would love their own!

I liked Brenda's story from Texas.
I wonder what Flat Nat would look like with long hair. Maybe if she takes her hat off we'll find she has long hair.

Flat Nat is adorable. My daughter & her classmates, (many years ago) had a class project in which each child had to mail "Flat Stanley" to three people and the person receiving Flat Stanley had to take him along wherever they went. The receiver was kindly asked to take photographs with him, make a journal entry regarding their adventures with Flat Stanley, & mail the photos & journaling back to the school within an allotted time frame.

We're in Texas; well Flat Stanley traveled to Hawaii & Taiwan (one person kept Flat Stanley & we never heard back). He had quite the adventure and all of the children enjoyed learning about Flat Stanley's travels. Viewing wonderful photos of him with friends he made on his travels, and the journal entries were most treasured by the children. Their teacher put the photos & journal entries on poster board & displayed them in the cafeteria for the entire school to view, along with a world map. It was a wonderful project, one that my daughter treasured. I hope Flat Nat has a travel journal book with her so her host's document her adventures for you!
Brenda C.

I love your blog and am quite envious of your talent. I know Monica will take good care of flat Nat. What a joy to visit her sewing room.

My goodness what a surprise to open that package... might I be so lucky?

Oh Natalie i i would love flat nat to live at my house,what a unique idea she is,you are very clever,thankyou for this competition.

Oh oh - pick me pick me! (jumping up and down, waving my hands like the crazy woman I am)
I'd love to win a pattern - crossing everything I have here :)

Me encantan tus diseños!! Me gustaría poder tener uno en mi casa!!! Me anoto en tu sorteo.
Un beso!!

I love your designs! I wish I could have one in my house! I jot down in your drawing.
A kiss!

Wish Flat Nat was on her way to my house in the US, there are so many things to see here. Hoping one will make it to my house.


Hi Nat,
This design is lovely like all from you:) My new favorite is ms homegrown, but I would be happy with FN also:))

Flat Nat sounds wonderful she really needs to visit Adelaide hint hint....

My beautiful daughter is off to America for a school trip in September - and Flat Nat would be in her suitcase as a reminder of home and all things good. I'll miss her - but she'd be in great company!! Imagine the places she'd see...

I wonder if Flat Nat would allow me to borrow her hat and shoes for my 14-th wedding anniversary night next week.

Flat Nat would love it at my place and I would take her with me on my trips so she could see the rest of Europe. She's so welcome!!!!!!

I love your work and I'd like to win one of your pattern.
Your s sincerely, Sylvianne

Flat Nat would really enjoy a visit to sunny northern California. If she can't make it, I would love to have my very own pattern. Thank you for sharing Flat Nat with us!

She is invited to visit my home in Canada!!

I love your designs,you give me inspiration every time I visit you here.

Flat Nat is so cute, I would love to win the pattern.

Hi - I am new to your website and just love the work you are doing. Thanks for sharing and I would love to have my very own Flat Nat.

I would love to own a Flat Nat pattern so that I could have a Flat Nat of my very own! I would take her everywhere!

She is super cute! Love the pattern!

Oi!!! Este Flat Net é a cara do meu Brasil, pais tropical de muitas cores.
Seu trabalho maravilho...Parabénsssssss!!!
Bj Suely

Oooo, I'd love to give a wee Flat Nat (pattern) a very comfy home here in NZ. xx miche'le

Loved Flat Nat. Glad you made her into a pattern. I'm waiting for it to appear in my fav shop and then will make her in wool. I live in the north and winter is comming.

Flat Nat is so adorable...would love to win one of those patterns.

I'm more of a crosstitcher, but am just starting to get into embroidery. I'd just love to stitch her!

A Flat Nat pattern would be fun! Thanks for the chance!

I am so glad Flat Nat is coming to the US. Wish she was on her way to my house. Maybe I will be lucky and win. Thanks for sharing.

Natalie, I hope flat Nat has a safe journey! Having said that I hope I win a pattern for her. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed.

Such a lovely lady! Come visit my house! You can enjoy our apple trees!

i love flat nat also. Have you considered makig a fabric story book about her? a quick 8 page including cover book, with a little story. It would be so cute.

Oh I'd love to make a Flat Nat... do you think she'll be happy with a clone?! :-)

Good luck with the competition! Lucky Monica and lucky FN!

Warm wishes! Vikki :-)

Send Fruchocs. A frog cake would probably get squashed and a FU Iced Coffee would probably go off. Could could send a Crows or Power beanie, but my preference go the Fruchocs.

How lucky is she to be travelling to America,what an adventure. Hope one will make it to my house.

Aloha and Safe Travels, Flat Nat. Hawaii is on your way and our door is always open.... Hugs. Sara A.

Oh I definitely think Flat Nat needs to visit Texas! Does she have boots & a hat? If not, I'll be sure to make some for her - let me know!

I hope Flat Nat doesn't get too homesick! I'm sure she will enjoy her trip and meets heaps of people - she is just so adorable.

Dear Flat Nat, Enjoy your new adventure, but pretty please stop off at my place on the way home..............

I would like very musch to get the gift to my home in Denmark.
Yours sincerely kirsten.

I would like Flat Nat to come and live with me in my Bear Cave. I would take her on my travels around the state, If only.

Flat Nat is adorable!

I love your designs :) Happy journey to Flat Nat, it will be splendid!!!

Several years ago when my cousin was reading Flat Stanley, she made a Flat Megan and I took her on an adventure to Minnesota and photographed her and bought post cards to send back to her school. It was so much fun. I would love a pattern to create Flat Nat and take her on adventures with me.

I love your work! Thanks for the sweet giveaway! Please call me in :o)

I know the Happy Zombie will make a great home for Flat Nat! All that bright, fun color!! She'd be happy here too, I don't think she'd mind how hot it's been either. We'd have some fun times together!!

Love, love, love this pattern. How could you let her go!!!
Crossing my fingers to win--oh, well, if not I can always buy the pattern. Love all your patterns!

Where have you been hiding?
I just discovered your blog and I just adore the fresh designs of your embroidery. They are at the same time naif but also very delicate. Sweet colors!. I have added you to my Google Reader and can't to browse through all your creations!

I just discovered your blog and adorable patterns this week. Please consider me to win a free pattern. I haven't seen anything like it before. Too cute!

Flat Nat is so adorable! She wants to live with me, I just know it! :)

Love your blog and love following Flat Nat's adventures. Would love to have a copy of the pattern for myself to send her on a few more.

I will L.O.V.E. to win a Flat Nat pattern. She will be so happy in Costa Rica...

Hey Flat Nat! Don't forget to drop by on your way for some tea and fairy bread.

I think Flat Nat would love to come to Sweden:o)

Hi. Flat Nat are sooo welcome to stay with me in Norway. ;-)

Hi. i would love to take care of Flat Nat. ,-)

Flat Nat is certainly whizzing around the place - wish I could be packed in her luggage too. I just luv all your patterns.

Flat Nat is all growed up :-P wont she have so much fun in amazing USA...

flat nat can come and visit me, she is so cute.

Would love to welcome Flat Nat.

Go well Flat Nat, enjoy your journey, the world is your oyster. xoxo

How exciting for flat Nat. Wish it was that easy for us to travel. She is very special and would love to win a pattern.

Flat Nat would just love to see some snow, so please draw my name and we will visit Father Christmas in Korvatunturi (Finland) together.

I wonder where I could send a 'flat nat' if I was lucky enough to win??!!

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