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Well, another blogger already posted a topic like this.-..`’

Hermoso bordado, gracias por compartir.

Oh dear - please be aware that you are not alone with losing your car in the car park....

No tutorial for the moment Mhairi, this design is part of a collection that won't be released for a little while so I can't show & tell much more. - Thanks Natalie

Hi Natalie,
could you include a tutorial or even a bit more about your bag tags please. They look great and I am trying to work out how to make some. Thanks

Having just bought the flat nat pattern I was thinking about a flat nat swap. sew a flat nat with just one thing in the suitcase that represents me but with extra "pages" so the people she meets can add something to her suitcase when she arrives then when she comes home you could see where she had been. Not sure how to organise it but would love to be involved.
Sort of like the book Felix's letters - a favourite from childhood.

congratulations Sandra and WOOHOO May!!! If Flat Nat ever decides to visiting and wants to visit Missouri, I'll take her to visit my quilt guild, and to the capital to have her picture taken!! and if it's the right weekend maybe even take her picture the St Louis Arch!!

I know what you mean about IKEA. It can be a day long trip if you let it. My husband knows that store inside and out. Now I'm going to have to go over there and get one of those paper holders, it would be perfect for a roll of freezer paper.

Your sneeky peeks look divine and I love your Ikea story...that's hilarious!!!

That's so funny as we had the same problem when we went to Ikea at Rhodes (Sydney)went out the exit and there was only stairs and we had a trolley, so after going the long way around had no idea what direction the car was

Thank you for sending Flat Nat to Norway.
Your experience at IKEA made me laugh. All my friends know that bringing me with them to Ikea is a very fun happening. Because they know how much I "hate" it and react on all the people and stress there LOL They say I get a desperat look in my eyes.

Well done winners. Love the bag labels and sneeky peeps at bits n bobs'.
My first husband was always changing cars, so it was no suprise for me to come out of the supermarket one day to think our car had been stolen!! No it wasn't... I had just forgotten we and ANOTHER new car, it can do your head in though.

Congratulations to the winners.... I would LOVE to see them made up and sent to my address lol..

Natalie... how many times have I walk out in the car park to forget where I had park the car too....

LOVE the new projects coming up...

Sandy N

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