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What a great way to convey the best days!

What a lovely post and those little pinkies would turn anyone to mush...right tho they dont stay like that for long.

I think those are the best sort of days....enjoy them all you can...my sons are 29 and 30 and live 150 miles away...I always drop what I'm doing if there's a chance to play with them!!

We just love your patterns at our store.

These days are precious - enjoy!

ooooh.... so cute! And you are a wonderful mom who has already learned a very important lesson - that they grow up too quickly and these are the memories you will cherish - keep doing just what you are doing and you will have no regrets when she is an adult and you all will have filled the scrapbooks of your hearts with wonderful memories! xoxo Bari

Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and have as many moments as you can. They all go together to form a beautiful childhood :)
Always remembered with love...

All makes perfect sense to me. ;-)

Love those little toes - as in a wink of an eye they will be pushed into shoes that you probably won't approve of and taking their owner out the door to meet some far horizon... Lovely, lovely photos - they made me smile too!!!

Aw! That post nearly made me cry! Especially the part about the toes... As my first baby now has bigger toes than my own. Hang on to every single moment! They are gone so fast!


Great pics! Your little one gets cuter each time we see new pictures! Those toes are just delicious looking too! Can you imagine being able to sit in a chair and bring your foot that close to your face? I sure can't!


Beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. My boys are 10 and 8, and their feet are not so small anymore. Though they are still young and innocent and so full of hope and possibility. I cherish each and every day with them. Your little girl is simply adorable. Thank you for sharing her pictures with us.

Enjoy every moment Natalie! And I hope you have the wisdom to never think "I should be...". Everything else can wait!

Fantastic photo's - wonderful memories to keep and so glad you shared :) hugs Jx

These are so sweet moments of life ! and very precious !! Thanks for sharing !

Enjoy these moments, my oldest is 42 and his toes aren't so cute anymore ;-))


bunnies make me smile too :)

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