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Hi Natalie, I can't wait to see what you are going to do with this lot...

Beautiful fabrics....I'll take one of each!

it makes my heart beat faster too...I can almost feel the fabrics!!

you are sooo lucky to have them delivered right to your door step.

Hi girls (and guys - not to be biased :)
The fabrics in the picture are from three new fabric ranges set to launch in October....Flower Sugar by Lecien / Sweet Broderie by Rosalie Quinlan for Lecien and Where the Wind Blows by Melly & Me for Creative Abundance. Will show you more soon - promise

Oh my! So pretty!

where do I find the fabric, I found a site to order a few things here in the usa. I'm excited, but not sure where to find the fabric.. thanks so much beth

Hello :)
I am new to your blog and us in LOOOVE with your patterns!! I homechool and my daughter Sarah who is 9 wants to learn how to sew I can't wait! We live in the states and I was wondering if you have a master list of all your patterns with pictures that are for sale? There are so many but I am having a hard time finding them on the sites listed here in the US. Can I buy them from you directly or a shop near you? We have a wish list of oohh so many and I would love to let her pick some to do as samplers to hang in her room. Thank you for sharing your talents with us :)
Blessings, Dawn

mon DIEU...je reve!!!!!!!!j'irai jusqu'en australie a pied pour avoir tous ces tissus!!!!!!j'adore!!!!!!!et en plus ce sont des colories qui me plaisent!!!!!!!
bon travail Nathalie....

Beautiful fabrics indeed :-)

I am SO JEALOUS! AHHH SO JEALOUS!!! You will be have so much fun. Great colors. Happy Sewing

Fabric envy!!

So many lovely words come to my mind. I wish the quilt fairy would come and visit me!

Ooohhh, i am so excited to see what will blossom....just delicious...mmm mmm

Mmmmmmm ..... GAWJUS!!!!!!!!
Joy :o)


You are soooooo lucky, you got some of Rosalies new fabric, isn't it just YUMMY?

Oh- great photos of beautifull fabrics ;-)

Wow ... A dream !!

Oh, what a delightful honor to have these already.

A vision of happiness !!!

wow, this is a paradise!!!

Yum..... Rosalie new line is too cute...


Oh my, what happy pictures!


Gorgeous stacks! Is that Rosalie's Sweet Broaderie?

WOWEE you lucky girl - gorgeous x 10000. Have fun stitching...
x Janelle

I think I need to print those photos and hang them in my sewing room!

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