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Natalie I am just wondering if you have a photo of the finished quilt you made out of Tweet Tweet, I'd love to see it.

You know even though I like all things stitching and quilt related sometimes I just crave to do a certain thing. During the day I love to cut up and use my sewing machine. After tea I like to hand sew and stitch. Whenever I mess with the system I invariably stitch something on the wrong way and have to unpick it. I do dislike unpicking!

Hi Natalie! Just received your Sublime Season pattern ans as the fabric line of Celebrations is almost finished everywehre I decided to make it with old and new Flower Sugar fabrics. It is a littel brighter this way than the original, but seeing your Flat nat pattern pics made me convident this would look lovely to with Flower Sugar fabrics. Just need to look to the right colors of embroidery floss to give it a start! Thanks for you great work I just especially love your lovely birds! Have a great week!

Flat Nat's having a grand time in my studio. She sits at the edge of my ironing area... watching over me and smiling at me. She's such a good luck charm too... I've burned not one thing, nor has my iron spit. Flat Nat... not just for traveling!

Cute cute cute!! Have fun at Quilt Market!

Flat Nat is the sweetest thing ever! Everything about her is perfect! I want one too! Still trying to locate your patterns or book.

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