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Went out to buy this as soon as I saw your post. Pity you can't get a commission from the publisher for every magazine you sell. I love your designs and can't wait to use them but I have to finish Snowballs first. Keep up the beautiful work I love your patterns and the ease with which they become such lovely items.

I'll be grabbing a copy today if I can. With 2 little boys who share a bedroom, this will make a perfect 'something' to hang on their empty wall. So cute!
BTW what line of fabric did you use? Its lovely!

Oh my gosh, I love that so much!!!!

Congratulations, it looks great!

Hi Natalie,

I am so glad to see cute kids patterns from you! I love the sailboat! This will be great for my little boy!
Thank you for your work!

Very cute Nat! It is nice to see now that we are getting some reallynice designs for little boys. There was not much around for boys when mine were little. Well off to more sewing!

I heart it!!! I hearted it since you gave us the sneek peak, but I belived you was stitching only for a friend's baby, and then I forgot it. I love it! This is the time to learn to order by the web! Bravo! Bravo!

I just picked up my copy and was SO amazed by your beautiful projects. Such a great idea for baby keepsakes.

wow, I love your work, it's so cute and so tasteful.

Lovely !!! I am impatiently going to watch for my issue !

Wow Natalie.... just too cute. You clever lady..


really lovely! I have finished stitching one of your projects from an older Homespun, I will post a photo of it on my blog when I have finished it.

the perfect gift for a baby boy's room! You are ever so clever.

Love that you've got some boys patterns! do you have plans to design more boys stuff?? It's super cute!

So cute!!!

do you needle turn your applique pieces down and then do your embroidery stitches on them (the blanket stitch) or do you fuse the pieces down and then embroidery - you have lovely pieces and one day I will get some of your patterns I think.

Absolutely adorable! You do great work.

I have never left a comment on anyones blog before but this design is awesome & i just had to tell you! I love it to bits, congratulations you are very talented.


I LOVE IT!!!!!! Gotta get my hands on that magazine!!
I finally got my order placed Natalie!! YIPPEE. Thank you for the help.

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