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Sky Cam? What a cool thought...can't wait to hear about all your adventures...sounds like it was an amazing trip!

What- sky cam? who knew?! I fly out next Wed for my first trip to America and I loved reading about your trip. Thanks x

So glad you are home safe & had a great time, brings back awesome memories. Love the photos. So looking forward to hearing more about your adventure. See you at Quilt Fair.

What a cute post Natalie!!! And yes we sure do love our American Flag here. We have it flying everywhere. And we love us some naked juice. lolol
You looked like you belonged on that red carpet by the way.

so happy you made it back home safely and you had a great time in the usa... what fun... and that flat nat drinking naked...whoa... she is a frisky one....
take care can not wait to hear some more stories and who you met along the way...

Love the sky cam. Will check it out next time I fly. The lift/elevator is impressive. Love the red carpet, instant fame. Your pictures are awesome. Never heard of naked. Must be an American thing. We don't have it in Europe, as far as I know. Thanks for sharing looking forward to your next post.

Flat Nat was Naked??? If only I had known, I would have had words with her! You guys are so funny -- Kellie and Jan were making fun of our big flags too. I guess we're so used to them we barely even notice anymore. I also gave them some tootsie rolls -- I got one "ok" and another thumbs up. I hope you like them -- I LOVE them! ;-) It was SO fun to meet you -- you were one of the highlights of my trip!!!

Your pics are Amazing..Big is an Understatment..and that Red Carpet.Phew!
Glad you arrived home safe & sound & THS looking forward to the next post.

Wonderful pictures! The sky cam photo is very cool, since I don't fly at all, I wasn't aware of such a thing but I thought I could see you waving at us from there over the wing, *wink*. Looks like it will take the 'Nat' a while to finish that drink so you go enjoy your Tootsie Roll...hope you got some Tootsie Roll Pops...I don't eat a lot of candy especially chocolate but I love keeping the Tootsie Pops in sewing area. Finishing off the lollipop portion of the 'Pop' and reaching the chocolate center is my favorite part, even though I'm not real fond of chocolate candy. Oh, but put a chocolate cake, brownie or bowl of pudding in front of me and I turn into a regular pig!!! Can't wait for more photos and stories about your visit (and the 'Nat' too). I've got to get some Flat Nat patterns ordered, they are just too wonderful to pass up!!! Hugs...

Yay!!! You are nearly all back. I am very excited to hear all your stories.

Glad you made it home safely. I love the tail cam on the A380; great for watching your approach to US land as the sun is rising.

Natalie... Wow great pictures. It must have been so much fun.


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