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Hi Melissa, I made the bags 19in x 14in or about half the size of standard size pillow case. Great size for lots of things after Christmas - pj bag, toy bag, library bag! enjoy

Hi Natalie, I love the santa bags that you made! The fabric is so gorgeous and colourful. What size did you make your bags? Happy New Year to you!

Hi Nancy - the mini gnoma claus is actually the print on the fabric, it is very sweet! If you click on the link swatchimicallit (in the blog post) you will see a swatch of all the fabrics in the Holiday Happy line. Merry Christmas xo

Natalie, your Christmas story is so delightful. It is truly sad that Pop missed Santa every year because of those pesky kids getting into the playground, but really wonderful that Santa at least wore the same aftershave! Maybe...just maybe Santa did that because he was very wise and new the little ones wouldn't be afraid of him if he smelled like someone they loved, huh? I love the drawstring bags, they are totally adorable and really bright and beautiful. I have a question for you though...it's about the mini gnoma-claus inside the bag. Is that a family tradition or a tradition in Australia? I love it!!! Hugs...

Beautiful Memories Natalie and So Glad to see you are Keeping the Tradition for the Next Generation...Pretty Bags..
Happy Xmas.

What a lovely Christmas story. So sweet.

Look at the wonderful new Christmas memories you're creating for this next generation!!! I'm sure you're gonna have a fabulous Christmas with Isabella this year!!
Take care ...
Joy :o)

Lovely story. Brought a smile to my face. Those fabrics are gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you & your family. Hugs

I think I want to print out your story! It's soooo sweet and happy! And I'm just beside myself with joy that a little bit o me is part of the continuing tradition. I heart you so much, Nat!!

Natalie... How cute. What a great idea. LOVE the colours.

Enjoy your Christmas.



Oh, Natalie, what a sweet and wonderful Christmas you had as a child. Love the colours of the fabric too. I'm going to check them out. Happy Christmas to you and your family, Natalie. Blessings for a sweet and safe holiday season.

Love that story!fancy Santa having the same aftershave as poppa!

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