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too funny! It's always what you least expect.

So cute!

ooo I can see how she mistook it for something to eat. It does look very familiar to a piece of white chocolate. Yum Yum.

Lovely !!!! LOL

This reminded me of our youngest son (now 26) who would eat Nerf balls, flip flops, etc. when he was little. LOL

Ick! I think you should leave some chocolate around so she can get a taste of something really good! Then maybe she'll leave your erasers alone! Can't believe she is already 2! Wasn't she just born a few months ago?


Glad to make you smile girls. Oh I should have popped a disclaimer on the bottom - "No eraser was eaten during the making of this blog post. Just a trail left behind like Hansel and Gretel crumbs." x

Too cute! I'm surprised she tried more than one bite. (Ooops, someone already said that!)

That's so funny. I hope it doesn't upset her stomach!

What a great post :-)
Thank for bringing the smile back to my face.

I'm as long as your daughter is OK after her experience, as for your eraser...

Have a wonderful day.

Oh how funny is that. I must admit it does look like chocolate. I would have done it too...


yummy! (not!)

Oh my! teeth marks! I'm surprised she went back for a second bite or two!

oops oh dear better hope she didnt decide it tasted yummy or you will be a house with no erasers

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