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Thank you so much for this tutorial!! It's the first time I've seen a Flying Geese Tutorial, where I feel that it is something I can do. Great pics, easy directions. Thank you!! x

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WOW. This... is... brilliant. I have to try this today. I am in awe.
Who knew that this could possibly be so easy? A dear friend of mine was coaching a small group of us gals in quilting last winter and she did all of her blocks "old school". I gave up on my first quilt because there were WAY too many steps to make a simple block but this is a revolutionary revelation. Thank you!

This is fabulous! I always avoided them because of fabric wastage. Thank you!

This is the greatest thing! Thanks so much for the tutorial. :)

Oh My Gosh! I love that! I would honestly have never even considered doing flying geese.That looks like fun!

Thanks for this tutorial!! It's seems simple and quick to do! :)

Thanks for making flying geese easy! They are so popular. I love your blog old and new.

I do not speak English. I am using a translator to write you. want you to know that I love your work with fabrics. want you to meet my flickr:
www.flickr.com / photos / divania_nogueira
I'll be happy with your visit.
Thank you so much!
Hugs from Brazil.

Natalie!!! Wow this is sooo awesome. Love the little Flower Sugar geese too. Thank you so, so much.

Cool technique! Can anyone do the math to size it down to be used with charm squares of 5" instead of 5 1/2"? What would the smaller squares measure in that case?

Wow!!! I love flying geese & you've just made them so easy:)Thank you for sharing

That is brilliant!! I have a pattern that uses flying geese and that is the technique I am going to try!!! Thankyou for sharing it!

Great tute - thank you!
Love the new look too :)

what a cool way to put flying geese together! thanks for a great tutorial on it.

That is AWESOME! I am working on a project right now and someone sent me your site to check out for these....I am going to do it!
Thank you!!!!

your new blog layout is darling!
the pictures in the header look a bit off so i assume it is unintentionally...in case you didn't know (and are using something like photoshop/elements to create the header): if you want to align the clipping masks (or any other element) you can define the size of the shape you choose (pse: by right-clicking on the shape symbol at the top) and then align them with help of the grid...
just love your snowballs... pattern...sigh...i wish i had more time for stitching :)

I've never seen this technique thank you for sharing it.

Your site looks great, but no picture of you! Guess I can't talk...I've never had my picture on mine!

Love this tutorial! Anything that requires triangles sewn to triangles has always scared me, but I can handle squares to squares and then chop chop and re-sew! Thanks so much for sharing this!


Love it...going to give this a try today!

This is great it is so easy and you get more blocks and spend less the time on it . So much easer then some of the others I have tryed. Thanks I am glad I found your blog. Keep up the good work.

Sweet! I have always hated Flying Geese, but this is pure genius!

Just ordered your darling Snowballs for Christmas and am thrilled with this clear, easy tutorial for flying geese. Thank you!

Hi Natalie,

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I love flying geese but think they are such a pain to build. I will definitely try your method.

The little piece at the top of the post is absolutely precious!

Great post! Thanks :)

Stinkin' heck! That's just awesome. :)

Alrighty then, now I get it :) Definitely going on my list of techniques to try. Thanks.

Wow! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing;)

Great Tutorial. Must have a go at making some :-)

Great ! Thanks a lot for this tutorial, Natalie !
Hugs from France,

That's great, always thought flying geese looked a little fiddly but will have to try some enmasse now. The blog looks great though I do miss the little Tail Feathers birds. xx

Fantastic!!What a great way. Love the new look, it's a great feeling to have a sort out, whether it's your linen cupboard or your blog.

I like the new site that you have! Looking forward to seeing many more great things on your blog.

Thank you so much Natalie, for sharing this wonderful tutorial on flying geese. The new banner and buttons are great!
Happy stitching, P

Hi Natalie,

Love the new banner will have to get back to stitching my Snowballs so I can do my geese.

Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us all.


What a helpful and supereasy tutorial! I have always been scared of flying geese, I will try this technique today.
Thanks a lot!

Yep Sarah, so much fun that way - love it. What ever did I do before? Oh that's right, I avoided them...

Yep that's how I make geese. Isn't it awesome?

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