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I love Woodland Fairies and I love you. AND HOW CUTE IS THAT PHOTO OF YOU!!!

It's SEW Cute!!! Thank you so much for the freebie adorable goodness : )

pink and green mama,

I can't imagine anything being cuter than these wee beauties! I can't wait to start stitching. I'll be linking on Facebook. Thanks :)

Merci pour ce trés joli modéle . A bientot

Thanks Kayly, I have used white hanky linen for this particular design. You can use many different fabrics but it is best to use something light enough to see through so the image can be traced on to the fabric. I also love using solid cottons (white or off white) like those available from Moda. Enjoy stitching!

Hi girls, you have to click the link in the blog post that says 'Lecien USA' the click the button under the pattern that says 'download pattern' I think you will need Adobe Acrobat on your computer to open the file. Most people seem to be able to open the file successfully so unsure why a few can't? - Natalie

coucou - impossible de trouver les merveilleuses fées....serait-il possible de les avoir autrement ????
merci d'avance

que ces petites fées sont belles. Autant que leur créatrice !! Mais je ne peux hélas télécharger le modèle. Je vois qu'il n'y a pas que moi. Que faire ? Cordialement. Geneviève

Ohhh! so lovely!!
Thank you for this nice pattern!
It is realy lovely from you to offer it to us!


This is so beautiful!! I love the faerie patterns... (Faeries and sewing are two of my favorite things!)

Thanks so much,
Auntie M

Merci beaucoup!!!!

Ok, soon as I posted I went back and refreshed and it was there. YAY. I have downloaded it and can't wait to get started. Just a couple of projects to finish first. Some gifts for Qld flood victim embroiderers (my embroidery group are making up some care packages)and then I will have to try this.
I LOVE IT. Thank you so much for such a generous free pattern - I will be sure to let the girls at embroidery know where it came from as I am sure I am not the only one who will be in love with it. THANKS Jodi

Hi Natalie,
I followed your link to the Lecien Free patterns page but couldn't find your adorable fairies. I am just dying to stitch them for my little daughter. They are beautiful. They look like they are just dancing and flying accross the fabric.

Hi Lynn, I have not heard of any problems as yet but I will send it to you via email! have a great night - Natalie.

Natalie what a lovely pattern I have tried to download it but it comes up the file is damaged and cannot be repaired. Has any one else had this problem. Take care and keep up with all your lovely designs, Lynn

c'est superbe!!!!!!et toi tu es drolement jolie!!!!!!!!

Thank you, and I even wrote to quilters store to see if they have the threads you mention.

Congratulations Natalie...another gorgeous design! The fairies look like they really are moving around on the fabric...stunning work!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Perfect excuse for to buy Cosmo threads :-)


Hi Natalie! :-)

WOW - this design is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I am definitely stitching this one!!! I bet Lecien has sold heaps of Flower Sugar (one of my favourite lines) and Cosmo has employed a whole heap more people to manufacture thread, since you've had your faeries on display!!!!


Warm wishes!! Vikki :-)

Thanks for all the thank-you's everyone - thyey make me smile. I am looking forward to seeing some Woodland Fairies popping up around the globe. Cheers, Nat x

Thank you for the free download of your lovely Fairies. They are beautiful.Have started it for my Grandaughter. Your generosity is sooo appreciated. Thanks Natalie .

Thank you for the link to your beautiful pattern.
I was wondering what fabric you use for your embroidery and if you have a preference for a particular weight or brand.

Thank you! It is soooo adorable!

Thank you so much, it's a wonderful pattern

Natalie they are gorgeous thank you so much

Merci beaucoup!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Natalie that is so cute must go and print out the pattern.

your work is so cute, sweet, funny and inspiring, neat fun for you, congrats on another great pattern.

Natalie, thank you so much - this pattern is precious!

Your patterns are the reason I wanted to start embroidery (used to cross stitch, now I quilt) and this new pattern is adorable!! Thank you !!

Such a cute project! Guess I'll have to make this one soon :o)
Happy sewing,

Hi Natalie! Too cute. I was one of the lucky ones to see it live at market (you probably don't remember me but we met in Elizabeth Scott's booth and I was gushing over Flat Nat. Anyhow, I've been waiting for you to introduce these pretty little girls to the world.

Thank you, I love them :)

I've downloaded myself a pattern, your fairies are just too sweet!

Simply amazing!!! :)

Hi Natalie, Thank you for the lovely pattern. Very pretty. Love it!

This is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you sooooooooo much ! I can't wait stitching them, they are so cute.
Love from France.

Natalie...you are sooo generous!
I have always loved your light and airy fairies and now I get a pattern for free...I am soo lucky!
Thank you for your goodness!

Thanks Natalie!!

I have downloaded and added to my stack of Cinderberry to stitch. Recently received my Owly Squishy and Love It!! I have four grandchildren (oldest just turned 4) and there will be MUCH fighting over the blankie. I admire your work very much-have a good day.

WHAT??? It's a free download!?! How amazing. This would be the most incredible baby girl gift. Thank you for yet another stunning design. I wish I could spend an hour watching you sketch.

Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! These little fairies are too sweet !

I am in love with Lecein. Completely. And with stitching. More completely. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie...you are amazing. I stumbled across this pattern on Lecien Japan accidentally...and knew I had to stitch it. Seeing it again makes me want to start straight away. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Thanks so much! Very very darling!

That is so cute! I immediately downloaded mine! Thank you so much!

Oh Natalie! I missed that at market -- boohoo! They're ADORABLE!!!

It's Gorgeous Nat & goes Beautifully with the Sugar Fabrics...

Thank you so much for offering this pattern for free-- it's so pretty!


Downloaded. Thanks can't wait to make a little quilt for Flat Nat to snuggle with. I love this so much. It is super cute and so lovely, you are amazing. Thanks again

wow thats so cute!

oohh! thank you so much!!! they're so cute!! :)

Ooooo Pretties!!!! and free pretties are even better ;)
Well done!

Wow, thanks Natalie, the design is beautiful! xx

Very, very, very nice girls!!! :)

Too cute! Heading over download now!

Those are the cutest Fairies! I'm rushing over to Lecien to download. Hugs Ullis in Sweden

Happy stitching girls x

They are so cute! Going to download now too!

This is so beautiful! Can't wait to stitch it!

Ooooh your little fairy peeps are darling!!! Thanks so much for the link Nat ... I'm off to download mine :o).
Joy ;o)

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