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My mother-in-law made this for years in her Sunday School class. She would give each child a little ball and let them knead the color into it. You can color it with kool-aide, but the smell makes the temptation to eat the claydough even greater. Add a little peppermint oil to extend the life of your claydough.

Oh, such memories! My babies are 40 and 38 and I used to make play dough for them!!!

This sounds like great fun! My kids used to love Play Doh but I never made it from scratch! Thanks for the recipe! We have new little ones in our lives and this will be wonderful! Love your blog! :O) Bari

I remember my Mom making this for me when I was a little girl and I had so much fun with it. The other good thing is that if your little one eats it, it won't hurt them.

I'm sure Izzy will grow up with a wonderful sense of colour with her mum making the playdoh. The colours in that stack would look fabulous in fabric.

Ah, the pre-school years. It sometimes felt like an eternity from breakfast to bedtime, but the years disappeared way too fast. Enjoy!

I heart warm, freshly made playdough! I got a recipe from my babes playgroup years ago and we had hours of fun play with it!

This is the exact same recipe that my mom used with me and that I used with my kids........I love that.........we still occasionally make some when entertaining little ones, but my teenagers still love to play with it too.........thanks for the memory this am


Thank you for the Playdough recipe!!!

very, very cool idea!!!Thanx!:)

You just brought back a lot of memories of when the grandchildren were small. They would be at the house and we would make this and play, play play!! Now they are all grown up. Thanks for the memories!

Never knew you could make it yourself! My daughter is 24 now and became ill when using DAS clay when she was little. So we had to look for non toxic clay. Wish I knew this before. Well, when/if we have grandchildren I will make this. And my daughter and daughter in law work with children, they will love this recipe!!! Thank you!!

Perfect timing! I was just thinking today that I needed to look up how to make playdoh because I want some. I've never made the cooked up sort though... will be a new experience.

I used to add pink glitter for my daughter and we stored it in and old milk formula tin. Also I found I never worried about made playdough ending up on the carpet as it dried and then I just hoovered it up. Not like the shop stuff that seems to embed itself in the carpet.

Playdough is fantastic stuff, unless you have carpet under your dining table.....My kids haven't played with it lately for that reason, maybe I can set them up with it outside!
On an unrelated note, your site is beautiful, I love it and visit often. Your watercolour mermaid inspired my 8 year old to have a go at drawing one, and my 6 year old spent a couple of hours trying to copy your gorgeous mice. They have been drawing a lot more since then too! Thank you.

A tip from an early years teacher - cook it slowly in the microwave a few minutes at a time in an old plastic container. Add some essential oils.


I love playdough recipes and this is the one I use that is no cook and I use with my Kindergarten class.
1 1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup salt
2 tsp cream of tartar
2 Tblsp oil
1 3/4 cups boiling water

Mix dry ingredients
Add oil, stir.
Add boiling water
Stir, then knead well.
If adding colour add while you are kneading the mix.
You can also add glitter.

To store - wrap in cling wrap and store in an air-tight container. If not using for a couple of days store in the fridge. This lasts about 3 months if only used occasionally or two weeks in the Kindergarten.

My kids loved homemade play-dough! I remember it so well! Thanks for the memory!

Playdough rules!
The adult fun part is try to create different colours from the little bottles. I once made a very nice purple.
The red in the Queen Rainbow Colours tends to come out as pink. Queen also make (in a separate bottle) 'Pillar Box Red'. It produces a bright red.
On a day when you can play too, I recommend a large flattish container with sides with cornflour and a little water. Have a try. It provides the oddest of touch sensations. Colour or glitter can also be added to give a different experience.
Also cold spaghetti and a pair of tongs will give those little hands a gross and fine motor skills workout.
Can't you just tell I once worked as a Teacher's Aide.

I made a ton of playdough when my kids were little. They loved to play with the stuff!

You will Sharon!! just wait and see :) and yes you must Sandy, go make yourself some - I won't tell anyone.


My kids are too old now for playdough... but I should make some for me!!!

Love the colours.


IF I ever get grandkids I'll be coming back to your blog for that recipe. Love the pretty colors.

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