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Hi, As always 2 new lovley patterns. I am expecting my first granddauther and I would love to win a pattern. Hugs from Norway

maybe i am to late but i like your give away

Have a nice day
Connie Aben

I love to stitch girly things for 3 grandgirls. Love the Bella Babushka

Dear Natalie, thank you for offering us such sweet patterns. As a Brazilian I adore the sunny and bright days we have here.
I would be so happy to get them.

Sou do Brazil, amei sua homepage, que trabalhos deliciosos você faz. Espero aprender um pouco mais aqui. Paula

I'm from Brazil, I loved your homepage, delicious work you do. I hope to learn a little more here. Paula

Any day is a good stitching day...even better when I can stitch with friends. I just bought 3 of your patterns (Tail Feathers, Raspberry Cream and Creature Comforts) from a shop in Tennessee USA...luv them and I would be thrilled if I could add Girls and Dolls and Sail Away to my Cinderberry pattern collection. My grandpeeps would luv them. Thanks for the chance to win..hugs from Michigan USA.

What gorgeous patterns. I would love to make Sail Away for my little boy, as he has 3 big sisters who have lots of things I have made for them, but he usually seems to miss out. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Precious, precious, precious!!!!

My favorite days are spent with any of my 10 grandchildren. A project from either of the patterns would find a good home in our family. I love your designs.

My favourite days are those days when your own ideas and designs work out on the first attempt - like yesterday when my design for a giant whiteboard and felt board characters for the kids at school to retell an Aboriginal dreamtime story on Harmony Day - worked out FIRST TIME! HOORAY!

I love to make things for kids (I may only make things for kids)

these patterns are amazing !

My favourite days are always spent with my two little ones and the best ones of all are when we playing in the park, having a picnic and feeding the ducks. Precious times .... precious like these lovely patterns. Simply stunning :o)

I love your desings!
My favourite days to stitch are saturday and sunday, in the evening. Really I would like to stitch every day but it is very difficult because I have no time, so usually I stitch a little after dinner (1 hour more or less).


What a lovely little quilt for a precious little baby to snuggle under.

This time I don't want participate because I have the two patterns :-D
I bought Homespum magazine only for your designs

They are both so yummy...as usual!! I would love to give them a home...

I couldnt agree more with you. This are special and precious moments that last in ours memories forever.

By the way i love your work and would be very glad to be the lucky one.

Kisses for you and your baby girl.

Pat Fernando

Both stitcheries are great for my kids. Thanks a lot for the giveaway (I wish I'll be one of the lucky winners) :-9

Hello Natalie,

I don't know if I am on time, but I like to have a chance. I am from the Netherlands and I lover your patterns, with the bright colors. I always wanted to make your pattern, but I can't find them in the Netherlands. This is maybe a chance to make one of them.

Have a nice day,

What cute patterns! It's been a long winter. I'd love to "sail away"!

I would LOVE to stitch Sail Away for my new nephew - Cooper :-)
Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Cute patterns, I like your style.

I am a new stitcher - I love anything w/ boats and water - sail away is great!

I try and stitch a little everyday - I love your patterns - the sail away is espeically nice!

Those two patterns are so cute!! Hope one can come to South Africa!!

LOVE that sailing boat and know the perfect recipient! totally gorgeous patterns as usual!

A gorgeous prize and another definite to add to my 'must make before I die...'
I LOVE stitching days with friends and cuppas and chats and yummy treats...and can't get enough of these times!

I love your work Natalie! I have been a blog stalker for a while now and I think your work is amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!

I am stitching a quilt for our group to raffle for Breast Cancer research. I made the Breast of Friends Quilt and we raffled it last Easter and sent off over $800 for this fantastic cause. I hope we can raise at least that much again this Easter.
Hugs from Maldon Vic

both designs are absolutely gorgeous!! I want one... My grandchildren would love them. My perfect day is Tuesdays when I get together with my girlfriends to do a spot of stitching, chatting & coffee :)

Darling patterns....would love to win one of them...thanks for sharing.

Oh what beautiful designs. There are 2 designs and I have one daughter and 1 nephew so I would make them 1 each. Then I would get to work making a second one of each for my 2 best friends babies (1 boy and 1 girl) looks like the patterns will get a pretty even work out from me. They are just delightful designs.
Now for the kind of days I like. Happy baby days where we chat and play and she gets enough sleep to stay happy all day. Especially when Daddy is home with us to enjoy it. I love the sound of her little giggles. Makes my heart sing.

My favourite day?....Friday. Friday is my stitch group day in the morning and the afternoon is spent with my delightful grandson who fills my heart with happiness. Now who wouldn't love a day like that???
Thanks for the opportunity to win these delightful patterns!

I love your designs and patterns. Thank you so much for the opportunity to go into the draw for the chance to win such gorgeous patterns. My dream day is stitching and stitching and not having to worry about housework or preparing a meal. I would stitch these lovelies for my Grandchildren Thank you Natalie.

Natalie, Your designs are delightful and inspiring. A new grand-baby is due in May so I'd love to use one of these patterns....boy or girl? We don't know yet. Aren't surprises wonderful? My favorite day is this very day--a precious gift from God. Thanks for your creativity.

I love these designs! They are just adorable. My favorite days are when I'm home with nothing to do. Ahahahahaha! I always have something to do! ;) Okay, seriously, my favorite days are the ones filled with a visit from my little granddaughter, Emma. I think she is in need of some embroidered cuteness.

Lovely designs Natalie, thanks for a giveaway.
My perfect day is when all the housework is done and I can sit an enjoy a chai latte with a stitchery on hand.

I always come by to see the new designs! They are so inspiring! My collegue's sister will have a baby soon, they are very excited (first baby in the family). They would love these designs!Maybe the time would just be enough to finish it :-)

These two gorgeous patterns would be perfect for my two equally gorgeous children who have been exceptionally loving and tolerant to their stressed out (and pregnant) mummy during the latest Christchurch (NZ) earthquakes...a perfect time for some stitch therapy I think!

Your designs are delightful Natalie.
I have a few presents to make for friends that are having babies these would be perfect.

I would love to relax & make these beautiful sticheries for me!!!! Then one day they can be passed down to any of my 6 chidren's children!!! And while I stich I hope that one of them will catch the craft bug with me!

I love the style of all your designs, these two are gorgeous! I would love to try my hand at making one of your beautiful creations. Thank you for making the designs available for the competition.

Pick me, pick me! These are adorable patterns.

How cute she is! :) Thanks for this giveaway, wonderfult designs. I would stitch them for my little nephew :)

I have been following your website for awhile now. I love your patterns and color choices! I have 3 children so sometimes it is hard to find time to sew, but I try to every week.

Thank you for sharing!
Happy sewing,

Great patterns I love them both!!!!

These are just too adorable - even if
I have boys made of puppy dog tails and
Thanks for the giveaway, I'm definitely
keeping my fingers crossed.

awww Natalie,your Izzy is oh so precious...
& your designs oh so cute..
I love spending time with my family,like we just did this long wkend-we had a beautiful time with our family & my sister & her family at Phillip Island,we took the kids to see the penguins,swim in the ocean as well as lots of other fun things.
hugs Catherine xx

I'm new at stitchery, but your designs make me want to try heaps of new things! I love these two - they're simple but striking, especially Sail Away with the bright red in it. Would love to win! But even when I don't, I'm definitely going to choose one of your projects to make.

Wow another two fantastic patterns. There arn't enough days in the week for stitching but I will have to find time to make up these two wonderful patterns.

oh soo much happiness i get from your blog. thank you for that and also for the chance to win one of the beautiful patterns you are soo well known for....
what a treat...
have a great day

Two new beautiful designs by one of the best designers. Thank you for this great giveaway.

I love both patterns! They are absolutely adorable!

I have always wondered how to comment on your blog and had no idea!!! Thank you for letting us technologically inept people join on - who knew it was so simple! I love your designs Natalie and its fantastic to follow your blog and watch your beautiful daughter grow. I'm honoured to be able to follow your incredible talent.Love your new designs!

Well you have done it again. Two such lovely designs. Am always wondering what you are going to come up with next. Would so love to win.

Thank you Natalie for the opportunity to win! My favorite days are rainy days with nothing else to do but hand work! My daughter enjoys these kind of days too!

I Love Love Love your patterns!!!!!
I am usually stitching for friends and family. Esp teh new grandaughter due in APril. She is my first:)
Thanks for teh inspiring designs!

Natalie ... what a wonderful opportunity, and I thank you! I look forward to rainy days when we have no chores outside, my daughters are happy to be cozied up with me baking, crafting, or reading and just enjoying the not having to do anything kind of day. Your pictures are always so much fun, I truly thank you for sharing!!

Thanks for another great giveaway!
My favourite days are when the children are all happy and I actually have some time to get some embroidery done!

Hi Natalie, the best days are spent with my grandson Sebastian, we play fire men,putting out fires, rescueing cats from trees(all in our imaginations) but for Sebastian the very best part ,now that the weather is warm and we get to use a real water from the hose ,is to squirt nannie and get her very wet( because she will stand just were the fire is, silly nannie). Love your designs have lots more fun days with Izzy. Lynn

How lovely your patterns are :-))))))

I would like soooooooooooooooooo much to have the one for girl.... If I don't win, I'll buy it for my daughter.

Your bb is really cute :-) My daughter had the same basket when she was little ;-)

I do love your designs and look forward to spending lots of time giving them a go. I have just retired and want to spend lots of my time making inspiration projects especially your creations. Thanks for your free patterns as well. Your daughter looks so happy in the photos you have posted. i am following your Twitter posts as well

Currently my favourite days are sitting in Nays Place (aka the shed) and planning and dreaming about where to start and what to do first - but it is so much far dreaming of the possibilities....even the kids are helping with how am I going to make them their own space..a time to dream..to mkae it real..and not such an inpossibility.

My best days are those surrounded by my family - full of yummy food, wine and of course cuddles from my 3 little ones. With a little stiching time thrown in for good measure - Bliss!!!

What fun designs Natalie.. You have such talent.
I like a relaxing day at the beach just chillin.

My favourite days are the ones I don't have to go to work in the hospital. Instead I get to stay at home with my very-nearly-two-year-old boy. He is such a chatterbox and will greet the trees as we walk past them up to the library.

When we're in, we empty the toy buckets and sit in them too. He doesn't like cleaning days and this week quite clearly said, "very tired of cleaning now, Mummy!" Gotta love him!!

I love 'Sail Away' and would stitch it for my darling boy. He's obsessed with boats (and cars and trucks and trains... typical boy!) and always picks out the pink and purple boat in his book as "Gampa's boat." :oD

Keep up the awesome work! x

j'aurais bien aimer m'incrire.....mais j'habite tellement loin!!!!!!!!
c'est dommage et bonne chance a la gagnante......

I have my fabric ready to start the embroidery work for the Fairy Free Pattern and I can't wait! I love both of these and would love to add them to my collection of your patterns - I think I have purchased them all!

My kind of day? one you can sew and sew and sew... i didn't do a quilt yet and i equaly like both those to have a wonderful start.

Have introduced my mom to your blog - she's in Cape Town-. We both love your style and I am certainly inspired to quilt. I am very new to it, mom has been at it a few years. Cinderberry stitches style is something that appeals as I also love to embroider. Would love to wine these so I can start on more new quilts.

I love days like that too, so refreshing.

I would stitch them both for my momma. She has a 'grandkids room' at her house just for them. These would be so cute as pillows for the bed and she would love them.

Thank you :)

So, so sweet! For me, Spring starts the need to create new bright cheery things in abundance. Oh, there simply are not enough hours in the day!

Your kind of day is lovely. Mine is similar. Yesterday is was warm. I love warm days in the middle of winter. I took the boys to the zoo instead of doing school. We all love those kinds of days.

I am making a quilt for a 13 yr old with cancer; soon after another charity quilt I am making my boys each a quilt. I am making a blanket for the little guy complete with denim pockets. I cut the softies of his mobile that he is no longer using; and will tuck each of the horses into a pocket. Then we will roll the play blankie up and tuck it in the car for special trips to the park this summer.

The days I love are when nothing but sewing gets done!!!!!! These two patterns would make the best cuddle quilts when sewn in flannel and wrapped around 2 beautiful cherubs.

Rub a dub dub, lots of cuties in your red tub! What a gorgeous smile. I have a little 8 month old cousin who would love me to make her my version of Girls & Dolls, so will her mum. And I have a dear friend who would love to make Sail Away for her glorious grandsons. Thanks
Tracee xx

The best days are those with no plans - something fun usually comes up when open to the possibilities.
I'd find a suitable recipient once the gorgeous project was complete.
Thanks for sharing

Love the designs. They would make a perfect addition to the nurseries of the grand babies that are on the way.

Very sweet - the patterns and your Shennizzygans! I used to work full time and am now enjoying (at long last) spending lots of mummy-time with my babies. Days like those are what makes being a mummy so rewarding!

I fell into the world of blogs because of your post on cosmo threads... Which I LOVE! Thanks a million. Still wish I was your neighbor:)

I love your patterns. I am doing a lot of hand stitching now. My best days are spent sewing and stitching especially with the sun shining in the window. Not sure who I would stitch the designs for probably me.

your designs are just so happy they make me smile my seven grandchildren would love them keep up the great work nat

Your daughter is just adorable! I love the days I get to do the things I want to do. Even if it is the mundane like cleaning and laundry. The best days are when my girls are around me or I am off on an adventure with my wonderful husband. Thanks for asking!

Hoot Hoot! We have one of those precious toys on order when they are re-released for our littlest member of the family for his 1st birthday! Looks like she has a ball in the tub. Be warned... still at 4 and 5 my bigger two LOVE emptying the toys and chilling out in the tub!

My small quilt group makes quilts for foster children being adopted in our county. This would be wonderful to make. Thank you for the chance to win...Karen

Just found your designs about a month ago and I love them! They are so whimsical. I love the movement through the design also.

Hi Nat, I am the very proud grandmother of 6 grandchildren and they ALWAYS make my day, I would love to stitch these for them, your Tail Feather pattern was a joy to stitch and create into a beautiful quilt. Thanks for this opportunity. Also just a quick thanks for your freebies.

I live both these new patterns you ate so talented in the designs you do so congratulations on that. I know I have two boys and one girl how would just love for them to be hanging up in their bedrooms. Any way better get back to some stitching xxxx

Those are delish! Would love to win them..or buy them.

I love your new designs! Beautiful as allways.

They are very beautiful!!!All you designs are beautiful!!

I always love your patterns !!
Do you think I could stitch "Sail away" for my son ? He will be 19 in August !!! Time to sail away from home ??

I love to stitch things for my 3 year old niece and I know she'd love either of these for the wall of her 'big girl' room...my perfect day is filled with stitching, friends and no cooking! Thanks for the giveaway!

I subscribed to your blog to inspire me to stitch again. I mostly quilt now. But winning a pattern would MAKE me stitch which would be such fun. And your characters are SO adorable. Thanks in advance (TIA) if I should win.

Love your new patterns! I would like to make Girls & Dolls. It is soo cute! Joyce B.

I'd love to stitch these up to be ready for my brother and sister in law who are expecting their 5th child next month! Thanks for sharing your beautiful patterns with us!

I would love to stitch the designs for my nephew and also godson. His name is Arthur. He is almost 2 years old and he lives in France. As I live in Canada, I don't have the oppotunity to see him often, so I sew stuffed animals for him. I start sewing because of your blog. No kidding :)
Oh and btw I can tell you exactly what kind of days I love the most : it will be in july when my sister and Arthur come visit me, I imagine the 3 of us sitting on the ground, gardening and laughing...

Thank you for blogging :)

These patterns are very sweet and would make wonderful baby quilts!

Just love your new patterns! I´m working on my second Some angels have small wings... :o)


Absolutely adorable, love 'em both and just know who I would use them for my little niece and nephew who love anything what their great aunt does! Your imagination never ceases to amaze me x

I love your new patterns. Have a friend having a baby in June and have been looking for the perfect baby quilt pattern. These are perfect!

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