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Congratulations to Sarah! I love the concept. I did that very thing when re-learning how to knit. I made baby garments to learn different techniques. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for a terrific review of what sounds and looks like a wonderfully inspiring and fun filled book.


Thanks for the review - looks like a great book!

Quilting is so close to my heart and I haven't made one in years. Your posting is stirring up a yearning to get one started. Now....to choose a pattern. I'll have to check out this book. Thanks so much for sharing!

As this book will not be available in the USA for a while, I do hope that can win it. Sarah has an amazing sense of color and design. Lovely giveaway.

Yes, the colors and the way Sarah mixes and matches them is so inspiring to me! I'd love to have this eye candy book to further stir my creative juices!

Would love to own this beautiful book.

Wonderful book. I love the photos Makes you want to grab a quilt and cuddle up.

The wicker chair, yellow mug and beautiful quilt look so inviting to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea and Sarah's new book. What a delight and treasure that would be.

Beautiful pictures - I'd like to sit in that wicker chair on the porch!

It's fun to discover what are the excerpts from the book reveals every step of The book tour ! Thanks !

Looks fabulous! Another one for my wish list.

I so so so so so want this book, really I do.

The quilts look amazing. I have so enjoyed following the book tour.

not wanting to repeat myself but I really want this book - I'm going to a big city in a few weeks so hope to be able to find a copy of my own - if I win one in the meantime all the better ! the only problem I think I'll have is which quilt to try first - thanks for the review Natalie and the photos - they are gorgeous and your blog is also gorgeous.

Rebel with a rotary! Just the image I need to cultivate!

Sarah's fabric choices are so bright and colourful they make my heart sing. Who would not feel happy when they are stitching these quilts up.

"So right now I am dreaming this is my bedroom"....me too. As I lay in bed this morning I starting think of this quilt and making it for my bed. I ordered her book yesterday so hopefully I can make my daydream a reality.

A festival of colors for our happyness. Sarah is a fairy of needle.

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