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Form a small circular wreath shape, 1 inch in diameter, from the vines. Adhere this to the top of the doll's head as a crown. Add other embellishments as your heart desires. Thanks.

Congrats Natalie!! I havent stitched for over 12 mths due to being flat out with my new business but I still have all your designs here to be stitched, and LOVE the look of the new book. Seeing it has made me want to stitch again. Hope you and the family are well xx

Congratulations for your new book!! It looks fantastic and I'm sure it will be very successful!!! :)

Aww thanks everyone for the lovely comments, glad to hear you are excited about the up coming release. We just received the print schedule today and stock will be available from early May...yippee!

Oooh yay!! How exciting. Congrats Natalie... the book looks amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it!! **squeal**

Oh! What a wonderful new! I was looking for it since so far away!!! :)))

I can't wait for the book! Very cute mushroom house. ;0

YAY! Stella & Henry will finally be available - I am so excited about those little owls! I haven't tried embroidery since I was little and think these two will be just the thing to start me back :)

How wonderful Natalie! Congratulations. Can't wait to see it here in the States.

Congratulations! I can't WAIT to get hold of this book! XOXO,

I LOVE it...this is very exciting...

Congratulations Natalie, can't wait to get my hands on it!!!!

Whoop! Whoop! Such an accomplishment!!

I hope it arrives to Spain soon!!!! I want one!!!!


Yipee! Can't wait to see it! Do you know if anyone will have it at market?

Hi. Great cover-I need this book.

congratulaions, looks delicious! xx

I am smiling and squealing for you!

Oh SQUEAL!!!!!
Can't wait for this to come out. My birthday is in June so this is going straight to the top of the list. Hope there is a mouse or two in there somewhere.
Look forward to hearing it is ready to purchase. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Congratulations N... It does indeed look very wonderful...

OMG that mushroom house!!!! DYING OVER IT.

Fabulous and Congratulations! Cannot wait for this one :)

Hi Natalie ! Your book seems so beautiful !! I can't wait to get it !!
Everything seems so cute and so you !!!


Hope it will be available in Canada!! :)

Congratulations Natalie! What a gorgeous cover!

It looks wonderful - I hope it's going to be available in the UK!!

Waiting....waiting....already waiting and it will probably be months!! Will have to concentrate on finishing more Cinderberry projects in the meantime!!

Congratulations, Natalie I love the cover also.

Oh sooooo cute! Great colours too...just delightful and a must have. Congratulations Natalie :)

That looks sooo amazing. Congratulations on your newborn! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy either.

Wonderful !

YAY it looks fantastic!


Wow Natalie... Congratulations... I remember when everyone was talking to you on the Christmas in July chat group. We were asking if you were going to write a book... and here it is!!! It looks wonderful. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy...


wow Natalie,it looks fantastic......woo hoo,so excited for you...
hugs Catherine xx

Yay ! I will be keeping an eye out for somewhere in the U.K that will be selling it

Very cool and very worthy of squeals! Wow and double WoW!! Congratulations!! Beautiful and I really like your different header here ... pretty!

Oh Natalie it looks just fabulous!!!!
I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!!
Joy :o)

Wow!!! Absolutely love it and cant wait until its printed and for sale! Congratulations Natalie. All your hard work will pay off - guarantee it.

Hi Natalie... the book looks fantastic, fabulous choice of front cover, that toadstool is so cute! Will it be available on Amazon? I would really like to order a copy but it can be difficult getting hold of English books here in Switzerland! I'm going to keep my eyes open for it though. CONGRATULATIONS!!

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