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It’s actually fine to eat a handful of sweets, as long as you gargle after eating and brush your teeth at least twice a day. They are good stress reliever but don’t indulge yourself to much in it to maintain a good looking and fit body. :)

Your photos are amazing and inviting. Can't wait to see the book. What a wonderful experience for you!!

Congatulations Natalie! I had a feeling you were working on a pattern book and I am certain it will be the first of many! Amanda x

Very exciting! I have pre-ordered my copy from QFD and will be watching the mail! Congratulations!

Fantastic !!!!
Well done... What a marvelous place....
I love your realisations

This bloc is in "my favorites in English"

LOve the little toadstools especially when they gather together. Tracee xx

When will arrive your book to Europe?????

Hello Natalie,
the photos were magnificent.

Great photos Natalie, can't wait to see more. Also can't wait to find a place here in the USA to order a copy of the book from, it is most definitely a "Must Have"!!! Hugs...

Love the little mushrooms! Have been looking at your previous posts and just adore your patchworks and your embroidery work. I love all things textile and patchworky as that's my influence for my art. I will be back for more inspiration!

Just looks absolutely fabulous! Congratulations! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy :)


Cute pictures.. Can't wait for the book.


Hi Sharon - yes, so happy to hear you will be ordering stock for your store. I have many girls in the USA who would love to hear that. You can pre-order now from CA and the stock will be shipped direct to you as soon as it arrives in the warehouse!
Kind regards, Natalie

Hi Candice, the book will be available from shops only and stock is due to arrive at the Distributors warehouse in early May. It won't be available at Amazon but there will be online patchwork stores you will be able to order Cotton Floss from.
You can pre-order the book now (as per the details in this blog post) and a copy will be dispatched to you once the stock arrives.
Kind regards, Natalie

When are we going to be able to order your book and is it going to be available through Amazon or just shops?

Looking fabulous Natalie! Cant wait for the next behind the scenes look.

Ohhhh can i order now Natalie??? My customers are going to love it. Please let me know.

Oh what a joy to experience I bet! Thank you for the inside peak :)

Just as yummy and fun looking as those lollies in the photo shoot!

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the big bag! Good to see that Nanna and bubs were of assistance at the shoot too :)

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