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Wow!!! Bags designs are great and attractive. I really wondering after saw this design. This is really great project and also my favorite project. Thanks for sharing this post so much.

Hi Natalie: I love love love your blog and your new beautiful book. Paige sent me to take a peek and I am so glad she did! Best of luck with the book - I have looked hi and low for it on the internet with no luck!


Congratulations on your new book, I am just loving it! I have just finished making your Toadstool Pin Rest and am so happy with it...I can now see them easily multiplying! lol!


I have in my hands your book... Wow!!!!... I saw it quickly and is wonderful!
Lovely proyects and wonderful loyout!!

My copy arrived! YAY

Very sweet :-)

Hello! I live in portugal.com I do to buy your book? I was so curious after these jobs d ever so cute! Thanks!

Thank you Yumi! xox

Cute Cute!!

Hi Linda, the floral fabrics in the bag photographed on this post is from Lecien Flower Sugar ranges. Thanks for asking - Natalie

Could you please tell me the range of fabric you used for the bag please?

Could you please tell me the fabric you have used in the bag please?

I love the combination of blue and red together....even thought I'm not usually a 'red' person. Of course, the twist of fantasy and whimsy make it all the more inviting. One day....when I'm not studying... I might even find a moment to stitch one or two of these myself.

It might be a little while :(

I'm very happy because my book (well, your book, but now is mine because I bought it) travel to my home yet!

I mentioned your blog on my blog 'cause it's just so darn cute. I'm eagerly awaiting my own copy of Cotton Floss and the flat nat pattern. so exciting. Congratulations!

Natalie, the little mushroom zipper charm just puts it over the top! I love that sort of thing. I can only imagine how you felt when you found it :)

What a perfect Mother's Day gift....hint hint darling children....beautiful designs yet again !!

Very beautiful and I thank you for sharing!! I certainly hope your couch companion is feeling much better by now :)

Very, very cute! ;0

Oh my gosh, your designs are just the cutest! Love the darling characters and colors you choose!

I'm so excited for my shipment of your books to arrive!!! Looks sooooo Cinderberryish.

I'm very happy I have preordered my copy. I love your paper baby! Tracee xx

So cute and gorgeous, wonder if how long I can resist on purchasing the book,cheers Vickie

Enjoy it Natalie - I can picture you opening that first box and inhaling the perfect smell of fresh ink on paper representing all of your hard work! I'm with Karen - possible sweetness overdose coming right up. Can't wait.

Your designs are so pretty.

I'm a bit scared of my book arriving now.... I might overdose on cute!

You do the most sweetest designs, very cute and colourful, we all understand your love for your 'baby'.

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