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Just stopped by Paige Hill's blog - She, as well as all of the other designers, seem to be thrilled with your new book "Cotton Floss"

She "sent me" back to your blog - I am sure to let you know how wonderful I think your book is - Although I don't have one - I have been enjoying all of the beautiful photos shown during this blog hop :)Cotton Floss is becoming quite irresistible

Thank you for generously offering your beautiful new book - Cotton Floss! I was so happy to receive a message from Amanda that I had won! Yippeee!!! I'm so happy and excited to receive your lovely book.

Thank you again for your kindness and creativity!

Just wanted to say hi (again). Paige sent me! Congrats on a spectacular blog tour!

hi natalie, just wanted to say congratulations on all your successes. i enjoyed the blog tour - i haven't seen a double dip ice cream cone in decades. now i want one too. today the grands were watching the DVD Fantasia and they told me they loved the red mushrooms with white dots (a part of the movie) s000000 - looks like mushrooms are in my future sewing assignments. btw, how did you come up with the name for the book, Cotton Floss? - inspiration? as we sit here in virginia at 100 degrees and swealter it was refreshing to read about your winter trip to the park. i wish you many more successes. scarlette

Thanks for asking Sakiko, I have sent you a private message via email with all the details - kind regards Nataliex

Somehow your precious girl looks like the little girl whose favorite treat was the double scoop ice cream cone on Shari's blog.
I am so much enjoying your lovely tour, Natalie! So much loveliness and cuteness to see and share and so many nice stories to read.
Thank you for organizing this (o:
Only one more day to go and then I guess we'll have to start dreaming our own dreams again.

Beautiful work and I love the book. You are so talented! ;)

I've been following the blog tour, and falling more and more in love with your designs. Knowing you put your child ahead of your business just makes what you do even more enchanting. My son is grown and gone (22 years old) and my daughter is 5 months.... I'm taking advantage of every moment because it does go SO fast! Congrats on a very cool book! Can't wait to get a copy and make some beautiful childhood friends for my daughter!

Hello from USA!

PIGTAILS? I can't believe it. As a blog stalker, I've been MIA for a few months, as I've had my own little pink bundle of joy that I've been nursing. But, I didn't realized I've been gone THAT long. Your daughter is in PIGTAILS in this photo!!!!! Growing up SOOOOOO fast!

I'm a friend and follower of the Happy Zombie, who has you featured on her blog this week. Reminded me to check in. BTW...Congrats on the book. Can't wait to thumb through it and see all your creative goodies!!!!

You're a smart mummy!

Hello from Japan,
I'd like to get your book.
But the shop in the U.S
won't ship to me.
So where should I got your book?
Thank you.

A 'Mummy to do list' is the most important of lists. Children grow so fast, and one day you will warmly remember these moments spent with Izzy. There are no other priorities!

Hi Natalie, I had to laugh when you write that Isabelle likes Pepper Pig, my niece n Uk used to be crazy about Mr Tumble but he has taken a back seat and Pepper pig is the favorite at the moment. Melwyn is roughly the same age as Isabelle, nearly 3 and listening to her on the phone the other night with this cute Cornish accent is delightful. My husband was telling her to say Squirrel but she just laughs at him. I can't wait for grandchildren, you don't want to miss a minute, the time goes too fast. Isabelle is Adorable!

I have a 2 1/5 yo boy and my list is like that, playdates, cooking cakes. I am off to the machine to make tissues covers for a school fundrasier.

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