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Wow how exciting, and as I'm stitching my way through tail feathers I think I know what the backing might be now!,

How exciting! Wow!

Seriously the cutest selvedge ever! Congratulations!

Ok so I can wait thanks for letting us in on your fabulous news, no wonder your pencils keep shrinking - you make them work too hard.
Congratulations - that sure was a fast five year plan, wonder what pops on the list next?

Congratulations Natalie!!! OH, I can't wait to see it...I do hope it will be picked up here in the US. I know it will be a must have for me. Hugs...

Congratulations on all your achievemnets this year, Nat. So looking forward to seeing your fabric range. I'm sure we will be tempted to put it in the shop. So good to see our local girls doing so well.

You have had quite a year! Congratulations. Can't wait to see you first line!

this is great news, the selvege is adorable all on its own! So happy for you.

oh it is wonderful !

Im with the above comment, the selvege is enough for me! Warmest congratulations Nat, I am so, so thrilled for you. It is just so wonderful to see 'our girls' do well!

THAT is the cutest selvege I've ever seen! Cannot wait to see the new fabrics!! Yay for your big year! Wow! Congrats! Bari

more beans, more beans, keep spilling.....


Fantastic!!!!! I am soo looking forward to the release of your fabric range. Congratualtions.


your first fabric collection!!!!!!!!!!
i am going to organize a dancing party here!!!!!!!

Dancing for sure!
Congrats! to you for your hard work!

Congratulations! That's so wonderful! Thanks you so much for sharing! Cheers!

I'm a huge fan of your designs so I already know I'll love your fabric range. Congratulations on setting and reaching your goals!
Natalie, what fabric do you prefer to use for your stitcheries if I may ask please? I'd love to get the results you do with my work.

It couldn't happen to a nicer person!! Congratulations!!

how exciting my dear, if/or interested we would love to highlight you at stash manicure..there is no doubt you will have an extensive fan base..I can book you for sept./oct..let me know..

awesome selvage !!!I can't wait to see all the fabrics !!!

Congratulations, I can't wait to see it!

Brilliant news - Congratulations!

Can not wait to get some of this fabric! Perfect! <3

Great one Natalie.... three out of three, ain't bad!! The book was good...and the material looks to be just wonderful...can't wait...how did you keep it a secret for so long...clever girl

Fantastic Natalie, the selvedge makes me smile :) how exciting for you x Gaye

Oh Natalie - I am absolutely rapt for you and yes indeed, doing the happy dance too!!! Gosh how you didn't implode with excitement I'll never know! Congratulations!!!! I look forward to purchasing some of your fabric when it hits the stores... I love the selvedge and I just know I'm going to love the fabric design! Can't wait! Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts on the 'achieving dreams' process! Way to go! :-)

Hugs sweetie! Vikki xx

Congratulations Natalie that's Fabulous News...Looking forward to seeing your new Line...the selvedge is soo Cute..

Congratulations Natalie, your sneak wee peak looked gorgeous. Hope it makes it's way to N.Z.Shirley


I'm hoping to tick off a similar list one day :-)

Natalie, I can hardly wait to see your imagination interpreted into fabric. It's gonna be so cute! Congratulations. Your aspirations are ... inspiring. :)

I am dancing around with your Nat...Oh wow!!! How exciting and what a fantastic year you are having :) \o/ \o/ wooo hooo....go Nat!!!!! I love the colours already and with Lecien too...Cant wait to see the new fabrics :) hugs Vicki

A definite happy dance happening here.....even with a gammy leg!!!!!! Congratulations big time Nat....can't wait to see it 'in the real'
sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

That is so exciting Natalie! I'd buy your fabric just for the selvege! Darling!


AWESOME!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your fabric line come out!!!!!!

Omigosh!! Totally awesome!!

You are just full of gorgeous surprises. Looking forward to seeing your very own fabric line! :oD

I knew 2011 would prove to be a great year and here you have demonstrated exactly that. Congratulations and well done!!


I love the selvage!!! I love Lecien fabric! Can't wait to see your fabric on the shelf here in the U.S. ;0

Happy Dance!

Congratulations!!! You are amazingly talented and you soooo deserve this!!! I know your fabrics will be more than delicious!! I cannot wait!

Natalie, this is awesome! Congrats from the bottom of my heart! I'm so excited and will definitely get some of your fabric - the selvage alone is adorable and I can't wait what the actual design will be...
Greetings from Germany,

I KNEW IT!!!! So very happy to hear this news, Natalie. I can't wait to see your fabulous fabric. Woohoo!! I am sure Lecien has done an amazing job bringing your wonderful drawings to life on cotton. So exciting! Way to set stretch goals and see them accomplished. That's very inspiring.

This is wonderful news! Congratulations to you. It is really well deserved.

How very exciting for you! Congratulations on all the hard work you have done to accomplish your very lofty goals. Can't wait to see your fabric!

What a brillant year you have had Natalie. Congratulations, it's all due to your hard work &creativity. Showed my quilt group Cotton Floss today, rav reviews all around. Tracee xx

Wow, what a year you are having. How on earth are you going to top that one!!!

I can't wait to see the fabric line and deciding what I can make from it.


Yay You!!! Wow how wonderful and what an amazing thing .... your talent is truly a gift and thank you for sharing it with us!!

Congratulations! Amazing goals to set, even more amazing to achieve! Love the colours shown, can't wait to see the actual fabrics.

EEKKK!!! BIRDS!!!!! Hurry up...I need this!!

Wow! Good for you!! I already love the little birds on the selvedge! What a great year...so happy for you.

Simply wonderful news! Congratulations. I love, heart, love the fact that the color references on the selvage are your cute litte birdies. Can't believe you held your little birdie secret for so long. Waiting to see more . . .

Congrats. So exiting for you. Will definitely look for it at Fall Market.

I am so excited, Natalie! I know it's going to be absolutely fabulous like everything else you do!!! Lots of love!

Congrats!!! Cute, cute, cute selvedge!!! Happy dancing with you :)!! Hugs!!

Congratulations. What a wonderful year you have had to complete your goals. Can't wait to see the fabric :) Happy dancing with you. Hope

Absolutely awesom. How exciting this must be for you!

Congrats Nat!!!! I'm happy dancin' all the way over here in the opposite hemisphere... I'm in Canada. I will look forward to Woodland's release!

Congratulations -- I'm happy dancin'!!! Does that mean you'll be in Houston???

WOW how awesome Natalie,your on fire.........I can't wait to see your fabric range & just from looking at the selvage I know I'm going to love it!!!ooh better start saving!
Hugs Catherine :)

How exciting! I think I'd be happy enough just to get some off-cut selvedges!

Congratulations!!! Love those birds on the selvedge!

Congratulations on an amazing year!!! Will be looking forward to seeing your fabric line when it debuts!

Absolutely fabulous and great to have it all printed on fabric and what colours!!

How exciting! Congrats :-)

Congratulations! How exciting! The selvage looks so yummy, so I can easily imagine how beautiful these fabrics will be :o)
Happy sewing,

Natalie!!! How awesome is this? I can't wait to see it (and buy it!) at Quilt Market in Houston and will definitely look forward to meeting you there. (I live near Houston so go every year) If your fabric line is anything like your patterns and everything else you've done then it will totally be a hit. I'm loving the selvage! Congratulations on three HUGE accomplishments. I'm impressed! Hugs from Texas

I can't wait to see it. That is very exciting news!!

I'm sold on the fabric already - that selvedge is just so cute. Looking forward to when those sneak peeks become fabric on the shelves in shops and fabulou8 projects in our homes. Congratulations; you must be so excited.

What a wonderful new! Congratulations! I'm so happy about that! And... your selvedge made me think about Lillalotta. Do you know her? Here's the link: http://lillalotta-blog.blogspot.com/
She create wonderful cotton tape... How I would like to have some cotton tape with your little birds!!!!

¡Enhorabuena!!!!, es un año feliz para tí y para las que te seguimos. Espero ver todos tus sueños realizados. Estoy deseando ver las telas. Adelante y un abrazo

Congrats!! How wonderful. I can't wait to see it, but I'm sure it will be a must have in my stash! LOL!

Fabulous! I'd love a metre or so of just the selvedge!!

Yay Yippeeeee!! Natalie I'm thrilled for you. Well done. Rach xx

Yipee, you told the world, congratulations Natilie. I cant wait to see the collection.
Bye for now

Wow, Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see it all, it will be lovely, I love your designs and so do my girls!

oh wow! Congrats, you deserve it all!!!

OMG Natalie, for a moment there I thought you were going to say that you were expecting another baby. Thank goodness for that, I know I can be selfish but this is something that i can share as well. I cannot wait. Any sneak peaks?? Pretty please.

Very Very Very exciting!!!! That's fantastic news!!! Looking forward to seeing more of it soon! Congratulations! ps. Absolutely LOVE your book - the hardest part is working out which project to make first as I love them all!

How absolutely exciting, Natalie. I know it will be wonderul and a hit. Can't wait to see it. *grin* Sandy

Congratulations :-)
How fun - hope I can get it here in Norway.
Hugs :-)

How exciting! I just KNOW I am going to want some of that fabric! Congratulations!

Fantastic news. I was hoping you would do something like this as your designs are just so adorable. Can't wait to see the fabric and add to my stash.

Congratulations - I can't wait to see the range here on your blog when it's released

OMG WOW. So amazing. You girls from Creative Abundance are astounding me with your developments and success in recent months. Congratulations!

Congratulations Natalie.... How exciting for you and us!!! I am sure it going to be so pretty....


Congrats on making your dreams become a reality. I love the selvedge, makes me want to buy the fabric for it!!

I would by this line just for the selvedge - TOO CUTE !!!! & great colors ;)

Super wonderful for you!! Looks like your goals are working.

OMG! Congratulations! That IS huge... And if the selvedge is this cute, I can only imagine what the 'real' design must be like.
OX Marja

So happy to welcome you to the LECIEN family!!! I got goosebumps when you said what your three dreams were because I had the same three dreams but it took a health scare to make me get into action! Well done. Really happy for you xxx

I can't wait to see it!! A thousand congratulations, you must be tickled pink :o)!!
Joy ;o)

What wonderful news! Already i can't imagine all the fantasies and colors that you characterize .... i hope that you will become so famous so that i can see your fabrics here in Europe! Good Luck!

WOW that's fabulous news...not only can we stitch your designs now we can make things with your fabric...Love the peek!
Hugs Dawn x x x

Lots of happy dancing here! Love, LOVE the selvedge!! I'd by the fabric for that alone but I know the rest will be amazing. Congratulations!

Congratulations Natalie, so very happy for you. What a year it's been for you.

I have to have it, can't wait to order it. And now we have to wit to the fall market???

Exciting Stuff !!! Just luv the little birdies on the side ... all I can say is 'happy playing"
happy stithcing, P

Warmest congratulations Natalie! Lots of happy dancing going on here for you! You are such a talent, and I am so happy for you that your talent is being rewarded. Best wishes, Ros x

How exciting!! I'm sure it's going to be wonderful!!

Awesome!!!! Can I pre-order it now!!?? ;)
The selvedge is Just. A. Dorbs!!!! I cannot wait to see more! Do we really have to wait until spring? I usually look forward to spring but now I am positively busting for it to arrive!
Most definitely happy dancing with you. Wheeeeee

WOW... that is just AWESOME!!! How hard that must have been keeping it quiet! LOVE LOVE LOVE the selvedge! These days I can buy fabric just coz I like the selvedge :-)

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