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It's good to see the 'Day book' making a return to your blog

And my your little girl's grown !

I can't believe how big your little is getting! I haven't touched sewing in over a week - we've had record-breaking temps here in New England - thank heavens for air conditioning!

So funny to imagine...it's 101 right now in Delaware! Our State Fair is here in this part of the U.S. This morning our electric went out for an hour (thank goodness that was all). I could go for a cool breeze right now! Winter sounds great; curl up and do some stitching, ahh!

Lovely. And the little curlicue pigtails? Adorable!!!

Our weather is completely opposite of yours- Oh I can't wait to bundle up in a cozy sweater and drink lots of hot tea and cocoa! You little girl is a doll- was your hair that light when you were little??

Wow Natalie, she's getting so big -- it seems like she was just born. And quilt market? Are you coming again this year? Yay -- I hope so!!!

Thanks for sharing your Daybook entry for today. I will be hand stitching tonight as well: my crafty friends and I will get together and chat, drink tea and stitch/knit/draw. It's been a while since we did that so I'm really looking forward to it!

How lovely to have such personal contact - from mother to mother - across the globe.

It's summer here but, well, it could just as well be autumn.

Have a cosy day and productive night.

Oh the memories, so wonderful the Daybook idea. Our little blessings grow up so fast, my oldest will be 11 next month. They grow in a blink.

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