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Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! Looking forward to learning more stitches from you. I don't know if it is my eyes or the comp screen, but I found it a little difficult to follow the white lettered directions in the pics. Would black show up better against the light fabric?

I enjoy the tutorials you share on your website Natalie. They are fun and easy to understand by your use of images. Good way to backstitch!

Hey thanks for the tutorial. Do have a question like one of the others, do you prefer to use interfacing, pellon etc when dpoing embroidery, or not? If so what do you prefer?

oh my goodness - there is a name for it? stab stitching? i love it!!! thanks for letting me know i wasn't the only one who loves the pop it makes when the needle goes up and down. lol

loving your tutorials, maybe I have missed it but I need to ask...what needles do you prefer?

For Julie and her link,

That's wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much,nice to see that iam doing it right.Using a hoop keeps the stitches neater ive found.Happy stitching.x

Thank you !!! I feel better since I know I'm doing just like you... :))

Hello Natalie, thank you very much for this tutorial. I love all your patterns . Hugs from Denmark.

Thanks for the tutorial...dare I ask a question tho'?
Do you line you fabric with any interfacing or wadding before you stitch?

you have such beautiful stitches. I definitely need to practice more!

Super tutorial! It reassured me that I was doing it right although yours looks so neat and BeAuTiFuL!!

Have a great week.

Your stitching always looks so neat, perhaps is because you use a hoop. I don't and my stitching always looks odd. What type of hoop do you use and and particular size? Maybe I need to give one a go.

I back stitch the same way but I start my thread like this to avoid using a knot.


Hi Natalie,
Thats how I do my backstitch as well. Can you tell me how you do your blanket stitch on your embroidery such as in Truly Scrumptious? Do you do the proper blanket stitch or do you do backstitch then add the other stitch going down? Hope that makes sense. I have done the proper blanket stitch but it never seems to sit nice and neat like yours does. Thanks

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