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I'm so glad to hear that you are reading chapters of The Enchanted Wood to your little girl. I was lucky enough to receive two hard covered Enid Blighton books with full page pictures as a child. I remember being sick and Mum having me sit in her lap as she read from one of them to me in an attempt to distract me from the pain I was in. I have always loved Enid Blighton and hope one day to read her books with / to my niece. I think your gorgeous mushrooms in Cotton Floss would fit right in to an Enid Blighton books if it was written today! There is something ver enchanting and special about them.

Isabelle is Beautiful, we have adopted an Anne Voskamp saying at our busy house, "Life is not an Emergency". It helps keep things in perspective. When you have kids, it's highly unlikely your house looks like a showpiece. Yours sounds like a happy creative messy though- the best kind.

What a beautiful little girl! Cherish every moment you have with her now because they grow up just way too fast. The rest of the world will still be there. Glad to hear from you though.

Hugs XX

Welcome back!! It's always lovely to hear from you and see what you've been up to...
Isabelle is just gorgeous and I'm glad you find time for special moments with her every day. My 2 daughters are 15 and 16 (17 in November) and I love them more and more every day. They make me proud to see how lovely they're growing up :)

My son just discovered Enid Blyton's Famous Five on a visit to my parents in England this summer. She is now his favorite author (he's 8). I'll have to look out for the Enchanted Wood for my little girl.

Looking forward to seeing the stitcheries & fabric line. Cheeky is a cutie. Nice post, thanks Nat. Tracee xx

This little girl is soooo beautiful !!! A real fairy !

She's absolutely adorable, Natalie! Now I know where your inspiration comes from! :o)

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