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brings back memories. we do take the simplest things for granted. appreciate it.

Any chance of a photo of the dog with a green handprint?! I love your blog - don't fret about the blogger's block, we'll be here when it goes! Enjoy the 'normal' moments - they look lovely!

I found your website about a month ago and check it several times a day. It is by far one of the funniest sites that I have come across.

Hello! I've just found your blog and this post really resonated with me. I too have had bloggers block (currently have it, infact!). Sometimes sharing the little things can spark off the big ones again :) thanks for the inspiration! x

I am glad that some one else has time like this...I quite often think that I have nothing much to blog about..Your little girl is so cute :) I can imagine the green handprint on the dog too hehehe. I look forward to seeing your new fabric and design...sounds lovely :) Hugs Vicki x


I know exactly what you mean about the bloggers-block. Feel free to tell us all your mundane stuff as most of us are likely doing the same sorts of things and company is always welcome:)

Also, can't wait to see the fabric!!!

Our every day life is what makes us who we are. The inspiration & that cup that is pretty full. Nothing better than the unconditional love of a child!

Hi Natalie,
Lovely of you to share your everyday happenings with all of us. It is good to see you are just the same as all of us with our mundane chores. It is also great to see your little creative snippets too. Love reading your blog. Thank you so much.

Thanks Natalie. Your blogs about your life and your creativeity are inspiring in any form. We are mothers and workers and house keepers etc etc. To know that you are just like us readers but also successful keeps me stitching and sewing and photo snapping. Thankyou for opening your heart and sharing your journey.

Now that was a beautiful blog post. How did the dog feel about its green handprint colour job? Perhaps it felt the joy of spring too.

The best part of your post though is definitely the teaser. I now have something to look forward to when I come home from work tomorrow! Or should I say attempting to instill a love of sewing in the hearts of 13 year old boys!

& keep the battery charged :) an extra pair of hands never goes astray also !

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