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Natalie, I'm going nuts. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS FABRIC! I'm calling N now!!! want!!!

I foresee Santa carrying a lot of Woodland this Christmas!! Looking forward to its release in November, even if it is only to the shores across the pond! xx

Oh, I can't wait to see more Woodland - I adore the bits I've seen!!

Such fabulous fabrics looking forward to seeing more.

Love it all!

Oh I hear 'ya. Wonder Boy will come out of the techno dungeon and say, "Um Mom....do you know it's nearly morning? Well, no, no I did not." Guess I should stop working and go to bed?? LOL

I have my own version of an inspiration board......I found an awesome frame to repurpose into an ART display board. With a little help from Hubs it is Perfect!

Your new fabric is excellent! LOVE it! Don't forget to sleep sometimes and have a snack or two! :::Smiles::: Shelly

I really am loving the look of your fabric. Can't wait to see more.

Love the fabric. I can just cry with happiness just looking at it on my laptop. Can you imagine what will happen if I can get my hands on the real stuff....?

oh Nathalie.....tu me fais rever avec ton livre....et maintenant tes tissus!!!!comment nous les procurer ici en france????
a paris nous avons des salons de loisirs creatifs le salon de marie claire idées....
envisages tu un jour d'y venir???
en france aussi tu as des admiratrices!!!!!

I am loving your Woodland range (especially what I can see you have done with it so far) and your inspiration board. About 5mins ago as I was marking in my office, I was thinking, now that I am working on rearranging this space, what about putting a pin board in over my desk so I can put my ideas and swatches up there and have something nice to look at when I mark. Now you have inspired me further (I think I will need some pretty fabric to cover it just like yours).

Oh Nat, you make this so difficult! How can I not have your fabric in my stash! Better than that, in a quilt on my daughters bed? Enjoy the sewing time!

Hi Nat, I just read your blog, I am so excited to be a winner and see all your new work being done. I love your new fabric, I'd love to be locked in my sewing room. Welldone and again thankyou xxx Meg

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