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Hi Natalie, I have just found your blog via Pretty by Hand and I am absolutely delighted. It is so inspirational. Good luck with your fabric line and everything else. I will re-visit often.

Congratulations Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!! This line is amazing and I'm so thrilled your magical fairies are there. I haven't bought new fabric for a loooonnnggg time...but this...this I am buying. You have inspired me, well done and so pleased for you xxxx

Where and when could we find these fabrics?
I live in France.

OH wow, slow down heart! Is there going to be a way to order them online? I live in Alaska and have yet to find a quilt shop that carries the darling fabrics I see online... IM DESPERATE!

I'm in love! Thanks for creating such a wonderful woodland to play in. Can't wait until I can gather a stash! I'll be linking on Facebook :)

So very, very sweet. I hope it will become available in the Netherlands, too!

So delightful and charming. Looking forward to it being in the shops! Have fun at Houston!

Your fabrics are adorable,I really enjoy your patterns. Happy sewing - good luck!

Natalie, I can NOT wait to get my hands on some of this awesomeness! I DO hope you will be at Market so we can get some. I have loved it from the second I saw the first little peek! I know you must be over the moon looking at your name on the selvage. I think you need to make a purse out of nothing but the selvages. LOL Seriously, love, love it! And Lecien to boot? Can't get any better than that! Hugs from Texas. :)


Your fabrics are adorable, will they be available in the USA? I really enjoy your patterns.

My husband has been in Australia these last couple of weeks. He visited a quilt shop in Barossa and when he asked me "what should I look for?", I said "anything by Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches". I'll know when he gets home if he was successful. If not, he'll be going back after the first of the year and can try again. LOL! Perhaps by then he'll find Woodland available in a shop!

My husband has been in Australia these last couple of weeks. He visited a quilt shop in Barossa and when he asked me "what should I look for?", I said "anything by Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches". I'll know when he gets home if he was successful. If not, he'll be going back after the first of the year and can try again. LOL!

I adore it! You are such an inspiration to me...I just started out...late I know...and what you have accomplished is fabulous...of course it doesn't hurt that you are so talented!!!

where and when can us Aussie girls buy your fab fabric?

Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love the fabrics! Thank you for your interesting blog!!! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

Wow, I love your fabric!

Beertje Zonn

It's adorable !!

Just found your blog and your designs are to die for, love them all. Congratulations! It's beautiful! What a dream come true!

Natalie, just found your blog and your designs are to die for, love them all. Have just joined the stichery club and look forward to receiving the goodies. Now just need time time time - oh for retirement.

Congratulations! Your new line is so sweet! I can't wait to own some!

I was all excited about and in love with the fabrics and then you said "Crikey" and I was most excited about that!


Love them Natalie, many congratulations.

amazing fabric! i can not wait to get my hands on some!!!

wow, that is awsome. I love love love it. When & where can we get it here in Australia? Hope I can get access to some to make things for my daughter & neice.

Congratulations! they are just fantastic!

Natalie, the colours are just gorgeous. My grand daughter would love them - hmmm so many ideas, so little time.

A must have on my list, can't wait till I can touch them!

Clever girl!

Adorable ~ I'm in love!

Congratulations..I can't wait to get some of this! :)

Woodland is so gorgeous! I can't wait to get a whole bunch of it and start sewing! I love it!

It is so beautiful Nat. You have every right to be proud of your creations.

That is just the sweetest! Congrats. to you.

I love anything you design - when will this be available for purchase in the US? And where?

Hi Natalie, You have just touched my heart with your designs.They are beautiful.

Wow, I love your fabric!

Natalie, it is just drop dead gorgeous! Congratulations. The only bad thing is it won't be for sell until next year, right? That means I have to wait. :(

Congratulations Natalie. Your fabric is absolutely adorable!

this is an adorable collection! congratulations!


Oh, such beautiful fun fabrics to play and create with. Have to check my local fabric store to see if they got it. I hope to design my own line of fabric one day.

Oh this is wonderful. Love it!

Gorgeous! Will I be able to check them out at AQM?

A BIG Congrats! The colorways are wonderful and the entire experience must have you magically giddy! You are such inspiration too I might add! Can't wait to see your sewing.

Natalie, Your fabrics are lovely. I do love them all. How wonderful for you with your own line of fabric. I am hoping we will be able to buy it here in Canada. Best wishes on a terrific accomplishment. Blessings: Dianne

huge congrats Nat on your new line........your very first fabric........
I love the mushrooms and the little girls....

You're so inspiring Natalie! I love hearing about how you pursued your dream... that's the thing with dreams - it's up to us to make them happen!

Woodland is absolutely delightful and I look forward to sewing with it! Just love your designs - so fun and whimsical - and magical!

Best wishes!!!! Vikki xo

your fabric is adorable. congratulations.

Love this fabric! I just made the block for Quilt aid 2011, it was your design, and this fabric reminds me of it! Such wonderful designs:)

Congratulations! I love Woodland! It is great! Have fun at market! It really will be here before you know it!

Wow Natalie - these are fantastic. So you and so unique! Well done you! I bet you can't quite believe this dream!

I'll have one (bolt!) of everything ;o) Wonderful!

So....delicious !!! I love them !!

This is so lovely Natalie, I can't wait to get my hands on some. Congratulations :-)

WOW!! I didn't realise there were so many colourways from your last posts.

Your fabric design story is so fantastic! I just love, love, love your line of fabric. It is beautiful and adorable and sweet and cheerful and, and, and...... !!!

What a gorgeous range of fabrics - love the colours and the patterns you are very talented.

Wow, how awesome, good for you!

LOVE them, love them all! Can't wait ;).

Yippie for you, what a happy buzz! Have fun creating with this fun fabric range.

Congratulations Natalie... The BIG problem that I see with your fabric is... that it is far too hard to choose which ones I want!!!!!!!!!!Again Natalie congratulations you and yours should be extremely proud....

It is beautiful. Congratulations and well done. I can't wait for it to be available, I'm already planning the dolls I can make to wear clothes made from your beautiful fabric

Congrats. The fabric is gorgeous just like your designs.

wow how gorgeous that girl had made fabrics! Congrsts on your new fabric line. Isn't it the first? Wwo what a year for you, first book, forst fabrics design......you go girl! Love it both!

Love this!
Fantastic fabrics. Congrats.

Girl did a good job. Those fabrics are gorgeous. Congrats!!

I am in love. Just think this is incrediably wonderful. Congratulations!

Woodland is fantastic. Congrats.

I love love love it! xo

LOVE this! I emailed my sales rep on this. Can you email me? I have a couple of questions. Thanks!

Congratulations! Can't wait ti get some!

So pretty Natalie! Congratulations!

Congratulations. It is so sweet. I can't wait until it is available to purchase.

Congratulations! How very exciting for you. They are adorable designs!

Your fabric is gorgeous. Congratulations!

Congratulations Natalie!!! :)

thanks so much for sharing your story Natalie, toadstool houses with garden paths & washing lines in between was part of my childhood doodling, think I will have to recreate my scene with your gorgeous fabrics....congratulations

Congratulations! I hope this beautiful fabric line will arrive at Spain... I LOVE IT !

Congratulations! It's beautiful! What a dream come true!

Happy sewing - good luck

The range is beautiful Natalie, bright & fun. Keep following those dreams so we can share in the results! Tracee xx

*insert whistle*......bee-u-tiful!!!

Congratulations, Natalie! What a beautiful baby Woodland is!! Have fun with all that sewing you're doing! xxx

....and was loved by many other girls. Can't wait to purchase my own little patch of the woods.
Congrats Natalie. X

Wow - just gorgeous! LOVE IT!!!! Just a magical fabric line - congratulations!

congrats Natalie, Woodland is gorgeous

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