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amazing, wonderfull and very exciting ! I'm happy for you. congratulation and good luke for this incredible adventure

Complimenti!!!!!!!!! crei delle bellissime stoffine!!!!!!!!!! a presto Sammy

They are Awesome xD

Love the NEW FABRIC range it is gorgeous!!!!!

How exciting! the fabric is wonderful. Can't wait to see it in stores.


Oh, I so love it! How I wish my quilt shoppe space was bigger. There are beautiful fabrics! I just love it! I will have to buy some for myself! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!


Your fabric is adoreable and the name of the line is just perfect! How exciting for you and your mum to see your name on the selvedge edges of those fabrics. How cool that would be!!

Congratulations! Job well done!

Gorgeous!! Awesome!! Can't wait to see what you make. ;0

Ohh Natalie! Your fabrics are sooo beautiful!

Well done Nat, Beautiful fabric from a beautiful girl

Congratulations!! Cant wait to get my own hands on your lovely whimsical bunch. awaiting the day it can be bought by the rest of us to play with. again God bless and congratulations.

Yikes, how beautiful - spectacular colours, can't wait to get some.
How can you bear to part with the selvedges! I love the scrap of the cheeky pixie on the green.
Congratulations Natalie.

Fantastic fabric collection. I hope it becomes available in the UK!

so, so pretty and whimsical and lovely. I will be tracking this down when it's officially released. I hope someone in the US will be ordering it. Congratulations are in order.

Nat, made sure I was on your mailing list so I could get in line for a FQ Bundle of this. You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything you do. this is over the moon. I am permanently waiting on your go ahead to order. Love an Hugs and Congratulations on a great HOME RUN my friend!!!!

The fabric has such a beautiful color combination. I hope you are having fun making things with it. Let us know where and when we might be able to buy some.

Congratulations Natalie. What an amazing feeling it must be - to hold the product of many hours of dreaming and hard work. The way I jumped about for getting a HD on a recent exam, I understand the excitement that comes from reaping the rewards of hard work.

I can't wait to see what you do with your gorgeously cute fabrics!

The Fabrice is fabulous!!!!!
I definately will keep my eye open for some...I even have some ideas what to make with it :-)
Congratulations...enjoy the moment!!!

Congratulations on a wonderful new line of fabric. I can't imagine how exciting that would be.

Congratulations Nat your New Fabric Line is Just Gorgeous...

w00t!!! Congratulations, Natalie!!

What an exciting and busy year this has been for you! I can't wait to see your beautiful fabric online and available to get my paws on!

Huge hugs!

Mmmmm. Beautiful !

CONGRATULATIONS! So exciting! I can't wait to meet this fabric in person.

Beautiful, happy, innocent! Have been an admirer for a long while!-) Congratulations! Will be looking forward to what is in your wonderful future that will be a blessing to so many. Doreen

EEP this is seriously the cutest fabric I have ever seen!!! So amazing. Great job Natalie!!

Oh la la !!!!! your fabrics are tooooo lovely !!!!It's so you !!
Have fun with them !

lovely designs!!!!! waiting to see the new art works!

Oh my, it's beautiful! I do hope it's going to be available in the UK!

Congratulations Natalie! Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics! You and Lecien are a perfect match...sEw talented...can't wait to find
'Woodland' at my LQS. Keep smiling and hugging that fabric. Have a wonderful day!!

Congratulations Natalie! Your fabric is wonderful!!!I can't wait to get some! It must be a great feeling!

Can't wait to get my hands on some!!!! The brain has already started stitching! LOVE it. You are so very clever - congratulations!!!!! I am in awe....

Congratulations Natalie -- it's just gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it hanging around your shoulder at market ;-D!!!

Oh my, Natalie, this is ever so sweet and pretty. It says: buy me everywhere!!!
You must be so proud.

gorgeous Nat......I would be very excited too if I was you............

It will be a long time til you come down from that high. Such a lot of work and creativity all wrapped up in that box. When I get new fabric, EYE get excited just to see it; I can't even imagine how it would feel to see fabrics that were actually designed by me.

Those all look so beautiful. It will sell out in a minute once it hits the shops. Congratulations!

How exciting Natalie, congratulations!!

Congrats to you. What fabulous fabrics.

Those fabrics look absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

Wow - it's just beautiful! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Congratulations! Can't wait to be able to buy some - it's just adorable!

Beautiful, just beautiful - I am looking forward to seeing what you create with this delicious fabric

Oh no wonder you were so excited!! Its all gorgeous Natalie and I look forward to seeing your creations with it. Such a lovely range of fabrics :) Well done :) Hugs Vicki x

Beautiful, very beautiful fabrics!!! I love the red fabric!!!

I could feel your excitment, Natalie! Congratulations. *grin* Looking forward to having some to play with myself. Sandy

Oh my. So happy for you that it's finally there, but I also know how much work you have to do in a very short time. Good luck Natalie!!! Woodland is just as adorable as I imagined it would be (okay, maybe even a little more):)

It's Beautiful, Congratulations. I am surprised you could tear yourself away at all! I want some, when and where can the rest of us Aussies get it?

Just gorgeous! Can't wait to see the first Woodland creation!

Wow Natalie.

I can't wait to see and touch your fabric in person... I LOVE the colours.


Congratulations on your gorgeous fabric line- it looks divine, and I can't wait to see what you will be creating with it!

It's so sweet and the colours are gorgeous, congratulations on your first of many fabric ranges....yay!!

It's just wonderful...can't wait to have some to sew with!

Congratulations Natalie your fabric is gorgeous - can't wait to see what you create with it!

SEW happy for you! I can see you smiling from here in New Zealand!!

Congratulations! It's absolutely beautiful. I can just imagine the squeals of delight. Enjoy!

Now that is truly GORGEOUS! Congratulations!

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can't wait to get my order in. It's beee u teee ful!!!

Oh my gosh that is the cutest! Congratulations - you did a great job and I love their fabrics!!!

So happy for you! It is a wonderful collection.

Congratulations. It is so great. Can't wait until it is available.

How exciting! It is beautiful fabric - can't wait till it's available.

I can only imagine how you must be feeling. How wonderful and congratulations on your fun and cheerful fabric collection!

Oogling here too, but I'm sure it's more fun at your house!!

looks beautiful!

It's beautiful! Congratulations!

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