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je découvre ton site par l'intermédiaire de méli,il est superbe,félicitations à bientôt

hello Natalie ,tried to e.mail you but it got returned to me. One of my daughter's bought your book for me for a birthday present and I have a question about the construction of the market book cover.Where do the pockets go and what is their purpose? The embroideries are lovely and using some for Christmas presents, I know it is probably an easy solution Thanks helen summers

So sorry! I think that is so rude.

That is terrible! Poor Flat Nate! And poor not Flat Nate, though at least your case and samples were eventually found safe and sound!

I hope whoever has it feels ashamed and returns it quickly...fingers crossed it gets handed in somewhere and they know where to send it

It is so sad... I hope it will reappear one day !!

Poor flat nat !
I hope her luggage return quickly !

Flat Nat's luggage looks so cute, sounds like someone else thought the same!! on your next sample maybe put "return to Oz". On a brighter note I enjoyed your Blogs while you were away, and am looking forward to Woodlands release here in Oz...when might that be??

That's terrible, FN out there all on her own! Hope the message is spread wide and she makes her way home soon.

Do you think it my be a case of sticky fingers, I hope not for Nat's sake. Good luck <3<3<3

I'm always amazed when things go missing at quilt shows...fingers crossed it reappears!

I hope Flat Nat's luggage is returned. That really bites.

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