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"hi everyone
check out the fabrics at www.fabric-distributor.com,
they have the cutest, cheapest and best quality fabrics
come check them out!"

Such a cute and bright lamp! Great idea!


That lamp is tooooo cute. I'd be excited too. You have Target there????

Absolutely gorgeous as a lamp!
I have been dreaming about your new fabric line Woodlands, and can't wait to get my hands on some. It is gorgeous and dreamy and so me and my two daughters.
I woke up yesterday knowing I just HAD to make my 5 year old daughter a quilt in the Woodlands pinks and my 2 year old daughter a quilt in Woodlands reds. And some thing for me too. These will be my first ever quilts, and I am so excited.

So very girly. I love it. I have three grown boys, they would have loved dragons.

That is seriously gorgeous.

looks great, would love to see the blue version.....
adore the pink

Oh that is precious! I bet it looks wonderful in her little girl room! Yes! I want to see a blue one! :O) You have such a fun blog! Love your fabric! :O) Bari Jo

very cute and would love to see a blue version - btw - just downloaded pat sloan's show and I see you are a guest - woo hoo - always nice (but strange) to hear an aussie voice on the show.

That lamp is absolutely adorable! Wonder if Target here in the US has those lamps - worth checking out!

Suits the fabric beautifully!

looks great
how about a tutorial ???

adorable! ;0

Very, very cute!

So pretty and more important , original

It's fabulous - I love it!!


A perfect use for your BEAUTIFUL fabric!!!! Good job:)

I would love to know how you got the fabric onto the shade form so SMOOTHLY. Did you use Mod Podge? or spray adhesive?

Just adorable!

Gorgeous, are you going to post the instructions?

A blue version! You read my mind! I don't blame your little girlie for adopting the lamp, it's that simply perfect thing her room is missing! :oD

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