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Never use the laptop all the time with charger plugged.


I also stopped taking down other thinspiration” sites, but instead asked them to place a disclaimer on their sites acknowledging that anorexia could kill you. And over the next two years I realized that taking a site down didn't address the disorder at all; it didn’t address the people or the true issues. All it did was take down a site in an environment that allowed hundreds of other sites to replace it.

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Congratulazioni, complimenti. Milena d

Congratulations - that is wonderfully exciting news and I am sure you are more excited than normal about announcing this Work in Progress. I hope you have a wonderful and uncomplicated pregnancy and really enjoy it.

C'est tout simplement génial! Félicitations à vous tous ... peut-être vous avez besoin pour concevoir des tiges?

Ma che bella notizia!!!!!!! Complimenti!!! Sono felice per te!!!!! A presto Sammy


Læring er en form for rigdom. På grund af deres artikel, vil vi lære mange ting. Tak for deling.

Hey, ich habe einen Blog gefunden, ich mochte einige der Nachrichten ist mehr, ich glaube, die Menschen ganz wie Ihr Blog und ich viel Spaß beim Lesen des Blogs von blog.Your sehr gut!

Oh how exciting - Congratulations to you and your family! I missed seeing you at market!

Wonderful and exciting news! Congratulations!

Thank you all for your lovely wishes - we are just thrilled and Isabelle is very excited she will be a big sister. Exciting times ahead xo

Wheeeeeeee! This is me clapping and jumping up and down for you and your family. :) xo

Exciting news! I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first Grandchild in October, so I'm making a quilt with Woodland fabrics and some of your stitcheries.
Take care and best wishes!

Such exciting times ahead for you all, Natalie. Congratulations!

Congratulations Natlie and family!!!!! So exciting and wonderful.

Wonderful news! All the best from me!
Happy Stitches

Wonderful news to your expanding family
Hope all is smooth sailing

Congratulations, I am glad for you xx

congratulations!!! such an exciting time!!!

What wonderful news ! I'm very happy for you :o)

You are very blessed - congratulations!

Congratulations ,I am very happy for you

Ohhhh... best post ever! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see what you create for the new nursery! How much fun for you all!!! :o)

Congratulations Natalie to you and your family. Was little red fox meant to be a hint. Wendy

How wonderful, Natalie! Congratulations!!

Congratulations! What wonderful news!

Felicitaciones! Es una noticia espectacular!!!

Congratulations to you and your family! :)

What a wonderful sight! Congratulations!!

What wonderful news! Congratulations to all of you. Wishing you the very best. Thanks for such great news!! Love babies!!!!

So happy for your family.

I got my foxy package yesterday! Thank you again.

congrats fabulous news........

Fabulous news. Congratulations. Hugs,

How exciting, congratulations


What a beautiful project for 2012 !! Congratulations !

How fun! Congratulations!

Congratulations. What wonderful news.

Oh my goodness!!! What happy, wonderful news. Congratulations to everyone at house of Cinderberry. Love xx

Wow, congrats Natalie!

congrats to you and your family! Wanted to let you know the awesome patterns I won arrived in the mail yesterday! I can't wait to get stitching! Thank you again

Congratulations, you are very blessed.

Congratulations! All the best! I'm visiting my doctor on Friday to confirm a new baby is coming to my home as well!
Besos desde Madrid

How exciting! Congratulations to you all!


congratulations and best wishes ...from NZ

so Isabella is going to be a Big Sister

Cool ......

Chris ...Wellington .. NZ

Congratulations! Can't wait for updates.

Congratulations. This is very exciting. I hope it all goes well for you and that you have enough energy to share all your wonderful creations for the nursery with us. Congratulations to you all.


Wonderful news, hope all goes along well for you and your expanding family


a new life is always exciting news... Congratulations to you all.. Rest lots and take care... x x

Fantastic news. Congratulations Natalie and family.

Wonderful news! I can imagine your list of baby projects already. Best wishes.

die herzlichsten Glückwünsche auch aus Hamburg/Germany :-))))))))))))))
von Annette


Congratulations to you all - what a wonderful present to give yourself....

Congratulations..... It's a best news!!!

Wonderful news!

Congratulations, that is wonderful news.

Congrats, lovely news!

Tous mes voeux de bonheur pour cet évènement à venir.


Congratulations Natalie. How exciting for you!

Congratulations Natalie! Fantastic news....!!

Congrats ---- all the best

Congratulations! Such exciting news.

Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy.

oh congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing better or nicer to hear than a new baby on the way! I'm due in july and am amazed at how fast it has flown!

prayers and fingers crossed for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

well done

Congratulations, how very exciting..cheers Vickie

wow...baby will be born with needle in hand for sure!

Isn't that amazing? Congratulations...

Congratulations Natalie! Barbara from italy


Congratulations to you and your family xx

Ooh congrats, how exciting!!

kisses from Spain

Ohhh WOW!!! Congratulations how exciting :-)

That is just awesome! Congratulations to you all...maybe you need to design some stalks?? hehe...hugs xox

Oh my! wonderful news!


A very big congratulations.

Congrats to all of you. That is so exciting!!!

Congrats. Hope you have a very healthy, happy pregnancy.


Awww hello there beautiful little niece or nephew. We dont know you yet but we already love you and cant wait for a cuddle xoxo

Congratulations Natalie, best wishes, pink or blue :-)



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