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There’s lots of calendar dates to be circled.

there, Natalie. I was amazed by Isabelle's drawing of your family. How old is she? I have also a daughter who loves to draw. And oh, I love the photo bump shadow and that little scrap bowl in your studio, too. Your design is very cute. More power, Natalie!

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The sketching of your daughter is truly cute, good luck for your coming baby!

That deer inspiration is nice.. :D Timber cross stitch is hard i guess.

I saved each of my childrens drawings thru 8-9 or so & had them sign & date each drawing from highchair on :0) Luckily I kept them in 3ring 2way plastic safety safers that go in binders.That way you slide them in these & you do not have to hole punch the paper..just slide in the page saver. I have them for each child.THEY LOVE to look back. I make Quilts & Pillows directly from their own drawing. Depending on your level of ability. You can sew/qulit/even use those craft crayons that you iron.. I did that for a wall hanging. But my best is an on going QUILT Made of each childs drawings & of the clothes they wore then. Sooomuch fun. They LOVE helping.

I love the family drawing! My son drew us all when he was about 6 and I embroidered it into a wall hanging, which makes me smile every time I see it.

Det mesta av det du påpekar är förvånansvärt legitimt och det gör mig undrar varför jag inte hade tittat på detta med detta ljus tidigare. Din artikel gjorde verkligen slå ljuset på för mig personligen så långt detta särskilda föremålet går. Men vid denna tid finns det faktiskt en viss position jag inte alltför bekväma med och samtidigt som jag försöker att förena det med ett centralt tema för positionen, låt mig se vad resten av dina läsare måste say.Nicely gjort.

Love the baby bump shadow! *sigh* so sweet! Hope you're feeling well. Love your new fabric line and plan to order some soon!

Congratulations on your coming bub, it must be so exciting for you and your family. Love the drawing by your daughter,

WOW look at your bump shadow! That's an impressive bump! How far along are you? Smaller women often get a bigger bump quicker though don't they? Cute

Hello! We're so glad you love the Timber Cross Stitch Shapes - send us a photo when you're done stitching! Check out our blog to see some other designs.

There is something so special about little kid drawings. I have a box here of artworks by my boys when they were in kinder. The eldest one turned 30 last month!
Time flies.
Keep the inspiration coming out in your fabulous work, Natalie. We all love it out here. I'd love just a quarter of your talent.

All of them, nice inspiration!

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